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hey guys how's it going hey Vietnam hey

Julia hey moosie hey Mohammad how's it

going hey milena hey Danny hey Nancy

Patricia Patricia say canteen how you

doing how's it going hope you guys are

having a great day

Anna Taurus how's it going let's see how

you guys are doing I wish I could see

all of your beautiful faces because I'm

sure that you're all amazing people and

I love hanging out with you every

weekend well not every weekend that's I

know that's a lie but it's really nice

to see hey Melinda Verma's how you doing

welcome to the family if you want to

join the family below the chat you can

press join you join as a member you get

different emoji your name seems cooler

than everyone else's I give you more

attention you're my favorite it's like

paying to be the favorite child of the

family it's exactly what it is you know

so I've been sent a few questions from

you guys to start off with then I want

to move to some homeworks I'm still

waiting on a few people to send me

photos of their homework because they

didn't send me it firstly though Kevin

have got this was asked to me last

weekend I didn't have time to do it so

half vs. have got what question could

she ask or could he ask let's put this

over to you so you fill the question in

right here what could they be asking and

we're gonna start with this question

move to some homework which we'll work

on together then if you have any

questions I'll move on to those so let's

begin and what questions could they be

asking each

using sorry I didn't even I didn't even

specify what their thing was I'm such an


I'm sorry using have or have got because

some of you have asked is there a

difference between these two is it like

an American English difference does it

mean something different what does it

all mean what does life mean Oh life

means ice cream this however that's a

bit more difficult to answer okay quick


Amit can you tell me how the word sponge

is pronounced there you go sponge sponge

that's a good word I like that word

sponge I do enjoy that word hey we don't

remember how you doing Monica oh whoa

whoa who's that Brooks at Roxanna hey

doing welcome to the family buddy

welcome to the family I'm Roxanna you

get call emojis to use it means you're

cooler than everyone else that's exactly

what it means okay cool so Melinda says

have you got a dog also Maria yeah I

mean yeah so let's say have you got a

dog is obviously he has one

so have you got a dog that's fine no

problems without whatsoever that one's

good we're asking for a possession right

that's great that's fine what about her

what could she say in terms of using

have and have got what was that ring


do you guys hear that - am I going crazy

you guys heard something - right looking

maybe I am going crazy I'm not sure no

oh you know I didn't open let me just

quickly open something I got a

notification for something and I don't

know what that notification was so I

just need to check just go away this

thing don't no one likes pop-ups go away

that one that one this one okay


okay well I don't see any exact no no I

think we're good we good we good

cool okay we're back okay Capri do ' I

don't know what your full name is but

I'll call you Capri dirt for now

Capri derp well done yes and do you have

a dog that's fine

do you lips have dog okay big question

big question do they mean the same thing

or are they different what do you think

you let me know

and I'll tell you if you're right okay

um mikail J is saying do you use form

half plus gotten in British English oh

okay it was a question sorry I thought

it was like her

oh hey Adrian Madrigal thanks buddy

thanks to the super chat dude um I love

you more than milk and frozen milk which

becomes ice cream thank you so much oh

he's a super is it a sticker thanks bud

and dogs you know that my favorite big

oh yeah I see why you did it

I'm an idiot because of the example why

do you subscribe to me I'm so stupid I'm

really stupid but I appreciate you all

for being here yeah so do you have vs.

