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- Come here.

Look at me.

Come on.

(man breathing heavily)

I found you.

You forgot.

You thought it was over.

- [Radio Announcer] Hello, listeners.

Welcome back to Radio Land on C103.7.

This is the one, the only Chet Cuffney

comin' to you out of Virginia's capital

on this beautiful June morning.

It's 70 degrees Fahrenheit reachin' up into the mid-80s.

It's a great day to get outdoors

and sniff some air and do somethin', people.

You know if you got a bike, hop on that.

If got a horse, hop on that.

You know, do 'em together.

I wouldn't recommend it, but hey.

You might be a daredevil, who knows.

Anyway, we got some great tunes comin' up

for you on the weekend, and I just wanted to let you know

that we will be at Karaoke Fred's on Patterson tonight

handin' out T-shirts, backscratchers,

and Chinese finger traps.

It's sure to be a good time, people, so come on out.

Anyway, sit back, crack open a cold one,

enjoy the weather on this new 50 minute

music block on C103.7.

Chet Cuffney signin' off, people.

- [Passenger] Where are we stoppin'?

- [Jimmy] Gotta stop at the gas station, pick up some beer.

- [Backseat Passenger] Why do we need beer?

I thought it was a kegger situation.

- [Jimmy] Nah, not anymore, man.

Big Fred pussed out on the keg.

- Shit, man, you shoulda told me that last night.

I coulda gotten my brother to buy us some.

- Why don't you get some?

You got the best fake around, don't you?

- Had the best fake.

My mom found it last night, confiscated it.

- [Jimmy] Sweet.

- Well, dude, we're not gonna

be the only sober people at the lake.

- No, you know why?

Because my boy Jimmy got a new fake.

- Dude..

I don't know. - Let's see it.

- The thing doesn't even look anything like me.

- I haven't to look at this either, actually.

(friends laugh)

- [Jimmy] That's what you get for 10 bucks.

Yours is your (mumbles) ♪

Mm, the best (mumbles) ♪

- [Jimmy] Moment of truth.

- [Passenger] All right, buddy, you can do this.

Do it for the lake house.

- Wish me luck.

- [Backseat Passenger] Dude wait.

Cover up your high school shirt, man.

- Dude I look older if I don't cover up my arms anyways.

You still owe me that drink.

- You're a faggot.

But good luck, though.

This'll be a fuckin' miracle if this works, man.

- Dude, I don't think he can do it.

- Great, that's good for us, man.

(passenger chuckles)

You tryin' to blaze on the way up?

- [Passenger] Of course.

- [Backseat Passenger] All right, buddy.

- [Passenger] Oh, how was Cag's last night.

- Cag's was actually pretty great, man.

There were a lot of people there.

I got wasted.

There was some East Jefferson fag there, though,

tried to start some shit with me

and I fucking kicked his ass.

Me and, like, three other people helped me

once I started to kick his ass.

- [Passenger] That sounds about right.

- [Backseat Passenger] I mean, I woulda finished it.

- Of course. (gas station door thuds)

- You know me.

- Oh, dude.

- No way.

It might not be such a bad day after all.

(passenger chuckles)

(soft suspenseful music)

- Guy barely even looked at my ID.

Thought I was so old.

Gonna get beer here all the time now.

- [Passenger] We're all very excited for you, Jimmy.

- [Backseat Passenger] You know him?

- [Passenger] No, does he go to Godwin?

- [Backseat Passenger] I don't know.

He was starin' right at me.

- Y'all ready?

You smokin'?

- [Passenger] Do you know him?

- No, I don't think so, why?

- This motherfucker's still starin' at me.

Hey, dude, what's up?

You got quite a little fashion statement goin' on there.

Diggin' the turtleneck.

It really brings out the red in your hair.

(friends chuckle)

- [Passenger] Come on, man.

- [Jimmy] Hey, isn't he on Colonial's basketball team?

- [Passenger] No, no way.

- Yeah, that's a great haircut.

