Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Arabic accent translation - اللهجات العربية ترجمه عربي

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Different Arabic dialects for Hello and How are you ? Bedouin , Syrian ....

Egyptian , Gulf Accent , Lebanese ....

Different Arabic dialects continue : Tunisian , Philippine Arabic accent ,Syrian and Egyptian , then Iraqi .

We go out to the street these days , not knowing in which accent or language we need to reply to people .

Seriously , shall i keep speaking my dialect or should i answer in their language or accent ?!

is it possible to answer Shako mako ( How are you in Iraqi ) with Gweet (Fine in Bedouin ) ??

Or answer Ezaiak ( How are you in Egyptian) with Mizyana ( Good in Moroccan !!

You think it's Logic ??!!

Or maybe become like Bedouins in Petra (Jordan) , they keep shouting all the languages they know

until they find out where you're really from and start talking to you with your language or accent .

That might work ! :)

Maybe it's about time to re categorize Arabic Accents and dialects

and start calling them Languages instead .

Because in reality ! not every body from Saudi Arabia understands Jordanian Dialect .

and not all Lebanese (for example) understands Moroccan !!

Or !! Maybe all of us don't understand Moroccan,

or let's say most of us don't understand their dialect , or Algerian or Libyan.

So. i think we should have our Literature Arabic (Fusha)

as the language we all Arabs use with each other and write with .

And start calling the dialects for example The Egyptian Arabic language

or the Syrian Arabic language

The Jordanian Arabic language ...

the Saudi , Algeria, Libyan Arabic languages .. etc.

so... what do you think about this ?!

and tell me if there's any dialects you have problems understanding

from the other Arabic dialects

or as we called them the Arabic Languages .

(speaking Fusha ) I'll see you all in my next video :)

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