have you got both the questions both a

fine grammatically they are both fine no

problems whatsoever and so what Mikael

I've lost you now Mikael you asked is it

more British to use that right Malinda

Verma's thank you so much for the super

chap Melinda you already joined us a

member and you give any super chair I

love you is it too early to say I love

you I don't think so you know

I think it's fine um yeah so yeah you're

already on the right path is it British

or American so the basic answer I can

give you this one yeah people will say

this one is the British one this one is

the American one have you got is the

American one do you have is the British

one both ask for a possession and they

both mean the same thing the form is

different yes have you got a dog do you

have a dog so the main verb the

auxiliary verb is different okay

the auxiliary verb have the auxiliary

verb do okay so that's what we need to

notice the difference with here the big

difference is in the answer so let's

imagine her answer is yes

how can she answer this one in the yes

she could say what yes I have this one

yes I do why because like I said that

auxiliary verb is different so that

auxiliary verb should match the

auxiliary verb in the question and same

for the negative no I haven't no I don't

however and this is the this is the

exception the exception is that it

doesn't really matter nothing in life

matters nothing so what do I mean

well have you got a dog yeah do do you

have a dog no I haven't in reality you

might hear that in conversation now is

it grammatically correct is it

traditional grammar no that's not but

language is alive language moves it's

never static and people might talk like

that so this is one of those grammar

rules which no one really cares too much

about so yeah basic idea that's the

American English version that's the UK

version but we both use both forms a and

yeah and yeah I love you and I love

banana you both are awesome thank you so

so much for your super sticker you melt

by heart with this

say hello to banana for me um but yep we

both use them both are fine both don't

worry about using either they're both

good right okay so moving on I want to

look at your homework so your homework I

got from Veronica Filipe 7 on Instagram

so she sent me her homework and it looks

like this I want to make it bigger just

so you guys can see I actually I haven't

seen this yet so I don't know what to

expect okay I don't know what book this

is from but we can we can work on it

together so if like I say if you have

any homework English homework that you

get on a Friday on a Thursday that you

have to do over the weekend send it to

me on Instagram

the address is down there at pepper

teach me on Instagram take a photo send

it to me we'll work on it together

during the next livestream oh also next

Sunday if you're in London me and John

Koch English teacher we're doing a

meet-up in London so if you're here

follow us on Instagram there's more

information right there

that's next Sunday okey-dokey so what is

this completely sentences using the

verbs in brackets he's the present

perfect where possible otherwise use the

past simple okay so we present perfect

and past simple are you guys really

bored of present perfect in past simple

I can't imagine what it might be like to

be a student learning present perfect

and past simple so boring no I can't

because I had to learn it in French and

I hated it so when do we use this it's

so stupid

okay so the examples like the first one

I can't get in I've lost my key

here's the here's the weird thing in

real English it wouldn't be wrong if you

said I can't get in I lost my key I lost

my key past simple if someone said that

to me I wouldn't think oh they have bad

grammar I would just think oh shit they

lost their key language is about

communication not about being correct

it's from what a grammar book from a

hundred years ago says so really don't

worry too much if people can understand

you that's the most important thing okay

so number two we have to do together so

answers at the ready get ready to type

your answers and the office is empty now

everybody something home the verb is go

and we're only using present perfect or

past simple you know I have to do I'm

gonna have to open up YouTube in my

thing and my phone so I can just watch

your comments easier go a evers

so what do you think is that present

perfect or is it past simple you let me

know okay innocent innocent Machaerus

and everybody go home no this is only

past simple or present perfect so um one

thing that you need to remember present

perfect is for experiences something

happened the when the why that how

they're not important that's what you

need to remember past simple however

gives you some specific detail or it's

talking about a specific time that's the

main difference if you see a specific

time usually it's past simple if you

don't see a specific time usually its

present perfect so let's look at that

number two the office is empty now


Melinda Verma says went home that's past

simple but we don't know exactly when

they went home so I'm going to help you

with this homework because there's the

