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As the United Federation of Planets grew and expanded they made great strides towards exploring

the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, eventually making an alliance with the mighty Klingon Empire,

to become one of the dominant powers in the region.

When a wormhole to the gamma quadrant was discovered late into the 24th century, the

Federation learned even more about the galaxy, though it also led to a devastating war with

a local superpower known as the Dominion.

And while this led the gamma quadrant to become the primary focus of the Federation throughout

these years, there was another important mission of exploration was taking place at the same

time, led primarily by a single ship on the far side of the galaxy.

Having been transported to the Delta Quadrant by a powerful alien called the Caretaker,

Captain Janeway and the starship voyager were left to make the long journey back to Earth,

roughly 70,000 late years away.

Yet Janeway and the crew did not give into despair, instead taking advantage of this

rare opportunity to explore this mysterious quadrant, learning as much as possible in

the hopes of making a meaningful contribution to the Federation upon their return.

By taking advantage of wormholes and new technologies, Voyager was able to make it back home in only

7 years, but in that time they were able to learn much about the quadrant, making friends

as well as enemies everywhere they went, making a significant impact on many of the species

they encountered.

Their journey began when the federation starship Voyager and the maquis ship Val Jean were

pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker, a member of the highly advanced Nacene species,

who long ago poisoned the planet of the more primitive Ocampa, and so moved them underground

where they provided everything necessary for survival.

After the Nacene left this region of space, 2 caretakers were left to watch over the Ocampa,

but they were parted when the female resettled a group in another part of the quadrant.

The Male stayed behind to watch over the homeworld, but eventually learned he was dying and so

started gathering beings from across the galaxy to find a genetically compatible partner,

so that their offspring could take over his responsibilities with the Ocampa when he was


Unfortunately he died soon after meeting the voyager crew, leaving Captain Janeway to destroy

the array that brought them into the Delta quadrant, rather than using it to return home,

as that would have allowed the technology to fall into the hands of the Kazon, former

slaves who rebelled against their Trabe masters by developing a ruthless warrior culture that

now dominated the region.

Eventually Voyager encountered the female caretaker as well but the encounter proved

hostile, as she wanted vengeance for the death of her mate, believing the crew was responsible.

Looking at a 70 year journey back to Federation Space, the Maquis joined the Voyager crew

alongside 2 delta quadrant native in the Talaxian Neelix and the Ocampa Kes.

Talaxians once had a thriving, space faring civilization based on the world of Talax,

but were now reduced to a scattered and opressed people after losing a war with the Haakonian


Neelix and Kes were quickly welcomed by the crew, most of whom were scared to be so far

from home, but understood the need to destroy the caretakers array.

Yet some few believed it folly, with Seska a cardassian spy and the maquis Michael Jonas

defecting to the Kazon, who were desperate to attack Voyager and steal their technology,

which was far more advanced then what they possessed.

Though Voyager attempted meeting with the desperate Kazon clans to settle their disputes,

their violent male dominated society meant they did not respect Captain Janeway or Federation

values, making negotiation near impossible.

Thanks the heroics of the crew, Voyager survived the Kazon and eventually Voyager left their

space, meeting many more fascinating species throughout their journey, such as the Vidiian

Sodality, a people who once had a great and prosperous civilization until a terrible disease

called the Phage ravaged their people, attacking their body tissue and cellular structure.

Under threat of extinction, the Viidians poured all of their efforts into developing highly

advanced medical technology, and harvesting organs from other species to replace those

being destroyed by the phage.

Though the Voyager crew fought back against Viidian attacks, several of the crew were

taken captive and some were harvested for their organs.

Fortunately by 2375, the phage was cured by a Think Tank who travelled throughout the

Delta Quadrant solving problems in exchange for unique treasures.

Controlling a large region near Kazon space, the mysterious species known by some as the

Swarm, were infamous for the reclusive and hostile nature, with most ships who encountered

them never heard from again.

Their nickname came from the swarm of small ships they sent to attack vessels in their

space, with the Voyager crew barely able to escape.

When the crew came to the aide of the Nezu, they learned of the Etanian Order, a people

who conquered other worlds by manufacturing a natural disaster which cleared out the native

population, allowing them to settle the planet once uninhabited.

While travelling through a part of space controlled by the Bomar sovereignty, an isolationist

power, Voyager was given a strict flight plan which they violated, resulting in their expulsion

from the region, told to stay at least 5 light years away from the border.

The Krenim Imperium were a great power in the region who developed time travel technology

which led one of their ships to create a number of alternate realities, where they eventually

fought a war against Voyager crew, leading Captain Janeway to sacrifice herself and her

ship to destroy the source of temporal disturbance, thereby restoring the original timeline.

