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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Signing Time! "Caterpillar Dreams"

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I just love those beautiful butterflies!

And I love signing with you!

Well see you next time.

Im a little caterpillar, tiny and green.

Crawling around, head full of dreams.

Inch by inch, takes all day

Im dreaming of wings and flying away!

Just a little caterpillar down on the ground.

I climb a tree, hang upside down.

I dont know why I build a cocoon,

Not sure why I do what I do.

But if I were a butterfly, I could leave the ground behind.

Would things look different way up high?

I wish I were a butterfly!

Im just a little caterpillar fast asleep.

Eyes closed tight, Lost in a dream.

In my dream, I break free.

Stretch out my legs and check out my wings!

I feel just like a butterfly, Watch me leave

the ground behind. Things look different

way up high, I feel just like a butterfly!

Look at me Im flying! Im really flying!

Somebody pinch me!

The Description of Signing Time! "Caterpillar Dreams"