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all right

good people family good morning Today we have a day with a little bit of

snow here in toronto and we came up with and made us want to eat a little bit of

seafood and grilled seafood so let's light the coals don't stain

snow is falling as you can see the cold not too bad will be doing

56 degrees below zero more or less it hold perfectly and let's start

cleaning a little we will use the chulengo because out here the other

place no It is in the windy environment and it will not generate

the calories that we need and this is going to be something more or less quickie we have

decided in five minutes that we're going to eat it and cook this and samuel left

at the supermarket with my wife they bought there we have a white wine and now we

we are going to show inside a day of winter here we are going to care that

there is the oaka and patina

there is the companion I have it covered so it doesn't rot, so

it's all complicated they saw make a barbecue in canada here is not like making a barbecue

well in this latin america 'when the time is beautiful and collaborate here

things get a little complicated but neither not that it's impossible to make it true

to get a little out of it

clean this up a bit

it's cool in the snow and well what we will keep there because not yet

we are prepared inside with everything we need to to put in the

seafood grill so for now we are going inside we are going to show you what you are going to

be on the coals today I am falling cute there is a typical

snow according to what they say will fall between 20 and 25 centimeters is going to snow all day

all night and if we here with the we are all going to prepare a little

something had to be cooked for him noon a nice afternoon we are going to

spend roasting and everything is going come inside


While benito to see

to see everything

every time everyone goes out they see what happens he's a good boy who already knows that when

come in you have to stay here for that charge is part of the history of living

in canada from this we are not saved here We are going to show you a little bit what

we have to put on top of the seafood grill we have the famous this look

scallops or oysters I don't know what they call it well in Spanish each country gives you a

different name is not true these are shrimp comes with the tail yes of

criminal deer ok here we have a cute trout

rainbow we have a little bit of prickly pear tuna we have some chorizos we are going to eat

a little choripan the no no Italian but sweet sausages are

these we are going to have some hamburgers Today we are all going to have a wine

collide here this is the family fight you from the niagara area and it's a riesling

from 2018 we wanted something a little more sweetie saw we opened it

I have friends from Ontario today tribute to canada no weird thing

simple and let's see a little sparkling wine with a

filler bubbling already but it's delicious it's sweet they gave the riesling these are

wines you don't like a wine that's not so so so dry and more sweet

this is my kind of white wine light sweet little health people let's see

if everything wants to kiss the trout trucks and everything looks

it's nothing in the ocean you don't know it you still think

here we have another product that we are going to put on the seafood grill look at what

we found argentinian shrimp wild these were fished there in

the sea in the Argentine sea but something that I discover here looking at it from the other side

notice what it says are hamburgers of Argentine wild shrimp but it is

a product made in the us then what's up here have the proof of what

it is the bad policy that is to export worthless raw products

added this product I buy it here my wife for 10 dollars

this box 10 dollars ok the shrimp who come in in Argentina to

fisherman or whoever sold them capable that for this they paid him 50

cents on the dollar what does that mean first lost jobs for the country

because those who process this are outside and second lost currencies because

it is being exported in bulk and today the one that exports in bulk does not have

have added value there is no return worth the investment and the

work going fishing to the end of the world the men who pass

weeks on those ships and the whole process this what you have to export people

products already processed processed in countries of origin and sell on

quantity well in massive products that already doesn't work they saw because we're

doing the same thing 200 years ago back like for example when

Argentines sold wool to them English from Patagonia and Argentina

there wasn't even a laundry room for the wool they sell it all dirty

the English were filthy the they processed and then sent the clothes already

made of wool 100 times the value of what they had paid for the wool and we continue

in the same they saw we continue with that export and export policy without

profitability the resources of a country the fishery is exported it

cereals export meats the mining everything is exported in bulk and here

has it not that I'm inventing something but as this is seen in

any quantity of products that they say yes

original the base product comes from such country but we process it and there

is where the profit is so something to think we are going to something else we are going to

start with the scallop issues or whatever you want to call him in his country of

origin here we have put together a kind of it's one of those aluminum cases that

come down from the countries and we've made a wrapping paper

aluminum also then there we have it let's put some butter is

a butter is not thalassemia are you going to see this today where are you going to do

these are my seafood favorites

of these can be eaten when a lost I would eat the 222 kilos

then leave the onion half teaspoon also of plowed palm

what is to the other and this is to that of Something the same comes out below and slowly

everywhere fresh pepper

warm cool has to be none of that pepper that one buys in a widening

they saw that they had it seven years and three days in the in the one by one store the