During this same period, Voyager met the Zahl Union, a friendly species who defeated the

Krenim in a war, and so were wiped from existence during one of the alternate timeline created.

As were the Alsurians, who once controlled a vast Empire near the Krenim border.

The Hirogen proved to be another threat against Voyager, as they were a large and powerful

hunter society who viewed other species as prey.

A migratory people, they roamed a vast portion of the Delta Quadrant, hunting whoever they

wanted and taking trophies they displayed proudly.

During one of their hostile encounters with Voyager, they were given holographic technology

in the hopes of stopping them from hunting living beings.

But the Hirogen wanted the most challenging prey possible, and so programmed their victims

to be supremely intelligent, creating a sentient race of holograms who rebelled against them.

The Malon Cooperative were technologically advanced but lacked the ability to recycle

antimatter, creating a profitable industry which transported hazardous waste and dumped

it in open space far from their home planet.

The Devore Imperium were an authoritarian government who sent telepaths to detention

centers and inspected all ship travelling in their space.

Since Voyager had to pass through their borders, they developed a way to conceal the telepaths

on board as well a number of Brenari refugees, a species persecuted by the Devore for their

mental abilities.

Finding the last of the Vaaduar species asleep in stasis pods, the Voyager crew helped revive

their people, learning that they were a great power centuries earlier, who used subspace

corridors to expand and conquer their enemies.

When those enemies, led by the Turei, then rebelled and destroyed their civilization,

the remaining Vaadwaur went into stasis hoping to one day restore their society.

But the Vaaduar learned nothing from their ancient defeat, and once again restored to

aggressive conquest, trying and failing to seize the voyager ship and take it for their


After a hostile encounter with the Overlookers and their government the Heirarchy, Voyager

learned their species possessed advanced surveillance technology, which they used to spy on passing

ships in order to assess whether they should be raided.

In addition to meeting some of the more influential species of the Delta Quadrant, Voyager encountered

a great number of lesser powers, like the Banea, an amiable and technologically advanced

species with a unique approach to crime and punishment, implanting memory engrams into

the guilty which forced them to repeatedly relive the victims last moments alive.

The Banea were at war with the Numiri, a secretive and hostile species who evolved on the same


There were also the Taresians, a people whose population was 90% female, leading them to

release a retrovirus upon males of other species which altered their DNA.

Those males were then wed to three Taresian females and killed after mating, in order

to extract genetic material for reproduction.

The Monean Maritime Sovereignty lived in the waters of an ocean world, but the planet was

under threat from local industry, as their oxygen refineries were causing the artificial

core to lose containment.

Norcadians invented Tusnkatse, a martial arts competition viewed by many species across

the delta quadrant, while Aksani, Chessu, Imhotep, and Terrellians were at war for years

until 2377, when they made peace and held the Antarian Trans Stellar Rally, with racers

from every species.

Though the event was bombed by rogue Terrellians, Voyager helped preserve the peace.

And the Dinaali, who hired Jye administrators to oversee the distribution of resources on

their planet, with government ordering them prioritize health care so that the rich and

elite were given the best treatment, while many of the poor were left to suffer and die.

Throughout their successful journey across the Delta Quadrant, Voyager not only recorded

their contact with other species, but also their exploration of stellar phenomenon, such

as a planet once populated by a prewarp civilization that was wiped out by an explosion of polaric


This event was so devastating it created subspace fractures which were inadvertently used by

Captain Janeway to travel into the past, where she learned it was her crews attempt to

rescue her which caused the explosion and so found a way to stop it from occurring and

saved the planet.

When Voyager found a wormhole leading to the Alpha Quadrant, they began to hope it might

take them home.

But they soon learned that it was a temporal micro wormhole which led 20 years into the

past and was too small for their ship.

Though they could not use it to travel, the crew sent messages for Starfleet and their

families through a Romulan contacted on the other side of the wormhole, but he unfortunately

died before they could be relayed.

Continuing on, Voyager was forced to pass through the Nekrit expanse, a region stretching

across thousands of light years but was extremely difficult to chart due to constant plasma

storms, electrodynamic turbulence, Electrokinetic storms and other dangers which threatened

navigational readings.

Passing through the expanse, Voyager went on to find a species who suffered a disaster

after experimenting with Omega Molecules, a highly unstable substance so powerful, 1

molecule had the energy of a warp core, while a chain of them could power an entire civilization.

