Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Min iværksætterhistorie: Rasmus Krogh Lynge og Nicolaj Zoega (CikoTag)

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We created our own company called CikoTag, where we work with sensors for element building.

Our entrepreneurial journey at CikoTag started with a school assignment, -

we are both studying to become building constructors, and we both chose to specify within circular economics.

We realised there was a problem with recycling materials, -

we got really good feedback from our teachers and they said we should continue working on this, -

which was something we also wanted in our group.

We became part of the student greenhouse here at VIA C, where we got a lot of guidance, -

and then we also started looking for trainees, who could do an internship in our business, -

in order to find greater solutions to our product.

So that really started our business.

At this point we also gained a more official knowledge in who and what we are in this business.

Our biggest challenge is, that we are building constructors, -

and we lack some expertise within the IT industry.

So we wanted to get the right skills from the right people, which can help us develop our product.

After that we started applying to a lot of funding.

For now, we have applied for three fundings in total, -

and we've respectively received a micro grant, and the maximum amount from Boligfonden Kuben.

This allowed us to continue working with these sensors.

For now in this business we don't get paid, so everything is on a voluntary basis.

The money we receive goes strictly to project solutions.

Being your own boss and being an entrepreneur, -

demands a lot of discipline, cause you're spending a lot of time in addition to other jobs and school.

But if you are passionate about it, then it's incredibly exciting, -

really fun and interesting, -

and hopefully something you can make a living out of.

In 5 years from now, we will be a part of the industry, and already tagged some building elements.

And hopefully at that point, we have already progressed within the circular conversion.

Time will tell!

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