Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (SUB) 게이커플, 눈썹 다듬어주기 X 띠꺼움 (Feat. 꺼움이)

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( Smooth boyfriend's eyebrows)

Kobuki: Come here

(I'm tired)

Kobuki: Come quickly~

(I'm bothered)

( I'm sleepy)

Kobuki: Honey, I'll trim your eyebrows Mochi: Do

it quickly


I hit you)


Start with your eyebrows,

Mochi : You're not good at trimming your eyebrows

~ Oh~ Your eyebrows are pretty. Honey, just clean it up right now .

For what reason?

Love is not two people facing each other, but looking in the same direction together.

The Description of (SUB) 게이커플, 눈썹 다듬어주기 X 띠꺼움 (Feat. 꺼움이)