puts you don't like anything good isn't better when pepper comes in well

pimples that keeps your saggy inside flavor and all that and when you grind it

long all that has pepper well and of course I stalk it for

life and even if you don't want to

and we make you That ended

because because we want it to cook all this inside with a steam

they saw with the wine when you start to evaporate the alcohol and all the flavor of the

came or start passing through the meat we leave a little bit like that

just open a little bit so that can escape a little bit of the steam and this

it gets super fast they saw and once we already have it cooked what do we do

before removing it from the seafood grill it is so we open we close the chulengo and we leave

let the smoke impregnate you a little then we have the best of all worlds

they saw that this is going to come out but now let's do this the same they saw a

aluminum plate if they don't have one of these disposable dishes all none

see these are already deer although there are damned are all ready I don't know

can eat calmly not 23 kilos but so because later they shrink

get these bugs spill well don't worry too much about

the butter theme because this then it melts everyone has a

little bit these milestones this rest for everyone

fresh pepper will come of course the feet of

resistance and a moment

We are adding wine to the fish and we are dry health not first

we saw Yes now

now we go with the trout they all came even your friend

the heavy debris because for yours we have to raise our hands

unfortunately butter inside

this is a delight garlic salt the fish got can be done

directly to the open grill or you can do well be wrapped in

aluminum and then at the last minute like I tell you it opens so that the infusion

of smoke so that it grasps a delicious roast of fish and seafood because if it is not the same to eat a

boiled baked thing but how cute is what I like is

wrap them up that's how I know blends with everything you put

more now what we need to do in the cat bowl the best possible because how's it going

to have liquid we do not want to be escape that's the secret

here we have the tuna although we comment East

we are going to put a little oil virgin olive but it is well seasoned

well it is spiced with spices and it has chili peppers so they are

hot peppers this is going to give you a little spicy taste they saw

knowing this sea salt they saw


let's see if we can make you tear off the sheets of paper you have to

be separated and a little bit not very caked well one does not cost much

Even the paper is difficult to light fire in this coal country the truth that

I don't know if it will be the little wine because it doesn't very cold but I'm not feeling anything

so there are two possibilities here

two ayala rock

and we close it so that it can heat up a little bit like that then I clean it and we're going to

bring the little things after a second we will be able to put things in the

grill seafood people

and like putting the sausages



or not


and everyone



and now we have already opened the packages we lower the lid and let it

still well smoked gave and that's what which is going to give that roast flavor like

who says everything is ready but they need to grab a little taste to

We already take pleasure, we are taking from little bit

well people we have made a decision practice and the one that we are going to leave the

white wine to ladies and we mean if you don't tell me anything

with fish with seafood always white wine what happens is that

there is little left in the bottle they saw us we were going to uncork a Portuguese this is

called monastery of the vines great reserve of 2011 look at that garnacha

tempranillo and cariñena 24 months in oak barrels two years afflicted to

move let's see more

also drink I'm going to change change but it came

has the same color cited this wine green

health 2011 portugal very rich and you feel the taste to the

little wood saw good we attacked we attacked a let's fix first not long ago

give it to samuel here on camera and Well, Boyle has shrunk.

and different from last time he had a beard long hair now ten years younger

ok well this you already started choripan that how is the chorizo ​​del nono this

rich sweetish ship nothing spicy anymore but they have very very very rich taste the first

once we consume this chorizo ​​I'm trying the shrimp burger at

see how they are that comes from there where did you guys get in patagonia

a couple of strong pieces jerks

after I don't see how to exit method

it had no hot chili oil good very rich

almost almost tastes like little

now I remember they don't have scallops a juice was cooked in wine and butter

how it melts in the mouth and tender but only good to cook them

well well wet and if they haven't prescribed at all

and this one the onion washer they saw we had baked have


onion inside with a dough for off sweet onion it's not spicy come on

to cut trout trout problem it's all the thorn they have they saw and

that which makes many people not want to eat then there is a way to

open it and take out the thorns is very easy they make a cut like that back in the

back and from there they start to open it slowly following where is the

backbone because it is live that well what I tell you there you have it

ruthless or destined as they say of dad dad dad and exact egg all of that

and that was true

everything but whoever feeds me I have eaten but

who feed me more


a little daring but also you they're telling him everything everything he thinks

who has permission to want to go on and not feed you anything today what happened

they ate everything except how is that


new to slap the plate hungry

her food is served yes but she who eat it dad or mom from which one


Canadian waiting for his strawberry country for the robbery goes if they give you a

