Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE MEATRIX® II: Revolting

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The Meatrix 2: Revolting

In the past 2 years we've freed over 10 million minds from The Meatrix. People are waking up to where their food comes from and are starting to buy healthier, sustainable animal products. You've done well Leo.

You are the one.


Ahem. There are many facets of The Meatrix yet to be exposed.

Come on, we're going in.

Whoa! This place is great! (Leo!)

I love what they've done with the pasture. (Leo!)

I wonder if they have room for any pigs? (Leo!)


Look through the illusion of The Meatrix. This is the way most dairy farms used to be. See what's really here...


This is a modern day dairy factory; it can't be called a farm. Most of our milk and cheese come from places like this.

Most cows spend their entire lives between here and the milking parlor. These unhealthy conditions often make them sick, despite daily antibiotics.

Their tails are cut off to...

Get down!

These are agents of The Meatrix. They're pumping these poor animals with rBGH, an artificial growth hormone that Canada and the European Union have both banned.

And what's that?

The calves are separated from their mothers at birth. They're being fed milk replacer that's made in part from cow's blood.

You don't mean

Yes, Leo. The dead are fed back to the living. Mad cow disease can be spread by this unnatural profit-driven practice.

That does it!

Are you sure he's the one?

So nice of you to join us Mr. Ham-derson.

My name is Leo!!!!

This is for small family farmers!

This is for the fake hormones!

And this is for the cows!


You are the one!

Moo! Forget about me! Stop the dairy factories!

They've got Moopheus! They put him in the truck?!! They're driving away?!! Where are they going?!! They've got him?!! What do we do?!! Who am I?


We've got to rescue Moopheus!

But you heard what he said! We've got to shut these factories down.

I've got it!

We'll rescue Moopheus, if YOU help us stop these dairy factories! There are still small family farms where you can get your dairy. By supporting them, you'll help end The Meatrix.

Come on Leo!

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