Hey, do you still have the bowl you used

to cut that with, 'cause I could go

for some cereal right about now.

- [Passenger] Come on, dude.

- [Jimmy] The guy's fuckin' still starin' at him.

- It was good talkin' to ya, buddy.

(friends chuckle)

Take care. (chuckles)

- [Passenger] What a freak.

- [Jimmy] Yeah.

- Well, y'all ready to hit the old dusty trail?

- Woo!

- [Backseat Passenger] Hey, we didn't pick up John.

Are we still gonna do that?

His parents are out of town and he had Katie

spend the night last night.

- [Jimmy] Ooh!

Big John. - I know.

- [Passenger] We should all be so lucky tonight.

- I hope so. - What girls are comin'?

- Well, Shelly and her crew.

Yes, yes.

- Dude, he better not have invited Shelly.

- [Backseat Passenger] You and Shelly

aren't on good terms anymore?

What about last week, huh?

You guys were pretty intimate then.

- If Shelly shows up, I'm leaving.

I'm not even kidding.

- [Backseat Passenger] See, this guy says it now, but then

at 10 o'clock-- - No, I promise you.

- Hey, what's up?

Did one of you tell my friend to go fuck himself?

Why the fuck you smilin'? - Naw, man.

- I'm serious, who said it?

Just tell me which one of you said it.

- I mean-- - No.

Which one of you told him to go fuck himself?

- [Jimmy] I don't know what you're talkin' about.

None of us said-- - Was it you?

- None of us said anything like that, buddy.

(ominous music) - Buddy?

- None of us said anything like that, man.

(plastic bag crinkling)

- Which one of you?

Was it you?

- No, no one said anything. - Just who talked?

Who did it? Who said it?

- All right, chill out, dude.

I made fun of his turtleneck.

It's not like a fuckin'--

- Said something about his sh, so it was you?

You said somethin'. - Yeah, it was me.

- You said somethin'. - Okay, it was me.

(nose crunches)

(backseat passenger coughing) - What the hell?

(fist thuds)

(fist thuds)

- [Jimmy] (coughs) Guys, come on.

Guys. (coughing)

- [Jesse] Fuckin' suckers.

What street are we lookin' for?

- [Ray] Creekwood.

- [Jesse] All right, just keep an eye out for it.

What did those kids say to you again?

- [Ray] They called me a shithead.

(Jesse sighs)

(water babbling) (chimes tinkling)

(helicopter rumbling)

- [Film Commentator] Six foot two,

190 pound quarterback prospect Malik Je--

(TV clicks)

(slurps milk)

- [George] Mm.

- [Karen] Don't do it.

- Do what?

- So how long you gonna be?

- Shouldn't be too long.

Just have to swing by the restaurant,

make sure the kids we hired for summer

know what they're doing.

Hopefully I won't miss the first inning.

Is Jack up yet?

- [Karen] Not yet.

Eggs, please.

- You make sure he gets up soon.

I'm putting him in at shortstop today.

- [Karen] Okay, and if you can't find me when you get there,

I might be sitting in the visitors' stand.

Mary's boy plays for the Sharks so I'm gonna sit with her.

- [George] Traitor.

- [Karen] It's T-ball, honey.

- It's not T-ball.

It's coach pitch.

By the way, where's our daughter?

- [Karen] She spent the night at Becca's.

- [George] Are you sure?

- [Karen] Yes, George.

- [George] Did you call Becca's parents?

- [Karen] Oh come on. (chuckles)

- [George] She is getting older.

You know how kids are.

- [Karen] She's 16, George.

She's at Becca's.

- [George] I'm just saying you can't be ignorant

about Katie and boys her age. - She's at Becca's!

- Well when is she coming home?

- Tonight. - Tonight!

What-- - Calm down.

She said she's going shopping with Becca

and the other girls today.

- Well when she gets home tonight

we're gonna have a little family meeting.

All right, I gotta go.

Make sure Jack gets a good warmup.

