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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Make an Automatic Pig Waterer Drinker - Cheap & Easy

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Hey guys Casey here with and today I want to show you how to make

an automatic pig waterer using a 55-gallon barrel. So, what I have here is

a 55-gallon food-grade plastic barrel that I bought off Craigslist for about

20 bucks and when you get yours you're gonna want to also make sure that it's

food grade because you're gonna be putting your pigs drinking water in it

So, besides your barrel, what you're going to need is you're gonna need a half inch

drinker nipple like this one. You're gonna need a half inch bulkhead like

this one. And what this is gonna do is it's gonna actually be put into the

bottom of the barrel here like that and your drinker nipple is gonna screw into

the hole there. And so then you're gonna need also a drill and a drill bit like

this one that is large enough to drill a hole so this will fit through your

barrel. You're also gonna need a wrench or some vise-grips to tighten the

drinker nipple up once you get it installed. But the first thing we're

gonna do here is we're gonna saw the top of this barrel off so we can get

access to the inside of it so I can install this bulkhead. Alright, so now

that I've got the top off I just wanted to show you how I did it. So what I did

is I took a circular saw and I cut. And as I cut I just rolled the barrel until

I cut the top completely off. And so next what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna drill a

hole in the bottom and attach my bulkhead. So now that I've got my hole

drilled the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to take my bulkhead here,

I'm going to take the front part of my bulkhead that has a washer on it,

and I'm going to put it here. And then I'm gonna take the back part that also

has a washer and I'm gonna screw it in and make it real tight so no water leaks

around it. So now that I've got my bulkhead installed, now I can install my

drinker nipple. But before I do, I wanted to show you something. On the back of

these, there's a screen that's used to keep sediment or any other material out

for making its way through the nipple and possibly clogging it up.

You can actually remove that and, when you do, there's a way to adjust a flow

setting. And what you do is you basically stick a flathead screwdriver in there

and you can turn this thing to three different settings, increasing or

decreasing the flow. And I have mine set on the largest hole which gives me the

most flow. Now, it is also possible to take a drill with a slightly larger

drill bit than this hole and drill it out it a little bit more to even give

you a little bit more flow than what it comes with. So now that the nipple is

installed, we can add some water to it test it out for leaks and see if our

flow is good. Everything looks good so we're ready to set it up for our pigs.

Alright, so here it is all set up for my pigs. I put it up on two cinder blocks

to get it up to their level and then I put four T-posts around it to keep them

from knocking it over or moving it around. If you have any questions, please

let me know. I'm always happy to help. And thanks for watching.

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