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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Full Face Of DIY Makeup Challenge (feat. Natalies Outlet)

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Hello friends and welcome to another video

Safiya: Today I have Natalie from Natalies Outlet here. Natalie: Hi.

We are going to be doing a full face of DIY makeup.

Also if you're wondering where we are, we're at Vidcon right now.


Might look like her couch, but we're not.

Now Natalie has a channel if you guys don't know check it out.

It's in the description box below.

Natalie has done a few different

Safiya: DIY makeup challenge type things. Natalie: I have.

Safiya: You've put food on your face, Natalie: Yes.

Safiya: you put school supplies as well. Natalie: I have, yeah.

Yeah, well today, I went online and I found a few different recipes for homemade makeup

So we're gonna try a DIY

makeup challenge to see

if we can make these recipes work and combine them all

into a full face of homemade makeup

And once it's on, we're going to be looking fly and we're gonna be

Safiya: exploring the last bits of Vidcon, including the last Vidcon party. Natalie: Oh god.

Let's hope it looks good.

We're going to start off with foundation.

Safiya: Okay, so this recipe is from a place called Wellness Mama. Natalie: Hello Mama.

Safiya: and the recipe calls for shea butter, Argan oil

And we don't have, we don't have any emulsifying wax

so we're just going with shea butter and argon oil.

Aloe vera gel, witch hazel and then cocoa powder and clay for the pigments.

We've got 2 teaspoons of Argan oil or Jojoba oil to begin

Do you?....

Oh my god!

Did you guys see the smoke coming off it?

That was too quick. I'm turning this down.

This fire alarm might go off.

Tyler: Right above you. Safiya: Oh, are there sprinklers?

Oh there we go, good squirts.

Alright, just go for it.

It's on super low heat

so hopefully it won't starts like killing us.

Safiya: And then we've got one teaspoon of shea butter. Natalie: Ooohh, we're cooking makeup.

Safiya: It feels like we're about to make and omelette or something. Natalie: Yeah.

All we're supposed to do is just melt it together.

Natalie: There it is. Safiya: This is where the emulsifying wax would go.

We couldn't find any in stores, so we had to go without it.

But it's supposed to help with the consistency,

so I wouldn't actually recommend leaving it out.

Safiya: Let's see if the whole thing just cracks in my hands. Natalie: Smells like a farm.

Natalie: Like a pig farm. Safiya: It does.

Add the aloe and witch hazel.

Oh nice, this stuff is good for your skin.

Boom, bam.

Okay, so that's supposed to make a lotion.

Do you want to do some mixing?

Yeah, let's do it.

This is my new technique actually.

I'm just going to chop it up.

Does that looks like homemade lotion to you?

It does. It in its own way.

Yeah, it does.

How does it feel?

Natalie: That's actually really nice. Safiya: Ooohhh

I like that.

Yeah. See, I have really dry skin

I have eczema, so I would really like this, like I already feel this being really nice and moisturizing

So maybe, if you know, the foundation doesn't work out

we could just lotion it up.

Just grease ourselves up...

Natural it up....

So, I'm gonna dull out our....

It looks kind of like a dead jellyfish now..

Into each of our little containers because we're gonna

get slighty different shades of foundation.


Starts with zinc and clays.

So what I got is bentonite clay.

It would be like the coverage.

Gotcha. Ooohhh yeah.

Yeah, it's ashy.

All right, I'm going to mix in the clay.

It looks like little nice minerals in there or something.

So now we're going to open the cocoa powder.

She just has to add it in like pinches and pinches like as desired.

I feel like I already added too much.

I'm gonna eat the rest.

Mmm. That's better.

So that actually looks pretty nice.

It looks like a nice glow.

Yes, it's quite sheer.

It's very sheer yeah, I think it's just going to be like a little grey,

but you know, it'll be a fun time.

Now we're gonna...uhhh...just in dig in.

I look like a mud bath or like a bird pooped on my face.

You know what, it's coming along.

You just have to mix it.

The aloe vera gel makes it feels super super nice.