(birds chirping)

(chimes tinkling)

(ominous cacophony roars)

(lawnmower rumbling)


Hey, Shane!

- Mr. Freeman!

(George laughs) What's up?

How's it goin'?

- Not much. - Is this the new car?

- Yes. - I really like it.

- Thanks.

- Not really likin' the baby blue, though.

- So you mowin' lawns this summer?

- Yes I am.

I just gotta keep some extra jingle in the pocket.

Figure I'll work during the day, party at night.

You know how it is.

- Yeah, I hear ya.

- You did used to party, right?

- I did.

Hey listen, enjoy your summers while you got 'em.

They go by fast.

- I hear ya.

I just gotta find me some poon and I'll be set.

(George laughs)

- Yeah, I've been there.

You know, there's probably plenty

of good pickings here in the neighborhood.

- Yes, there is.

Katie's a good pickin'.

Guys got a game today?

- Yeah.

- All right.

Go Wolves. Woo!

- So are you going to be available

to mow my lawn later today?

- Yeah, yeah.

I got a couple to mow after this,

but after that I could hit ya up, maybe around 11?

- Okay. - Is that good for you?

- Yeah, I won't be home but I'll pay ya next time.

- Okay, that's fine.

And hey, we still need to go on that fishin' trip

you told me we were gonna go on.

- Sure.

- Bye, Mr. Freeman.

- Bye, Shane.

Jesus Christ.

- What do you mean it's probably in his house?

'Cause I'm at his house right now.

Well what if he's lying?

All right, I'll keep him tied up until I get it, I guess.

If he has it, I will get it and I'll call you

when I find it.

All right.

(clock ticking)

(suspenseful music)

(straw slurping)

(Dan clears throat)

- Okay, I get it.

You go 'round neighborhoods ransacking houses.

You know, I used to raise some cane when I was your age.

- We know who you are.

You're Dan Lapinski.

And we also know about your gambling problem.

- That's what this is all about?

I'm not too worried.

(straw slurping)

Talk to Grinsell.

We're old friends.

He told me personally I have all the time

that I need to pay this debt back.

(straw slurping)

(ominous music)

Hey come on, let's just give him a call.

I'm sure he'll clear this all up.

I got this watch he gave me 20 years ago.

He and I go way back.

You guys wanna take a look?

Look, look. - Shut up.

Do you really think that we don't know?

- What?

- You hit it big this weekend, didn't ya?

(motor whirring)

- Hey, (chuckles) you guys really

wanna take a look at this watch.

I've had it for 20 years.

Come on, take a look.

(Dan choking)

- You're a greedy fucking liar.

You hit it big through somebody else this week

and you're trying to keep it all for yourself.

Boat outside, is that new?

- That old thing?

- All right, look.

We did not drive all the way down here

from the city to hear this bullshit.

We're here because you fucked over somebody.

And you, what?

You come down to the suburbs and try

and hide from the consequences?

Just tell me, how much did you win?

Where is it?

All right, you better tell me.

How much did you win?

- Why?

I've got a family.

- How much did you win?

- I've got a daughter.

She's only four years old.

(Dan gasps)

- How much did you win?

(Dan coughs)

- 135,000!

- Okay.

Now, next thing we gotta...

What did you do? (Dan grunting)

(mumbling) Untie him!

It's all right, it's all right.

It's okay. He's all right.

(Dan grunting)

(Dan vomiting)

What the fuck?

No, no.



(fist thuds) Come on!




- [Ray] What happened?

- He had a heart attack.


Why'd you kick the box, Ray?

- [Ray] I said to tell me when to kick the box.

And you said, and you said now so I kicked the box.

- Two fuckin' things, Ray.

We came here to do two fuckin' things.

One, was to find out where he put it.

Then kill, in that order, Ray.

How the fuck are we gonna find out where he put it now, huh?

Do you know? Do you know that?

Tell me, do you know that?

You must know. Tell me.

- I forgot about that part, Jesse.