answer that the book wants you to give

the answer your teacher wants you to

give and there's a completely different

answer which the world of English

doesn't care about so you you could be

grammatically correct in every situation

but most of the time it doesn't matter

okay simp simply cement it and eat that

you have a cool name has gone yes

Jasmine J has gone well done

fruity fun don't call me fruity fun I'm


I will now what now that I think it

might annoy you

I'm gonna call you fruity fat sorry

okay go past thing said had gone that's

past perfect we don't want that this is

only present perfect or past simple keep

that in mind so yeah

yeah it's yeah it's present perfect so

that number two actually maybe I can

move this I feel like it's already quite

small there isn't it it's too big it's a

bit smaller there we go okay so we've

got number two where a cave Veronica

Philippe I hope you're I hope you're

watching today because we're doing your

homework for you

your teacher is gonna be so happy okay

the office is empty now everybody has

gone home why because we're not giving

details we're just saying what happened

that's all so we use present perfect

everyone's gone home if let's contrast

this if you said a well everyone

finished work early today everyone went

home at 2:00 p.m. everyone went home at

2:00 p.m. we gave the time 2 p.m. past

simple everyone went home that's the

difference okay number three I meant to

call you last night but do we know the

specific time do we know the specific

time Oh ash River and my crazy old green

screen missing your eyes yeah yeah it is

look look at this why is a see-through

that's creepy black eyes blue eyes I've

got pink eyes a little bit it's fun yeah

so we do have a past we do have a

specific time so it will be a past

simple yeah last night that's the

specific time so I forgot three I forgot

and for those asking I don't know what

book this is from sorry

hey camper thanks so much

thanks so much for the super chat buddy

I hope you can buy a hot coffee with

this one on a cold day learn and may

it's very cold here so thank you very

much that will keep me warm and I'll

remember to post what I drink with with

that super chair thank you so so much

and CAD for again can fit you like

paying my bills right now thank you so


okay so sneaky says I have forgotten no

because look at the thing it says I

meant to call you last night that's the

specific time we don't want to use

present perfect with a specific time in

the past so we'll just say I forgot

number four Helen blank the verb is go

to Egypt for a holiday but now she's

back home in England now okay well we

don't have a specific past time right

but can you tell me why this answer

should be past simple can you tell me

why I'm interested to see I'm interested

to see what you want your answer for

this I'm just gonna tell you it should

be past simple Helen went Helen went to

Egypt for a holiday but she's back home

in England now why should that be past

simple yep Elise only sir signal roll D

because she's back exactly if I said

Helen has gone to Egypt for a holiday

stop that means she is still on holiday

Helen has gone to Egypt right now she's

in Egypt so if I say well she's back

home in England now she's not in Egypt

so it should be past simple Helen went

I'm liking this music I don't know don't

know how you guys feel about this music

but I I like it I'll be honest

where are we number five yeah

Attila she came back already because

she's back every year loads of you said

because she's back she's telling a time

when she did that

absolutely the experience is over yam a

meme Emma the experience is over it's

finished so sorry I just I spat that was

very rude yeah exactly yeah I'm reading

all your comments you all have the right

idea well done exactly number five are

you okay yes I something a headache but

now but I'm fine now

okay well look at the look at the

question four it's the exact thing I

something but something now so you see a

pattern here right talking about the

past compared to now what do you notice

that's the exact same examples number


sooo number five yes I what a headache

but I'm fine now what do you think I had

a headache you exactly yeah I had a

headache but I'm fine now

that's comparing the past until now I'm

Jasmine J I'm still confused with number

three when do we need to use have

forgotten where's number three I meant

to you last night but I forgot this

example always makes me laugh because I

saw an ex-girlfriend of mine she was

American we had an argument over have

gotten she argued that have gotten

doesn't exist she was an English teacher

and this is why we broke up because of


I'm kidding yeah basically the Americans

they don't use the present perfect as

much as we do so lots of the structures

just get lost

American English basically so when do

you use have have forgotten

I've forgotten and let's say you meet

someone at a party and you meet them oh

hi I'm Tom hi I'm Ally nice to meet you

cool you walk away get a drink talking

to your friend and your friend says oh

who were you talking to I've forgotten

his name I've forgotten his name I've