But the chunks of clay are a questionable addition.

It looks like banana pudding.

Safiya: It doesn't feel like I should leave this on my face? Natalie: Right, yeah.

Feels like I should wash it off.

I agree.

Wow, you can clearly see the difference right here.

I just look like I have beard going on.

Look at this.

Forgot to wax.

It's the cocoa. I think that mess it up for me.

Yeah, I think it's a little... just a little sticky.

Having a hard time talking because I feel like my face is slowly cementing.

I think it's the clay, actually.

We look like we're having a fun day at the spa.

Basically what we look like.



Next up, we're going to do brows and uh... eyeliner.

So we have a few things here that we're going to use to make

DIY brow powder, mascara and eyeliner.

So we're going to start with the brows.

So there is no recipe for this.

We've got this activated charcoal here.

So I was just thinking that we put in like

activated charcoal into one of these things

and like a little bit of cocoa powder.

So at first it's promising but then it's kinda like...bye

It looks a little bit like just extra hairs

which is exactly what what we need.

Oh no, you know what, quite fierce, and

I'm just curious if it stays on.

Just blow on my eyebrow and see if it will stay on.

Oh, did it all come off?

No, it's there.

Oh, good.

I actually like this more than mine.

It looks more defined I feel.

You know what it is also pretty simple like

I feel like it just kind of spreads naturally.

And I made this recipe all myself.

Next, we'll do eyeliner really quick.

The recipe that they've got is literally just

two teaspoons of coconut oil

four teaspoons of aloe vera gel.

That's a lot of aloe vera. We're just making a lot of this.

And then one to two

capsules of activated charcoal.

They just say to... uhh

combine them together.

Just a lot of aloe vera

I don't know.

I didn't know that aloe vera was the place to be.

It's looking promising.

Let's just see what happens

This is our like finished mixture.

I mean it was a little bit simple, but hopefully it'll be something...

Oh, wow.

You just went for that.

I know.

It's happening.

Oh it's goopy.

It's like the more I apply,

the more it goes away.

Yeah, like a love that doesn't want to be loved.

Usually, I do a cat eyeliner

so let's see what happens if I try and do that here.

Yours looks a little better though.

If I just keep patting it, you can kind of add coverage.

It's not probably the worst eyeliner I've ever done in my life.

But it's not really sticking on.

So up next is this recipe for DIY mascara which I found,

which is literally the exact same one as a DIY eyeliner, but she adds in a little bit of beeswax.

So I wonder if we should just like put some of this on this guy

and try and melt in the beeswax.

This is what I bought.

There's a giant loaf and I've got this heavy-duty cheese grater

So I was thinking we just... braid it in.

So she says one teaspoon of beeswax.

Your grating skills.

Oh, how about this?

Oh, this feels better.

Get that forearm strength going.

Could use the shake weight

but instead I am

grating beeswax.

Oh look.

That's so pretty.

You think that's enough?


I know I just got carried away.

You go girl.


What do you think?

Oh? Yeah, that's melting.

Okay, I'm scooping this in into the container.

It actually does look like mascara.

something about the beeswax makes me more hopeful.

Me too.

Alright, so I'm actually applying this on my bottom lashes

just because I got eyelash extensions.

I don't know if I'd move this up there.

It's very subtle.

I can't even see past this eyeliner.

What do you think?

Safiya: The eyeliner is kind of making it hard for me to judge.

Natalie: Just tell me I'm beautiful.

You're beautiful.

Let's see how it's looking over here.

Can you see anything?

I kind of think that there's a little bit of color

and like a little bit of separation going on.

Like nothing too crazy but...

All right, so...

That's the eyes.

I just love how you're looking pretty subtle from the distance and then I'm just like...

But before we do lipstick

we are going to be doing a little bit of

cinnamon and cocoa powder for blush and contour

which I actually got the inspiration for this from one of your videos Full Face Of Food.

Just a little bit of the cinnamon right there.

I'll do cinnamon.

You'll do chocolate because my face is already very chocolatey.

Will you even see the contour is the question?

