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- I have systematically examined today's tech news

and according to my calculations it is indeed hype.

- [Man] Yay.

We've already been talking a lot about

processor releases this year

but we might actually be getting

yet another one as rumors indicate

that a refreshed Ryzen 3000 lineup will launch

before the upcoming 4000 series.

A possible report from the chip help forums indicates that

AMD might be rolling out three chips

with boosted clock speeds,

a Ryzen 9 3900 XT, Ryzen 7 3800 XT and a Ryzen 5 3600 XT.

The timing of this release does raise some questions.

It's unclear whether AMD is just trying to give Intel

a little bit more competition against the 7th gen chips

or if there might be a slight delay with Zen 3.

Either way you might wanna wait a little bit

before buying Ryzen unless you just really crave that

new CPU smell

'cause I can tell you it smells good.

And there's now a possible release date

for the new graphics cards

coming from team green and team read.

A report from Digi time

suggests that both NVIDIA's and peer consumer GPU

and AMD's big Navy lineup should be out in September

just in time for you to be forced to ignore them

because you have to do homework.

- [Man] I hated doing homework.

- I just didn't do it.

(laughs loudly)

- [Man] He's losing it.

- Although this report is unconfirmed,

it does match up with the other rumors we've heard

especially as September marks

the end of the year's third quarter,

which has previously been given

as a possible release window.

So it might turn out that our fears of big tech releases

being delayed due to the pandemic were unfounded

but you can't blame us for being scared.

I mean, I didn't really think leather jacket man's

whole bit about cooking up

the world's biggest graphics card.

Was that funny?

Is this is a joke to you Jensen?

This is our kitchen set.

You get out.

- [Man] He copied us.

- How dare he.

You know how iOS solid has historically been

pretty tough operating system to jailbreak.

I mean especially in comparison to Android.

Well, one clever group of hackers has just bucked that trend

as the uncover group has jail broken

all phones that use iOS 11 and later and yes,

that includes iOS 13.5

which was just released a few days ago.

How could you jail break a baby?

You disgust me.


Apparently uncover found a zero day bug

that was able to bill a jail break around

and the good news is that if you're an iPhone enthusiasts

that wants to open up the operating system

while still keeping security features

for apps you find useful like Apple pay,

the jail break actually does leave those alone.

It's pretty cool news,

but it also makes me wonder

if Apple's security standards are slipping a little bit.

I wonder if someone on their security team

is going to be put through the juicer.

You know.

- [Man] I don't wanna see that.

- I think you do.

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They're flexible and stretchy like a second pair of socks

and they only weigh 175 grams about the weight of an iPhone.

- [Man] But you can't jail break this one.

- Why would you want to jailbreak these?

These are perfect the way they are.

- [Man] How exactly?

- They've got grippy soles, anti-microbial inserts

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Yeah, I need bits.

Quick, quick bits in here.

Get here stop.

- [Man] Okay.

- I don't know what you're laughing about,

it's an important thing that we need to.

- [Man] All right I'll get him.

Oh jeez he's angry.

- Hello Gordon.

Graphing calculators are about to get less fun

as if that could happen right?

- [Man] That's impossible.

- Texas instruments is no longer supporting

some popular apps based on either C or assembly code.

It's apparently to prevent cheating,

but the change means that many math programs

and games like Doom will no longer work.

If you use a program that you think might be effected

your only recourse for now is to not update the firmware.

But if you're really bored,

think writing a naughty word upside down

with numbers should still work.

- [Man] I checked, still good.

- Still good.

Speaking of good, Linus Torvalds

announced a new version of the Linux kernel this weekend,

but he also made a big announcement

of a more personal nature.

As he switched to an Threadripper 3970X

for his desktop computer.

What did you think it was?

This means it's the first time in around 15 years

he's used AMD as his daily driver rather than Intel.

It also means I owe some people

a lot more money due to some bad bets.

Dammit Linus.

Halo 3 will be coming to PC early next month

as a release for public testing.

If you want to be a tester

you have to sign up for Halo's free insider program.

Now official release

will probably be announced sometime soon

so go ahead and sign up if you want your Halo fix early.

It's great news for PCMR members

who have a physical reaction

to the thought of touching an Xbox.

- [Man] Nasty.

- Nope, you don't have lots of titles in the Sonic series

have been subpar to say the least after the blue hedgehog

16 big glory days.

I do.

Sega has announced that future installments

won't come out as quickly so development team

can take a little bit more time to relax

and make sure the games are actually good.

Sometimes gotta go fast, isn't really the correct approach,

especially when it comes to Sonic '06.

Fun facts, they went fast and they split the team in two

- [Man] And it didn't work.

- Oh no.

- [Man] I have never played a single side.

Not a single one?

- [Man] Nope. - Never.

And as for our American viewers.

- [Man] American. - American.

EK Water Blocks i has made us special edition CPU block

decorated with the American flag from Memorial day.

It's a nickel base block

that comes with RGB lighting and EK will be donating

a hundred dollars for every block sold

to Shellback, a charity that puts together

gaming rings for disabled veterans.

So if you're looking to upgrade your PC

it's a great cause of support.

You know, up here in Canada,

all we got was maple syrup tented coolant.

- [Man] You don't drink it.

- I tried, It doesn't work.

You know what else doesn't work?

The rest of this show.

Come back Wednesday for more tech news

made with 100% real tech with no preservatives.

- [Man] Keep making it fresh.

- Yeah, I got to have it fresh.

It's more expensive that way

but you got to pay for quality right.

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