little piece big piece the one has to have a hole in the leg

that that little boy says little piece especially for be

and if my side

no ice cream and little piece in half

ok while weeks eating your desserts how are those two the cake

today the dessert bought but the supermarket well there was no time because

they decided to make the roast around eleven in the morning it's true has all the

reason that Uruguay has more strawberries and strawberries good

samuel is almost finished half a cake so I hope I don't ask you any more

on desserts my side melts right now i'm going to take now i'm going to

eat the bread i'm with a tablespoon of milk on top

how about people a new day yesterday we were eating the barbecue and it snowed

all afternoon all night so now we are going to show you what it is

leaving home a winter day here in toronto and after a snowfall like

took a little bit to the park and then we have to fight out here and

clean all the snow clean two cars etcetera etcetera so I love you

show what you find when one open the door

sometimes the ball

and we are as you can see look at what is the exit from the house we are

locked up snow they must have fallen about 20 centimeters

more or less the trees under cover the windows so if today's bad

is that there is a fairly powerful wind come a few bursts well this well

difficult and the temperature with the wind right now it's 17 degrees

minus centigrade is very difficult this more than anything in the winter for

older people and for people they no longer work and they don't have

some activity then there is a lot confinement saw those who want to come

So have them come in a family group and

want to come to install here think a little in if they come with parents or

with grandparents people who are already retreat that the winter months is

better go somewhere else warm they saw because here for people

older is dangerous outside because one skid and you can break everything and second

are days and days and days of confinement what life is difficult in that sense

who are active and still work well they have to go out so let's

pass it on to all

our street last night while we slept they cleaned it already passed the

machine and there makes the pile of snow they pile everything up here in the center and

later when the storm and city ​​is clean comes a bulldozer

a loader with several trucks and it all carry but for now the most

important is always to open the ways of traffic the streets the ball this is

maddened loves snow under the snow the pure ice that

look How is it going

so these are the most dangerous all winter saw

when there's a little snow up there and ice formed below and one walks

and he doesn't see it and it goes like there is a toad when one falls on the ice we are going to

see if we can get to the park or we we have to go back

don't look at something as simple as getting a dog to the park to walk turns

in a heron's nightmare we have decided we don't take risks we go home

we are going to clear the snow and this is going to have to settle for playing a

little bit in the back until now the trucks will come safe

with the salt and they will start to spread come out because this is an accident

waiting to happen they saw

the school is operating today there goes a school bus here the system is from

that the boys who live more or less to about 23 blocks away they all go

walking they have no right to the bus school if they live near school

but those who are farthest from everyone those to get the school bus out like that

that in that sense there is not much problem they saw a few bursts of

wind with white snow which is a which is crazy they saw but hey

we're going to come back here home and we're going to start cleaning the dry away or the

parking there in front of the house we wanted to go a little further but

maybe later I gave myself a book and gold card later but we'll try to get out

with the field car

look to give the other an idea day I took them to the whole park and I was

in the soccer field they saw there where we always go and I released it five

minutes to throw a few balls of air from a snowball like that into the air

they saw and out of nowhere a white truck with the letters of the

city ​​and it turned out to be a girl a inspector of

and a puff of snow an inspector of the city for the theme of control

animals and as he had released it I he came up to me and says his dog is

loose is illegal I say but look at does 20 degrees below zero there is nobody nobody

there was nobody in the park everything was snowy white a cold a wind gave him

water there's absolutely no one released it a second to release some balls of

snow in the air is tell me you know that that's illegal the dog has to be

on a leash and says what is your address I wonder all the

information about the dog if it was registered with the municipality here

this city have a machine that They verify everything today with the

computers no one is saved and tells me this time how is the first time that

I see you and your dog that is dissolved I give you a warning but the next

once you see it you are already in the computer system and fine

can be up to five thousand dollars tell me for having a dog

loose in a public place ok so

well excuse me is fine in your work I thought that in the soccer field

I could throw a few balls of snow or even the dog was far nothing

there was the dog there was everything was next to me

waiting for those jumps he makes they saw and it doesn't tell me you have a

long enough strap if you you want to play that way hold

with the strap pull the balls to the air but it can't be loose and two

days later I came across a lady who has a bitch a shepherdess

German who always plays with everyone and I says daniel doesn't know what happened to me what

what happened and she was walking too he says and suddenly I am face to face

with the van from the city of inspectors and he stopped me and gave me a notice

also because it was the first time the first is notice and says it seems

be that there are many neighbors who are calling the city because there are people