I forgot about it! - You fuckin' idiot!

You fucking idiot!

What do you mean you forgot about that part?

What do you mean you forgot, huh?

How do you forget that?

Do you realize?

Do you realize what we have to do now?

Do you realize what I'm gonna have to do to fix this?

- I'm sorry.

- Don't say it, don't say you're sorry.

God damn it, Ray!

(Ray crying)

(glasses clatter) Get up.

I didn't hit ya that hard.

(cicadas chirping)

(box clatters)

(birds chirping)

(children chattering)

Oh thank God.

Let's go.

(cacophony roars)

Yeah, it's all there.


(light jazz music)

All right.

Yeah, I'll see ya.

Gimme some.

(Ray clears his throat)

- Oh, thanks.

- [Sports Announcer] The home side has somethin'

goin' down and the crowd is loving it.

- Hi, Mr. Freeman.

- Hey, Shelly.

- [Sports Announcer] So far it's been--

- Slow morning?

- Yes, sir, it is.

(George mumbles)

- [Sports Announcer] Two outs with a runner on--

- [George] (chuckles) Hey, who let

this guy in my restaurant?

- Hey, George.

You a Nats fan?

Hey, 50 bucks says the Sox get 'em tonight.

- I'll tell ya what, if the Nats win you pay your tab.

- Oh man, I don't know if I can do that.

(George laughs)

- God, I'm so fucking hungry.

- James, what are you doing here?

Where's the new busboy?

- Last time I saw him he was in the back.

He could be jerkin' off one of the cooks.

I don't know, but I'm a server.

I don't need to be busing tables right now.

- Okay, okay, I'll go talk to him.

- I mean, I'm cookin', I'm cleanin', I got a sprained ankle.

I mean, come on, help me out here.

I'ma quit, I swear.

- [Sports Announcer] Slightly outside of the plate.

And the batter had a good eye on that one.

The count is now one and one with two outs.

Runner in position.

Here goes his fastball.

It's a hard hit, ground to third.

Over to (mumbles) in time on first.

A double play!

(patrons cheering) (patrons clapping)

(Jesse scoffs)

Three hits, one run, no men left

on base. - I don't fuckin' get.

I mean, one team wins, the other team loses.

What is the fucking difference?

Nothin' in my life's gonna change

if the Skins beat the whatever.

I mean, the players don't even give a shit, you know.

All they care about is (mumbles).

(woman breathing heavily)

I mean you got these fans and they get

in these bar fights over who wins a game.

It's ridiculous.

Just these people, man.

These people just got nothin' better to worry about.

(sighs) Whatever.

Let's just order and get outta here.

(woman breathing heavily)

Ray, look at me.

Ray. Ray!

- What?

What's up?

- I can't, I'm not gonna do this again.

- What are you talking about?

- I'm talkin' about Sarah.

- [Ray] Jesse, shut up, I don't--

- Do you remember Sarah?

Do you remember happened

with Sarah? - Shut up.


- Do you remember? - Yeah.

- All right, good, 'cause I can't do that again for you.

- Yeah.

- Stop looking at the girls.

- All right, all right, fine, you caught me.

- This is the suburbs.

It's not the city, all right?

People around notice if you look at them weird.

All right?

If you didn't notice at the gas station.

- Yeah, you're right, but listen to this.

- What? What?

- See that one in the purple?

Don't, ya see her?

- Yeah.

- She was lookin' at me, too.

That's why I was looking at her, Jesse.

She was checkin' me out.

I'm not even kidding, okay?

I'm just sayin'.

(diners chattering)

- How come they never tell you the fuckin' hashbrowns--

(Ray sneezing)

- It's my goddamn allergies.

Too much pollen.

- Shut up.

(Ray sneezes)


(Ray blowing his nose)

Blow it all out.

- [Sports Announcer] Passes over the first base

to keep the runner on his toes.

Winds up with a pitch, just slightly outside of the plate.

The batter had a good eye on that one.

- [George] You havin' trouble?