forgotten his name now I don't use a

specific time and just I'm just talking

that this the act of forget that

happened I don't give any details

I've forgotten I've forgotten his name

right again again no one really cares if

you just say I forgot his name that's

fine it's not a problem but that's when

you use it when there's no specific

details or information Lukas cover can't

you sent me your homework Lukas send it

to me again on Instagram because I saw

you got it um sorry I saw you sent me

the message but send me the photo again

dude it was really good homework okay so

let's have a look

very number five so yeah I had a

headache but now I'm fine so let's move

on number six

can you help us our car the verb is

break down so it's a break down that

means to stop working when a machine

stops working so usually a car your car

stops working it breaks down can you

help us a car

yep good well Osmond Sigmund our car has

broken down well done Francesca has


Anita has broken fruity fun Kate what an

argument yeah I know we broke up because

of that I'm kidding we didn't yet mani

has broken Mateus well done Ruby hey

Ruby yeah has broken well done

innocent our car broke down that's past

simple just like I said

they don't give details so should be

sorry I'm hungry

present perfect however however however

this these are the answers me to show

you these are the answers that this book

once these are the answers that your

teacher wants you to give in spoken

English in conversation this one doesn't

matter that much you could use both no

one will care no one will say oh you've

got bad grammar

no one will care and which other what

which other ones have worked like that

honestly yeah number two the office is

empty now everyone went home I get

honestly that's probably fine too so

number two and number six this means

that both ways are fine in spoken

English in conversation no one will care

if you said this in past simple or

present perfect number two number six

definitely the other ones

it might change their meaning so I

wouldn't change the other ones yeah yeah

okay cool so if you if you want to

question that or if you have anything

that you want him to add let me know in

the comments I'm gonna try and address

everyone's problems concerns and all

this love so yeah this is this is

Veronica Felipe on Instagram please send

her some love she didn't do her homework

yeah that's absolutely hilarious I do

love my job okay so are the underlying

parts of these sentences right or wrong

correct them when necessary

okey dokey we can do that we can do that

together guys can't we we can work

together like a good team like a strong

team over here okay cool so are the

underlined parts of these sentences

right or wrong correct them when

necessary oh you've done two answers did

you hear about sue she's given up her

job is that correct on No again we're

gonna look at what's right wrong

according to your teacher in this book

and what would work in real life

why is my face disappearing feel like

back to the future oh you guys should

fix it there we go

no disappearing now so yeah number one

she's given up her job so Veronica says

okay hang on oh no no stop Veronica's

writing as that's for the book yeah that

is okay she's given up her job

that's yeah good soak advert number one

says correct number two number two and

my mother has grown up in Italy if put

grew yeah yeah we would change that

because to grow up that's the process

from being a child to an adult and if

you're talking about your mother

it's safe to assume that your mother is

already grown up right so that is

definitely definitely a finished

experience so my mother grew when might

that be okay and passed wait no sorry

when might that be okay with present

perfect let's imagine if I live in Italy

and I am I'm 18 I'm 18 years old I live

in Italy I'm still growing up I might

say I have grown up in Italy in that

context in that situation that's the


okey-dokey so number three how many

poems as willing as William Shakespeare

written what do you think number three

okay sherry says how many poems did

William Shakespeare number three

stand for number three okay did Lola


how many poems did chase me right that's

what you said who agrees who agrees I'm

Emanuele assist that ones okay how many

poems has he written well there is a

problem who can tell me why

there we go Natalie M Shakespeare wrote

he's dead exactly he's dead

so it's not an ongoing process this

doesn't continue so we won't be present

perfect Shakespeare's dead so it will be

passed simple as it's a question how

many poems did William Shakespeare write

it's finished process cool number four

number four ow

I've cut my finger it's bleeding slice

cut it is bleeding do we give her a

specific time on no what do you think

CAD foot I'm going with you because you

super Chad me so you're my favorite yeah

I've cut my finger I don't give a

specific time if I said last night I cut

last night specific time last night I

cut my finger that would be okay but

this one we're not giving specific time

so yeah that one is okay number five

drugs have become a big problem

everywhere have become so usually when

