Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 小鬥趕海打了半桶海蠣子,回家做台灣名吃蚵仔煎,方法不過如此【海邊小鬥】

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hello , this is Xiaodou

today I am here to catch some oysters

then cook a famous dish with it

what is it ? you will know it later

cook it with the oyster

very fresh

I picked some big

I am going to make the Ouajian

it is also called the seared oyster

I can't figure out why it has so many names

Daxue told me these

it is big

so fresh

practice the skill for washing the oyster

do you want to have a try

the hand good at washing the oyster

there is sand at the bottom

the banquet is about to start

that is new to me

it is cooked

it is big

let me try it

you put it in my mouth while still hot

that's enough

it has got so many names

the pan is beautiful

we still got some fish

is it the dried eel my mother made ?

this is coriander and spring onion

you have the same haircut as a character in the game during my childhood

what is his name ?

so cool



person air (the popularity )


oyster sauce

why don't you pour it all ?

similar to the pizza

is it just the seared egg with oyster ?

so easy

this is just the crumbled egg with spring onion

I don't want to explain to you

get out


check whether it is burnt at the bottom

be careful .

I want spit on it so I can eat it alone

the seared egg with oyster is done

sorry . it is the crumbles egg with spring onion

so easy

not bad

let me imagine

I am now at Taiwan

boss , a seared egg with oyster

it is delicious

thanks for watching . byebye

The Description of 小鬥趕海打了半桶海蠣子,回家做台灣名吃蚵仔煎,方法不過如此【海邊小鬥】