- Yeah, I accidentally hit two orders

of scrambled eggs and I still can't

get rid of the first one.

And I still haven't taken table five's order.

- It's okay, I've got it.

James, can you give her a hand please?

- [James] Really? Seriously?

(James sighs)

- Hey, don't get anything too expensive.

I don't know how much money I got and these prices...

- I've got this one, Jesse.

- Whose is that?

- [Ray] You know, it's...

(laughs) Aw, yeah.

- I didn't even see you take that.

- [Ray] Yeah, I know, I'm sneaky.

- Totally forgot after the heart attack and everything.

- [Ray] Yeah.

- [Jesse] How much is in there?

- I got a bunch of 20s up my ass.

(Ray mimics flatulence) (Jesse laughs)

(Ray grunting)

(Ray mimics flatulence)

- All right, all right.

- Hold on, hold on. (mimics flatulence)

(Jesse laughing)

- All right. (Ray mimics flatulence)

- Hi, my name is George.

What can I get you boys?

- All right, I'll have the Denver omelet

and he's gonna have, um...

He'll have the pancakes.

- [Ray] Do you have some blueberries

that you can put in the pancakes?

- Do you want them on the top?

- [Ray] No, can you put 'em in the batter?

- Sure we can do that. - All right.

- All right, your waitress

will be right back with your order.

- Yeah.

(ominous ambient music)

- [Sports Announcer] Winds up for the pitch.

Just slightly outside of the plate.

The batter had a good eye on that one.

- [Diner] By George, see ya later.

- [Sports Announcer] The count is now one and one.

(diners chattering)

After eight we're still tied at two.

More baseball after these messages.

(cell phone chimes)

(turn signal clicking)

(birds chirping)

- [Radio Announcer] Fatal shooting in the downtown area

this week alone.

Today the decision will be reached

in the ongoing Louis versus CBC case.

If found guilty, CBC's popular primetime show, Renegade,

could face stricter limitations in its depictions

of violence as well as a 14 million dollar settlement.

- (scoffs) Come on.

- [Radio Announcer] Prosecutor Samantha Lewis

claims that her son Brian Lewis was addicted

to Renegade, the action packed drama

that brings in CBC's strongest ratings.

Mrs. Lewis believes that the television show's

depictions of violence influenced her son

to murder their nextdoor neighbor and take his own life.

- Yeah, it's TV's fault.


(suspenseful music)

(turn signal clicking)

(turn signal clicking)

(George chuckles)

(birds chirping)


(ominous ambient music)

(engine rumbling)

(dog barks)

(dog barking)

Stupid camera.

(dog barking)

Kimmy, be quiet!

(dog yelping)

(Jesse knocking)

(doorbell ringing)

What the hell?

(door thuds) (George grunts)

- Get up.

Get up!

(George grunting)

Get up!

Stupid hat.

Get up, get off the ground.

That's right.

Now he gets up.

Now he gets up, everybody.

Sit down in the chair.

Right there, there ya go.

Doin' a real good job.

All right.

Okay, uh, all right empty your pockets.

Empty your pockets!

And everything (mumbles).

Good, now sit down!

- [Jesse] You got him, Ray?

- [Ray] What?

What'd he say?

Jesse, what'd you say?

- [Jesse] You got him?

- [Ray] Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I got him.

He ain't goin' anywhere.

(Jesse breathing heavily)

- He's the only one?

- [Ray] Uh, yeah.

- That his stuff? (mumbles)

- [Ray] That's all of it.

That's everything.

- Okay.

- You can have whatever you want.

Just take anything.

My wallet's right there.

There's $50.

- (sniffs) George?

- [George] What?

- Your name's George, right?

- Yeah.

Where's the family, George?

- [George] They're out.

- [Jesse] Out where?

- Little league game.

My daughter is out with friends.

She'll be back later tonight.

What's this about?

- I can't believe that you,

I been keepin' an eye out for you for a long time, George.

- What? Why?