we when we talk about something becomes

something then what do you think it

would be number five five is correct but

I can't explain why okay Francesca the

action is in process I mean that's true

yeah yeah that's absolutely true the

flashes have

Kame okay well we've mixed you've mixed

the past simple with the present perfect

there so check your check your answer

again a beer Armen says drug has become

well no no no see that's fine it's only

the verb that we change but either way

the the singular plural thing that's


have because drugs with an S yep cool

Victor curve have become well done

Cristina sirs are becoming that could

that could be a correct answer

grammatically that's correct

grammatically that's not wrong but and

this this this this is why I don't like

working from textbooks because they

don't provide enough context so in

English here to an English person

reading it it makes sense but not to

everyone because for example I would I

might read this in the paper or read

this on an article all the time this

type of sentence right so yeah it's it's

happened it has become it's finished

it's become a problem everywhere it can

changed it's still an ongoing process

drugs have become a big problem

everywhere it's kind of still happening

and there's no specific time remember so

five is okay six let's go a bit faster

cuz I'm talking too much I'm sorry who

has invented paper the process of

invention happens one time it's not a

multiple action thing it happened in the

past it's finished so number six Oh

muhuali says is invented who is invented

paper no no that Osman who did invent


new Oh different it is past simple but

who did invent paper new yes Christina

Tina I keep spitting I'm so sorry God

you must think I'm disgusting who

invented who invented paper who writes

these questions these these questions

are so stupid I hate textbooks I need to

write my own this is just rubbish how

how has anyone expected to learn from

such bullshit questions number 7 where

have you been born same exact scenario

when you're born it happens once and

it's finished right so where have you

been born well it's a passive sure but

it's not present perfect yep kaffir got

it right Christina

Merve well done Merv yet Merv gun where

were you born where were you born uh me

I was born in London I was born in

Northwest London where we born well done

so all the people that got it right well

done Arthur milk your Harry Gatto great

name by the way

Harry get out where did you born no no

this is a passive so that was ill er E

is a be verb not a do verb where were

you born

yeah Mary memmer well done really good

everyone else who got it right well done

really good um number eight Ellie isn't

at home she's gone shopping number eight

what do we think Ellie where are you


correct she's still shopping yep exactly

she isn't at home she's gone shopping

much like that what was it the office

situation before

where is everyone everyone has left the

exact same thing um she isn't at home

she's gone shopping so eight is

perfectly fine number nine

Albert Einstein has been the scientist

who has developed the theory of

relativity what do we think number nine

his Einstein still alive

that's that's the main question here

but yet so remember there are two here

has been the scientist and has developed

there are two things that we need to

look at Albert Einstein was good yet

Mikhail J well done margin well done

okay margin you've got the whole thing

so I'm gonna give it to you margin

nom-a-nom ie

margin mie you are amazing you're


and I hope your day is filled with ice

cream and puppies because you deserve

that in your life margin got it right

was and developed Albert Einstein was

the scientist he's dead who developed

he's dead

if theory of relativity so yeah not

present perfect for that one so number

nine was and developed yeah we're done


final one oh my god this has taken much

longer than I thought I'm so sorry guys

I know I can do this up there everyone

say well done to margin because my Jen's

cool vary from margin have to be best

friends now smaller more room so right

now there we go okie dokie so put the

verb in the correct form present perfect

or past simple so this one is more your

production it's not what's right or

wrong you just tell me how to form it

and how it works all that good stuff so

number one number two has been done for

you it's number one it stopped raining

for a while but now it's raining again

cool number two the town where I live is

very different now it has changed a lot

okay number three I studied German at

school I studied German at school but I

ooh oh you know you know the answer to

this you know it what is number three

osmond well done

I waiting for more correct answers

because you guys are amazing you guys

you guys learn this it's really really

good you can hear all my like my throat

sounds and it's awful I'm so sorry

olia well done and the flash yes but no

check your spelling buddy and also

there's a word missing

muhuali well done

Alex see Nicky Nicky Tim Alexina kitten

sorry my my Russian reading is terrible

and I'm a bit rusty means I'm not that

good anymore

yep so those of you got it right well