In the 23rd century, a Starfleet physicist synthesized a molecule which remained stable

for a fraction of a second before it exploded, killing 127 scientists and creating a subspace

rupture over several light years which made it impossible to maintain a stable warp field.

The Borg Collective, a cybernetic species native to the Delta Quadrant, who reproduced

by assimilating other species, were also familiar with Omega, believing it to be the pinnacle

of perfection and lost 29 vessels as well as 600,000 drones in their experiments to

create a single molecule which lasted one-trillionth of a nanosecond before it destabilized.

Though both the species they encountered and the Borg believed Omega should be harnessed,

the captain was duty bound to destroy them because of a standing order from Starfleet

to eliminate it wherever encountered.

While travelling through a largely empty part of space which stretched across 200 light

years, Voyager suffered power failures but were rescued by a Malon freightor who led

them to a spatial vortex which could transfer them to the other side of the region.

Though the crew this place The Void, that was also the name of a spatial anomaly encountered

years later, when Voyager was struck by a massive graviton force transporting them into

a pocket of space roughly 9 light years in circumference with no gases, stars or stellar

phenomenon, separated from the rest of the galaxy by an inert layer of subspace.

The only way in or out of this Void was through one of the funnels which periodically erupted,

bringing in new ships from normal space.

With most believing there was no way to escape, many turned to piracy, surviving by attacking

other ships and taking their supplies.

However Voyager took a cooperative approach, forging an alliance with other vessels and

pooling resources, eventually finding a way to use the opening of a funnel to get them


Among the many new lifeforms they encountered, one of the most interesting was a protoplasmic

beast living in open space, which devoured ships by incapacitating their crews with telepathic


When a male named Qatai lost his family to the beast, he dedicated the rest of his life

to hunting it, but was eventually tricked by an illusion and swallowed.

Yet once within, he found the starship Voyager which was recently consumed and worked with

the crew member Seven of Nine to get the beast to expel both ships.

Once free, Qatai again flew towards the beast, continuing the hunt.

During their time trapped in chaotic space, Voyager discovered that it was a region that

intersected the normal spacetime continuum at the eighteenth dimensional gradient and

as a result the laws of physics were in a state of flux, making navigation near impossible.

Fortunately, a species native to Chaotic species contacted Voyager and helped them escape.

Though the Federation crew made a great impact on many during their time in the Delta Quadrant,

their most significant effect on a single species may have been when they found a planet

displaced in time, which rotated 58 times per minute, meaning the native population

experienced roughly one day for every second in normal space.

Unfortunately, Voyager was pulled into its orbit by a gravimetric gradient, resulting

in severe seismic activity on the planet.

The people could also see ship in their sky and it became a central part of their culture,

with some even worshipping it as a god.

In the short amount of time Voyager was present, the population went from stone age tribes

to an advanced space faring civilization, which at last allowed them to visit voyager

and help them leave orbit.

In addition to the new species and stellar phenomenon encountered, the Voyager crew found

a number of connections to the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, like a colony of humans whose ancestors

were abducted from Earth in 1937 by the Briori, to be used as slave labor, until they rebelled

and took the planet for themselves.

There was also the advanced species known as the sky spirits who began visiting Earth

roughly 45000 years earlier, inspiring an ancient tribe to migrate south and populate

the Americas.

During a mission to Rakosa V, Voyager was forced to disarm a Dreadnaught missle threatening

to destroy an innocent world, as the weapon had its origins in the Alpha Quadrant, reprogrammed

by the Maquis to use as a superweapon against the Cardassians.

While investigating a strange power reading among the bronze age civilization of the Takarians,

Voyager found 2 Ferengi from the Alpha Quadrant ruling over the planet.

While attempting to escape from the USS Enterprise, the Ferengi travelled through the Barzan Wormhole

and became trapped in the Delta Quadrant where they found their way to the planet of Takar,

inhabited by a preindustrial civilization with a prophecy that stated 2 great sages

would appear on wings of fire to lead them.

Using this story to their advantage, the Ferengi posed as these mythical figures and convinced

the population by using transporter technology to perform miracles.

Once in charge, they created a financial empire by exploiting their followers, and transformed

Takarian society by extolling the virtues of greed, materialism and the rules of acquisition.

A highly advanced reptilian species who lived aboard an enormous city-ship, the Voth had

a history dating back millions of years when they originated on Earth, evolving from the

Hadrosaur to develop a space faring civilization which left the planet and settled in the Delta


Yet while some Voth scientists understood and accepted the genetic evidence presented

by their examination of humans, the government denied and censored their work, in favour

of upholding their mythological beliefs that they were the first intelligent species to

evolve in the region and therefore were its rightful rulers.