- It isn't supposed to happen.

You served me breakfast.

I wasn't even really looking...


Hold on a second.

All right, all right.

Where did you go?

- [George] What?

- To school, what college?

- I went to VCU.

Do you two go there?

- No.

- If you wanna rob the restaurant,

there's very little cash in the registers,

but there's a safe.

It's in the manager's office.

The key's right here. - Hey now.

- Just take it.

- George, do I look familiar to you at all?

(ominous ambient music)

- Were you at the restaurant?

(Ray sneezes)

(snot squishing)

- All right. - Come on, Jesse.

Get me a tissue.

- Where's your t.p., George?

- [Ray] All right? (sneezes)

Jesse if you could maybe hurry up.

- No t.p. in there, George.

Where's another bathroom? - Try the second floor

bathroom. (Ray sneezes)

- It's kind of embarrassing. - I'll be right back.

Watch him, Ray.

- I got it. (sneezing)

(ominous ambient music)

(Ray sneezing)

- Hey, hey, here, here.

Here, wipe your nose off.

Wipe your nose off.

- [Ray] This is embarrassing. (mumbles)

- [Jesse] Blow that shit out.

(phone beeps)

- Why are the two of you holding me hostage in my own house?

I haven't done anything to you!

- [Jesse] Just calm down, George.

- You have the wrong house.

This is 12716 Glenkirk Road.

- Just shut up.

- My name is George Freeman.

- Shut the fuck up.

We gotta get outta here, Ray.

He called #11 on us. - Phone number can not

be completed as dialed.

Please check the number and dial--

(phone beeps)

- [Jesse] One digit off.

Well, where's your tape?

I gotta tape you up.

Now I can't trust you or anything.

- I don't know.

- You do not understand how much I don't like you.

Where's your duct tape, George?

- I think it's in the bottom drawer.

- [Jesse] Ray.

Put your hands like this.

(door creaks)

- [Mrs. Lapinski] Ella, go show Daddy

what you learned in dance.

- [Ella] Daddy, where are you?

Daddy, where are you?

(dishes clattering) (water running)

Uh, Mommy, why is the room messy?

Did a monster get in the room?



Hey Daddy, look.


(footsteps tapping)

(birds chirping) (wind chimes tinkling)

- Look, I'm cooperating here.

Just tell me what you want and we can work from there.

- [Jesse] You got a nice home here, George.

I said you got a nice home here, George.

- Thanks.

(ominous ambient music)

- So what have you been doin' since college?

- [George] What?

- You went to college, right?

Sometime between then and now

you got this house, nice family.

Fill the gaps, George.

- I don't know.

After college I went to work

in my uncle's restaurant in Chesterfield.

I was an assistant manager and after a few years

I became head manager.

That's where I met my wife.

She was a regular there.

Do you really wanna know all of this?

- [Jesse] Just keep going.

- We got married, moved back here,

and I opened my own restaurant.

After a few years we had our daughter.

After a few more years we had our son Jack.

- Well, sounds like you've had a nice life so far, George,

but the thing is people only say the nice parts

of their life stories.

You never hear about the bad things.

I think the bad things are much more interesting.

See, I was in juvie for a couple months

and there the way that you find out who people are

is by hearing the worst thing they've ever done,

which for the most part is why everybody's there

in the first place.

But I found out that

I like that a lot

because by hearing the worst thing

someone's ever done, you really know who they are.

What they're capable of.


I wanna know the worst thing you've ever done.

- What?

I don't know.

I can't think of anything off the top of my head.

- [Jesse] Well, try harder.

- I don't know.

- [Jesse] Well think.

- When I was working in the restaurant in Chesterfield

there was this old assistant manager.

He was supposed to lock up for the night.

I had already clocked out.

As a favor to him I said I'd lock up for him.

He had some emergency to tend to.

When I was leaving I couldn't remember

if I had locked the back door.

Some people broke in and looted the place.

The other guy just...

- [Jesse] All right, all right, stop, stop.

