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when digimon becomes paid to win you got to swipe a card uh to summon a digimon now it costs like

50 euro 50 dollars to get a digimon out imagine that yo that was absolutely crazy but you know

what's even more crazy that you still haven't joined my discord bro join it bro look all my

videos right here here you can see all the videos i got recorded currently and will upload soon and

these are the requests bro people request videos and now [ __ ] watch them bro and here you see

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where you can chat [ __ ] all you want got memes got music of wallpapers bro look at

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we got them bro anyway just make sure to join the discord and [ __ ] come chill man let's go what's

good one more box for you to contact with that even likes right now from children the kingdom

and get this card for another digimon reaction yo okay so this time i didn't take uh how long

four months five months i don't know no i'm actually uh not that late this time

all right so we got all digi evolutions

all digi evolutions digimon tamers so yeah that's cool let's see what it is yo this is um

okay they were all like serious look at them guards and [ __ ] like okay

oh that that looked yo

that looks sick that looks sick

i think i've heard this one i think i've heard this this this opening yo yo yo yo that one

wow that one

that one got some nice transformations bro look at that [ __ ]

this man became a whole tank holy [ __ ] yo okay okay yo he got the trip hold up look at

this man bro with this with his sunglasses and [ __ ] yeah oh [ __ ] he got the trip

he's pretty cute not gonna lie

oh hold up yo some of these rock music starts playing okay oh no that's not oh that's not a new

no oh no i don't like that i don't like how the skin just got rip uh i know they're like not real

animals monsters whatever you want to call them but just the side of seeing something gets skinned

oh now it goes bad oh i mean it's really nice nicely animated but ah

oh no oh i don't like that oh no

yo he turned into a real savage bro and he even got a new haircut look got a whole new haircut

when digimon becomes paid to win you gotta swipe a card to summon a digimon no it cost like 50 euro

15 to get a digimon out imagine that matrix

matrix ditch the evolution okay so that's different from a normal evolution okay cool cool

wait why is cgi all of a sudden it was huh

it was 2d animation before this why is it suddenly 3d animation right now

turned into a whole ass car bro you turn into a half a car what the hell i order

bro you can just ask you don't have to order him chill was he isn't he supposed to be your friend

are you going to order your friend bro you're not ordering a friend you're going to ask him bro

oh what the hell happened to him i really want to fight with dealman really that's it oh i

really want to fight with diamond really and now he's gonna evolve into something else okay

oh he is evolving he's also a digimon oh man no wait hold up they're fusing

oh wait so this fused state just fused with like this red winged


okay cool

and of course it's gotta have wings right yeah of course

it just turns into a half uh what you call it it's just you just turn into a soldier

like like i i i don't know this guy though is this a dj pollution or i mean oh the only thing

that changed is like he got this belting and like these gun things on his hands

this is just this just just looks like a cursed mega man character what the hell is that ball bro

that looks so weird what oh no i like the the previous evolution is

way better what the hell you're gonna tell your friend you got beaten by a turkey henry

not wait what what beat them by a turkey what why you gotta be naked though like

why they're kids why you gotta do that

please please tell me please tell me i'm not the only one who thinks this just looks like

[ __ ] fast pretty fast pack character come on man look at that face that's always animatronic

oh you he would be you could just put him in fnaf and no one would question it

oh oh that's some whoa there's some next level animation something what

the hell this must be a movie or something wait you can't run

wait so he she it was on the first of death and she screams his name her name had it name

and suddenly evolution starts

wow power friendship and this is one is strong oh no not that horrible oh

oh nothing horrible skin peeling animation

okay okay that looks sick that looks sick he looks he she it looks like a um nine tilt fox now oh

that's so sick that's sick yes swipe the card play to win or play twin what else paid to win

hold up yo that enemies was sick hold up

damn okay okay this one means business bro just look at that face

okay now they fusing okay okay let's see how this works

yo i feel like they really went out with the animations for this one bro like the first one

was all right the second movement looked and the this one the third one is like next level

animations i mean just look at this this yo this looks so sick bro this is definitely my favorite

hell yeah now what the [ __ ] is this i don't care about this some game

that's just overgrown bunny come on what that's a lame design

yo my man just fell into lava bro it can't be good

wait what a motorcycle just came out with lava with a guy on top of it is that the guy that

fell into lava just over they call me bro it looks like the it looks like that stand from um

from dio yeah the world it looks like it right yeah you got like the same mask same kind of face

not the same colors obviously but wait he fused with that little toy gun and

it created this gigantic real gun okay oh that's some some dangerous magic bro

any sprouting wings okay so far this is my second favorite okay so it was a bit more different than

the other uh evolution videos it was a lot more uh you know a lot more context from the anime

with it you know but i feel like there were also less stitching on this one as well so

i don't i mean it was pretty cool i gotta say uh the first one the red one is pretty it's all right

it's just a dinosaur you know not that interesting to be honest and the second one is just

no no it did not did not like it at all then the third one the yellow one which turned into this

uh nine tails and then like in this like um what you call it uh anubis type thing that was sick

that was sick then the fourth one or the fifth one kind of the black one the the the the the small uh

joker looking thing that turned into this giant thing that that i said looked like the world

you he is sick bro like and he's sparring wings and [ __ ] yeah he he looks cool he looks cool

definitely and we made fun videos different legs right now from children of the kingdom aka discord

and i'll i'll promise to uh release some more uh release digimon uh evolution videos faster

this time okay yeah i'm sorry but i don't want to spam it as well you know like i lately i've

been in this balance with like i got nerd core which i've been i've really reduced because i like

lately i just most of them are just not [ __ ] with anymore so i don't know if that's my problem

or that's because they just got worse i know what and now i've got like these animations that i

react to and just other videos i react to i react to more anime lately so if you [ __ ] with that

make sure you check that out all right like i got like way more content than i would have before so

i got just way more things i uh have to balance out you know like i can't just upload all nerd

core one day or all animations one day for all i mean all anime is not gonna happen let's be honest

let's be honest man like one recording session of that is like one recording session of like

multiple videos so i just have to uh balance that out as well but yeah it's just i got a lot more

going on right now and i honestly like it way more than just only reacting to nerdcore because

i felt like it was just getting a bit old not not all all of them because i still uh react to some

not all of them anymore like some i just uh upload then and i just said like literally nothing the

whole song and at the end so yeah it was pretty good then that was the video like i wasn't i

wasn't proud of those videos man like so i stopped doing that like the moment i uh i'm recording and

i moment i realize that i don't really care about the song at all i just don't i'm not even gonna

upload it because i just i don't i just don't think that's a valid video i don't think that's

no i i don't want videos i don't want to put up videos like that you know