To the surprise of many, the Voyager crew soon discovered another Starfleet ship in

the Delta Quadrant called the USS Equinox, a short range research vessel transported

from Federation space by the Caretaker in much the same way as the others.

Nowhere near as large, powerful or well armed as Voyager, the Equinox suffered many losses

as they made their way home, losing half their people to the Krowtonan Guard for violating

their space.

By 2375, the Equinox was down to a skeleton crew who largely abandoned the principles

of the Federation, instead doing whatever was necessary to survive.

In their desperation to make it home, they found a way to summon nucleogenic lifeforms

from an extradimentional realm, in order to kill them and use the bodies as fuel to enhance

their warp core, allowing them to travel 10,000 light years in just 2 weeks.

However the alien lifeforms fought back and started killing crew members, leading them

to send out a distress call, answered by Voyager.

Though the reunion of Federation officers was joyous at first, Janeway soon learned

the truth of what they were doing, and they crews turned against each other, resulting

in the death of the Equinox Captain and first officer, while the survivors were stripped

of rank and accepted into Voyager.

Two years later in 2377, they found a Klingon generational ship, populated with the descendants

of a small sect who long ago left the Beta Quadrant on a journey to find the prophesied

kuvah'magh, a savior they believed would lead them to a new homeland.

When they encountered Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, and learned that their chief engineer

Belanna Torres was a pregnant half Klingon,the captain destroyed his own ship so they could

stay aboard he federation vessel and await the birth of their savior.

The Klingon Captain later revealed he was not really sure if the child was their savior,

but felt their journey had to end, and with the help of Voyager, they settled a new world.

Having a significant impact on many while serving aboard Voyager, Belanna also spent

time on a pre-industrial world, where her presence inspired a writer to create a series

of plays about the Starfleet crew, which encouraged their local ruler to avoid war and make peace

with his enemies.

Coming across a ruined planet with only a small population of survivors living underground,

Voyager was shocked to learn that the Earth space probe Friendship One, launched in 2067,

ended up crash landing on this world.

The prewarp civilization native to the planet had no knowledge of such technology but were

able to reverse engineer it and start experimenting with anti-matter leading to a terrible disaster

which destroyed them.

Having become famous throughout the Delta Quadrant, a group of con artists began impersonating

the Voyager crew in order to forge fake alliances and extract resources from unsuspecting victims.

When these criminals robbed the Telsians, a group known to be honest and trusting, they

attacked the real Voyager in retaliation, leading the crew to learn about and arrest

the imposters.

Although the information collected by Janeway and her crew became the Federations primary

source of knowledge on the Delta Quadrant, one of their many discoveries was that they

were not the first humans in the region or even the first federation ship.

In 2354, the USS Raven followed a borg ship into the delta quadrant trying to study their


Though the family on board was eventually assimilated, the daughter Annika Hanson was

eventually liberated from the borg and became the Voyager crew member seven of nine.

Though they survived hostile encounters, the greatest threat in the Delta Quadrant was

without doubt the Borg Collective, who held vast regions of space and used transwarp hubs

to travel to other parts of the galaxy.

Fortunately Voyager had more opportunities to study them than anyone else in Starfleet,

and so were able to find new ways of upgrading their weapons and shields to deal with the


For a brief time they even allied with the collective, in order to defeat an even greater

threat posed by the Undine, also known species 8472, who were native to Fluidic Space, another

dimension which was invaded by the Borg, only for them to be quickly overpowered and chased

back into the Delta Quadrant.

Though their hostility with the Borg remained after the war ended, the Undine later made

peace with Voyager and established diplomatic relations.

Although at the time, Voyager believed the Undine to be the larger threat, some saw them

as heroes because they were taking on the hated Borg.

Among these people were species 116, which were all wiped out but for 1 survivor, who

went on a mission of vengeance against Voyager, blaming them for helping the collective win

the war which allowed them to continue assimilating innocent worlds.

The borg also wiped out the Caatati, leaving them with only 27 ships which turned to begging

and piracy in order to survive.

The Brunali people were so traumatized by years of relentless attacks, they started

using their own children as living bombs, altering their genes so that when they were

assimilated they would spread a virus that killed all borg in the area.

In the end it was borg technology and their transwarp hub which allowed Voyager to make

it home, and they even managed to launch a final attack as they passed through, crippling

the collectives ability to communicate with each other and travel great distances.

Although Neelix remained in the Delta Quadrant to serve as a Federation ambassador, it would

be many years before any ship would have a chance to explore this quadrant again, though

the being Q once stated that humans would arrive by the 25th century.

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