You've done worse.

- What?

- Don't give me this bullshit story

about you not lockin' up your restaurant.

- Wait, the man lost his job because of me.

- Who cares?

All right, I know you've done worse.

- [George] What are you talking about?

- You know what I'm talkin' about, George.

You were in college and...

- What are you talking about?

- All right, if you don't tell me a better story

in five seconds I'm gonna shoot you.

How's that?



Three, and don't lie, 'cause I will know.

Four. - I was a student

at VCU.

I'd just found out that my girlfriend of three years

had been cheating on me.

(ominous music)

Went to some hole in the wall bar and started drinking.

There was a girl sitting next to me.

She had asked me why I was so down.

She listened to me.

She was a good listener.

She was younger

and not a student.

We started talking.

After a while she

asked me if I wanted to go back to her apartment.

When we got there we were both pretty drunk.

We started kissing and we were enjoying it.

- [Jesse] Keep going.

- It got to the point where she wanted to stop and I didn't.

I was drunk

and so mad at my girlfriend.

And I, I...

I took advantage of her.

- Raped her.

What'd you do after that?

- I left.

She didn't know much about me.

She doesn't know my last name.

I doubted she'd ever go to the cops.

She was young and didn't have any money.

And that was the worst thing I've ever done.

- What was her name?

- Chelsea.

- [Jesse] Chelsea what?

- I don't know.

- Gibson, her name was Chelsea Gibson.

You forgot one thing.

You stopped at a photo booth on the way to her apartment.

- How do you know that?

- That's you.

- Who are you?

- My name is Jesse Gibson

and I'm your son.

She gave me this picture three years ago.

She'd saved it for me so that I would know.

I never thought I'd actually find you.

- You look like her.

(clock chiming)

(lawnmower rumbling)

- Jesse, Jesse, someone's here.

Someone is here.

(lawnmower rumbling)

- Damn.

- Listen, just shoot the old man.

We can slip out the back.

- The car is right there.

(tape crackling) (George grunting)

- [Ray] I can get him.

- You think?

- [Ray] Yeah.

Yeah, I can get him and bring him in here.

- If we go around back, I think we could probably,

hey stop it, stop, stop, stop.

What are you doin'?

Don't pick your face.

- I was just scratchin' a little.

- No, you were pickin'.

Just don't pick your face and put the cream on it.

That's all you gotta do.

Now look, it's all red

and puffy. - The cream.

- It's all red and...

- The cream burns like hell, though.

- Yeah, it burns because you pick your face

and you make it an open sore.

That's why it burns, Ray.

I paid like 12 bucks for that and your face

still looks like shit. - Well, if you're gonna

pay that much you should buy some stuff

that doesn't burn my face

when I wake up. - That's the best stuff, Ray.

All right, what are we gonna do about this kid?

- [Ray] Listen, just let me get him.

I can get him, he's right there.

Just let me get him.

(kids chattering)

- Nah, nah, someone'll see.

- Okay, who's the kid outside?

He's just a kid, he mows my lawn.

- [Jesse] Why didn't you tell me about this earlier?

- I had other things on my mind.

- Do you mow the backyard?

- Yeah.

Listen, he's not the sharpest kid around.

I can just pay him and he'll leave.

He doesn't have to know anything's happening.

- All right, cut all his tape off, all right?

Cut everything off.

(liquid sloshing) - All right, we're gonna,

like now, Ray.

Cut off the tape.

All right, you have to tell him

not to mow the backyard, all right?

- [George] Why?

- Because he'll probably run over your dead dog.

- You killed my dog?

- Yeah, George.

All right, Ray, are you done cuttin' him?

Silence it up, okay?

All right, get your silencer.

Ray, put a silencer on your gun.

(lawnmower rumbling)

- Shane!



- [Shane] Mr. Freeman, we meet again.

I didn't think you were gonna be here today.

- Well, plans have changed.

- All right, I was just about to finish up

with the front yard.