who has dogs that walk like this playing in the loose winter so

run and so they have come to campaign

verification and now it got super dangerous so you have to have a lot

careful this I give you an idea so that see what the laws are like in this country

how are they respected like the strive and those who do not want to walk

walking straight in this case I I was right

she was right she let me know and well that's how you live on this earth

they saw in which

and they want to say it is skating

one time

the tail looks like a pinwheel to slow down I

don't skater

if you are free

now we are going to try to get into the car learn it start it

move it to clean this side and then We went out for a walk around the neighborhood to

see if you can get in first

the doors opened there are other times they are completely sealed and we cannot

open well now i'm going to rip it to see yes

ripped you can't cut any

little path they saw here it is on the roofs from the garbage and if I don't clean this up tomorrow

it's a block of ice and I can't take out after who knows in all the

winter is something else in here they are the gas meters in the yard and the

winter months like these doors don't can be opened because there is a lot of snow

on the other side the gas company we send an invoice more or less an account

with an estimate based on what you consumed the winter before and after

when can the middle man of gas doesn't match up either

down if we have paid too much we they give a credit for the next month and if

missing add to invoice to pay it's like this


or not to see how the neighborhood because there are people we are going to go give

a little tour to see what happens through the neighborhood well have an idea and let me

I tell you one thing in this country I don't know save no one from shoveling the only ones

who are saved are the ones who live in condo and pay a monthly fee for

let the condo take care of everything not true then there are the others

people who pay a company that comes and does the cleaning they have a

annual contract then there are the others that you do it yourself if you are a good

exercise but you have to be careful because this is pale with snow it's a

of the most common causes for for heart attacks to people

older the snow is heavy or was wet saw the snow can be snow

dry as dust or wet snow which is heavy seems sand clouded over

glasses I don't see anything the difference the heat to cold and cold to heat

tarnish a lot as they all remain blurred is noise

now I could slow down look

everything everything the car is carrió continued when this is so those

they are going to live around 30 kilometers per hour or so would be a speed

I'm going to 20 now they saw now we're going to the main street as you see is already

100% clear there is no excuse for not go to work they saw around here already passed

the trucks pulling, pouring salt to melt the snow and ice what

I can see on the asphalt, but there are places like here that the wind already

started to fly a little bit and also always dangerous with caution

here he is dirtier ceases to be a street is so main and already like that

it's skating it's not for you it's not so sticky they saw it's kind of like

a soapy thing

the plaza plaza de la they cleaned one night, so while

we sleep the teams that engaged in cleanings are working

to full because the other day in the morning the people who work here those who want

come to buy that has to be clean already there we have an accident

merit one that came very fast and didn't could control and climbed onto the sidewalk is

a trailer truck that is now going to take

to 0

it was coming very fast surely he couldn't control on the curve and it went

truck or maybe it didn't have the right tires is here one let's say

that at this time of year when we drive we can't

blinking one does not know at what point or around the corner he will hit the

skid and place the white were all society

then they know that we here in ontario we can turn right with

red light when there is red light and you going to make a right turn is

allowed with caution why I just going to see that the light was crossing

in red and I crossed it because I was going to double hard right from white to eurogamer

of everything

help to give the wood everything OK




do not

well this morning we have decided to light home make a little fire because

it's a day of -17 and the wind the gusts of wind are


but a hot coffee like that next to the most Canadian fireplace that you are not

here we go to at the end of this video so I don't know

long you may be recording the videos the bursts that people come

it makes me laugh because one is fighting in the snow and the wind throws it for a

side and the wind blows it back again like saying leave her alone not her

move and it will stay and what we clean this morning with samuel is done

all covered in snow again the tremendous bursts here are the

winters is that we were waiting for one day a bit like that is out of the question

common so they also see the other side of the true currency we have shown you the

summer spring autumn is now winter time so we also

we want to show that and in reality well if the videos continue too

with the stories and little by little what we can go internalizing all

they want to know there are many people who ask when we tell them are they going to do

the realities as they are that so we wanted

say goodbye here in front of the fireplace with the coffee and thank you all

for watching these videos and reminding them that like them if they like it

subscribe are videos we make we try to make educational videos and

They are nice videos too so that the look with your family and watch them with their

children turn off the cell phones so that not distract the day be distracted and well

here we finish it so that it is not done very long

and bye friends I'm going to sleep friends, everyone likes him

home with the learned I love to lie down or in front of the home

I think that later the hut to lie like that near the fire

do with a reassuring

well magistrates

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