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today i will nboxing ATEEZ lightstick

this the box

you can see here, the box looks like treasure box

lets open and see the lightstick

this lightstick

the strap look like this, there is ATEEZ mark

you can stick here

shape is like a globe

and inside shape is like a sand clock

and if you shake it, its real there is sand inside

so you can play it like this ><

and this the button

there is some mark here thoo

oh im afraid with this part cause kinda weak

be careful with this part guys

now i will plug the battery and lets see the light on!

you can twist in this part

the battery you can use AAA normal battery for lightstick

you need to match the + and - for this

fyi u need to buy by your self for the battery

you can click here now after plug the battery

blink mode

fast blink

and this is color mode, you can see the red and kinda gold color here

blue and turquoise

and click again it off

and i read in user manual, there is bluetooth mode thoo

you can press button 10 sec

you can use it in concert place

this pairing mode

and if you want to turn off again just press again 10 sec

now lets see on dark room

soo good

so thats all for the light

so tahts all for this unboxing! thanks for watching and BYE!

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