Hey, yes, you will.

I mean if it's wasn't here, I think It'll look even prettier.

Okay, I'm going with my cocoa powder.

I feel like the cinnamon is almost more... uh... blendable.

Oh, I'll do cinnamon on the other side then.

'Cause cinnamon works really nice.


Look at that!



See, it blends a little better.

Cinnamon is where it's at, you guys.

Seriously, my favorites have been the eyebrows and the cinnamon.

Like, so...


I like it.

Just using powders.

It is much more promising.

I think that trying to DIY the entire face...

You just... You're like layering...

Misstep over misstep.

We do have one thing before I move on to lips

which is this RCL beauty highlighter trick.

So I'm just going to take a couple of sprinkles

and then just like put a little bit of water in my palm,

and see if we can get that pearl off of it.

Oh look, I see it. I see it. That's really pretty.

You can see it a little bit.

It's like too light.

A new technique.

I swear there's some, some shimmer there.

There is shimmer.

It's very subtle.

My problem is as soon as I put like the water on my face

The foundation started, making itself known again, so I guess that's our face.


So this is our chance to save the look.

This diy lipstick recipe, I've seen people do this before

For this recipe,

You need one whole crayon,

half a teaspoon of coconut oil

and 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil.

What type of color you think you should to go for?


How about...?

This one.

That's pretty.

Oh! That's literally Fuschia.

Both: Wow!

We're supposed to basically like chop them into little pieces.

So I've seen a lot of people do this crayon recipe.


I've also seen Crayola be like "We don't recommend that you put this on your face".


It said it's non-toxic.

Exactly, so it's kind of like uh...

It's probably fine, but do at your own risk type of thing.

Just you know.

Like this whole DIY.

Are you ready for this jelly?

I'm ready.

This is the exciting part.

Very pretty color.

Wow, we looked away for one second and it looks, so pretty.

Oh, I have a good feeling about this Natalie.

All right, there we go.


Let's put it in the little baby fridge.

That's perfect.

I think it'll be done in like two minutes.

Okay, so it is ready to go.

So we've got our lip brushes.


Look at that!

Oh, that's a nice swatch, okay?

We should have just done DIY crayon lipstick,

but then you wouldn't have gotten to see all of this.

The moment we've all been waiting for.

It's not incredibly opaque but it is better than anything else we've done today.

Yeah, I think it's easier with a finger.

It's actually really nice and buttery you know.

I'm testing it out.

It's pretty good.

Does it like a uh...

Transfer as much.

Oh really?


Pretty good.

Oh wow.

I mean, I'm happy about this lipstick.

At least one thing kind of came through.

I feel like it's cheap.

It's effective.

It's pretty quick.

You can make a lot of different colors.

So we tried all of these recipes to figure out that the crayon it's pretty good.

It's the best one.

I love it.

And you could maybe also use activated charcoal in your eyebrows.

So, this is our full face of DIY makeup.

I thought that maybe some more of these

might work than did actually end up working.

I feel like it's like experimental.

It's fun like if you a slumber party like you just gotta get the recipe down

So is this

worse or better than the full face of food?

A little worse.

So we are going to go out to the Vidcon party.

It's like 10:30, 10:45

at night.

We're ready!

We're gonna head out, see if there is anyone there.

Honestly, Natalie's looks better right now.

Yeah sure you guys ready Viewfinder ready. Yeah, I can't I guess


Listen it's not great, okay. Look it looks like we're coming out of a party over here are there some music happening

You can't really see is a black light

Yeah, haha

So then we went to the party and

They're finally staring



when it first and we had

People were very nice (Natalie- "yea people were so nice!") yeah and said that

It looks great, which I don't know if it did

I feel like people actually went up to you guys

just because of that

[Safiya] just because if we look insane, they're like 'they must be doing something

alright we're sitting down to eat a late dinner and Natalie is done.

[Natalie] this is the best feeling- ooo it feels like sand

[Safiya] ok I'm caving, I'm taking it off

just cause it feels kind of stretchy, y'know?

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