done I have forgotten I have forgotten

most of it now remember that situation

you met someone at a party I've

forgotten his name I've forgotten his

name right I've forgotten most of it now

so yeah I've forgotten let's use the

contraction because that's always better

I've forgotten three I've forgotten

no and before the police

so a Narita well done just from the last

one who got it right Ana Rita well done

Julia Volkov oh nice one Dom to New York

well done

mammy memo well done Nicola well done

thumbs up you missed my lesson you

already in it but thumbs up you're

already here Polina

well done Nolan well done but you're

missing the have you must have to have

won Danielle well done really good okay

so number four ice the police something

three people but later they let them go

what do we what do we think number four

yeah Tony Nicholas well done welcome to

the party pal oh no I'm sorry

mature congratulation lull the police

has arrested no the police arrested a

Narita well done the police arrested

three people but later they let them go

yes a number four just arrested why well

look at this em give it there it is the

police something three people but later

they let them go so that action happened

before this other action so it's

definitely not present perfect just by

simple the police arrested three people

but later then later they let them go

number five what do you think of my

English well I think that you guys

English is amazing and you are all

lovely people number five what do you

think of my English do you think it the

verb is improve mullah mean see say

improve do you think it improve no no so

remember all of these the only present

perfect to pass simple keep that in mind

Liubov lebedenko says has it improved

what do you think of my English do you

think has it improved we've got a

question in a question so it won't be

has it improved it won't be the

interrogate 'iv it'll just be the

sentence do you think it has the

affirmative I couldn't remember the word

debt do you think it has improved really

hungry guys what do you reckon I should

eat today Koppel capellini Anu be it's

that a case that Brazilians are hey ice

if so thank you so much for their super

chat but you're amazing I'm going to

protest again Brazilian Supreme

bye see you later I love political

action I don't know what that's about

though I mean a couple in yet let me

know what the your protesting the

Brazilian Supreme Court I don't know

what happened I've not really kept up

with Brazilian politics lately it's been

a bit too much with our shitty politics

American shitty politics is too much to

keep up with I'll be honest but good

luck have a lovely day yes Oh number

five it has improved number six are you

still reading the paper

no finish with it

you can have it how do we change the

verb finish

no I good good good good good good

oh you guys are amazing I don't see what

ah sherry time and hi-hi yen you guys go

to bring I'm sorry but everyone else you

got it right I have finished with it

let's use the contraction because

there's more fun I finished I finished

with it he's still reading the paper no

I finished with it you can have it we

should we could change that first one

are you still together with your

boyfriend or girlfriend no I finished

with him I finished with her you can

have it that would that's a textbook I

would teach within my classes that would

be fun

number seven number seven something for

a job as a tourist guide but I wasn't

successful the verb is apply what do you

think I

Oh imagine you're from Iran don't forget

the you deserve the best you're amazing

now imagine you're amazing let me know

if you see any puppies or ice cream

today yeah pretty much everyone got it

right except for a few people I applied

I applied for a job as a tourist guide

by wasn't successful if you said I have

applied for a job but I wasn't

successful that doesn't match why I have


we're expecting something more in the

future right

but they say I wasn't successful we

already know how it finished right so we

don't need that present perfect I

applied for a job but I didn't get it I

wasn't successful so we use past simple

I applied I'm running out of paper there

we go

was that number seven number eight I

mean do we have enough space we've these

even yeah we do okay number eight

where's my bike something outside the

house but it's not there now someone

stole it I think so again we're

comparing the past to the present so you

already know this we've done at least

two examples of this you already know

the answer remember we compared a past

action to a now action what is that past

action please you if you don't all get

it right I'm gonna come to your house

throw things at you Nicola video Fitch

I'm coming to your house and I'm

throwing things at you I'm throwing

slices of bread in your face violent

like literally everyone else got it

right though well done everyone yeah

tell me tell me Schmidt Paulina well

done Eugenia

Harry Harry gateau well done oh I get it

Harry guess

this hilarious that's a great name

Audrey Alex well done John

Ennis oh well done Dennis - did - turski

well done Darla motion well done Julie

Julio Flores sorry well done excellent

it was it was outside but it's not there


true story yesterday I had a delivery it

was there it's not there now

someone stole my delivery very annoying

number nine quick we need to call an

ambulance there an accident so again we

need to call an ambulance now

no I'm reading that wrong I'm sorry we

need to call an ambulance

stop there something an accident and why

we need to talk about why because

otherwise this could get confusing so

the correct answer Zeynep well done

there has been it's just one accident so

it's singular right there has been does

that fit on the page it does well done

me woohoo there has been an accident

we don't say when the accident happened

where are we there we don't say the

accident we don't say when exactly the

accident happened and it's the start of

that sentence you see that we need to

call an ambulance

stop why why do we need to call an


well there was an accident to be honest

in conversation that would be fine but

this wants you to say well there's been

an accident so this also the you can

feel the way I said that there's been an

accident we use present perfect to to

show the experience that this happened

nothing else matters the details don't


this happened there has been an accident

so that's the that a few of the

differences and finally number 10 have

you heard about Ben

he's something his arm the verb is break

really how blank of that oh yeah how

blank that the verb has happen he

something off a ladder okay so let's do

the first bit have you heard about Ben

he what this again this is where I

disagree with textbooks and I hate

textbooks because I'm gonna be honest

right now the answer that this textbook

wants you to give is not how I would say

in conversation just and then that's

just me though here at Ben Bob you guys

said I check your answers prefer a give

you it yeah exactly much like the

ambulance thing and so Swan black he has

broken his arm is broken now he exactly

if you had a bend he's broken his arm so

yet he has broken his army has broken

his arm that's the first part he's

broken his arm again we don't give

details blah blah blah but if I'm honest

in conversation oh my god to hear about

Ben broke his arm so what can we learn

from this present perfect in American

English it's used much less and the like

I said before languages alive and always

moves always changes American English I

would argue is a good way to know where

British English where the English

language is going

because already ie would use past simple

more than present perfect here they get

no in every case but it's becoming more

common more frequent so in a test this

wants you to say he has broken me

personally in a conversation I'm more

likely to say he broke his arm and I'm a

teacher so you can definitely say it

it's fine okey-dokey next one really how

and the the next two should be pretty

easy because because because the Wizard

of Oz

they're both asking for details about

the past specific details about past

time right so really how did that I

wrote that anyway happen how did that

happen well he he fell off the ladder he

fell off the ladder because they're both

asking specific times in the past past

simple nice and easy


Aikido key so before we finish it I want

to answer some of your questions if you

have any questions feel free to ask them

in the comments also Thank You Veronica

Felipe seven that's you thank you so

much for sending me your homework you

guys feel free to send me your homework

through Instagram how property to me

we'll work on it next weekend I can't

wait to see what you guys send me I've

had a few really good ones already and I

like this I like working on your

homeworks together it's kind of fun

Linda says better stupid yeah yes so

yeah thanks thanks guys for watching if

you have any questions I'm gonna answer

them before we leave

okie dokie

Cape McHale jaysis can I say how it


no as a question no you'll need that

interactive form you need that auxiliary

verb did how did it happen so McHale Jay

thank you for the question but no how

did it happen

loop of Lebanon kosis please let's get

back to number five isn't it in my

English has been improved what was that

one which I'm saying I'm a fire what do

you think my English do you think my

English has been improved no so no and

you've used a passive form there my

English has been improved I'm expecting

more information by the teacher by my

studies but that yeah doesn't hit the

ear quite correctly I don't like that it

doesn't sound good so we won't put it in

passive and liubov thank you for the

question but yeah no the final question

Melinda okay how do you say gee that

meant what kind of question is that I

like it but yeah Gene Hackman cool guys

thank you so much thank you a cab for

capellini new beer everyone who's

donated given super chess and you know

thank you so much thank you those who

joined the puppet teach me family

remember you can join under this video

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thanks for watching guys I'll be back

next time see ya



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