I was gonna slide on over to the back.

- No, don't worry about the backyard.

- Whoa, what happened to your head?

Are you okay?

- I hit it on the thing.

- Hold on, hold on, I think I have a Band-Aid

in my pocket actually.

Hold on, let me find it.

- I'm fine.

- Is the fam in today?

- No.

- Where's little Jack?

I wanna see that little slugger.

- They're out.

They're at the game.

- I think I see him back there.

Naw, must be the heat.

Glad I brought my big bottle of D.

- Okay, don't worry about the backyard.

Let me just pay you now.

- Are you sure?

It's no biggie to me. (laughs)

- [George] No, it's not necessary.

- Whoa, Mr. Freeman, that's too much money.

I'm not even gonna do the backyard today.

- It's the only cash I have in my wallet.

Take a girl out tonight, have some fun.

- Thanks, but I would not feel right takin' that.

- [George] Well this will cover next week, too.

- See, I can't do that, Mr. Freeman,

because I might be going to the beach next weekend.

If I can't do your lawn I'll feel like an asshole.

- Shane, take it.

- Hey, you give me that 50 I'm mowin' your backyard.

Can't stop me.

You can't do it.

I'm a mowin' machine.

- Take the money.

(ominous ambient music)

- [Shane] You can just pay me next time.

- Please.

Okay, how 'bout I pay you next time?

- Okay, have a nice day, Mr. Freeman.

- Get in the fucking kitchen.

Get on the fuckin' ground.

(George grunts)

(George whimpers)

(suspenseful music)

(George cries out)

(Jesse mumbles)

- Shoot that piece of shit.

- Tie him up!

- All right.

- Tie him up.

(Jesse exhales)

- What are you doing? (grunting)

- He spit on me.

(George grunts)

- Hello?


Turn down the music.

Yeah, yeah, it's Jesse.

Yeah, Jesse Gibson.

Yeah, I wanna cash in on a favor you owe me.

Like, today, right now.

No, don't worry.

It's right up your line of work.

It's all good, it's fine.


(ominous music)

Yeah, how long?

I'll pick you up in, like, 45 minutes.

- Why did you call Carl?

Right here? - Yeah.

(men chuckle)

- All right.

(cell phone rings)

Oh, it's the wifey, George.

Don't worry, I got this one.


(exhales) Okay.

All right, I gotta go get Carl.

- [Ray] All right.

- Ray, come here.

Come here, come here.

You can watch this guy, right?

- Yeah.

Just pick me up a little bit of food first.

- What?

- Just pick me up a little bit of food first.

- No, I'm not gonna pick you up food.

I gotta go get Carl.

I gotta go all the way down to (mumbles).

It's gonna take me an hour.

I don't have time to stop and get you food.

- All right.

- You can watch this guy, right?

- Yeah, it's just that I haven't had anything

to eat all day.

- I know. - All right, fine.

- Just make a sandwich,

all right? - Fine.

- I know you haven't gotten to eat.

Just don't-- - I know.

- Just don't answer the door while I'm gone,

all right? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I don't care if a little girl comes by selling cookies,

you don't answer the door.

You don't answer the phone.

I don't care how many times it rings,

you don't answer the phone.

- All right. - You don't let him loose.

You just do nothing.

Look at me, Ray.

Ray, do nothing.

Just sit there, make sure he doesn't get away.

That's all you gotta do.

- I know.

- All right, you got it? - Yeah.

- You good? - Yeah.

(hands smacks)

(Jesse grumbling) No, I do.

I have it. - It's not funny.

- [Ray] I know it's not, I got it.

- All right.

Lock the door when I leave.

Lock that.

Shut the door. - I am. (mumbles)

(lock clicking)

- [Announcer] With Marble Art, anyone can create

an amazing work of art.

Step one, pour the paint.

Step two, throw the marbles.

Step three, roll 'em around,

and boom shackalacka put that one on the fridge, Mom.

Like puzzles? Create your own.

For double the fun, try our stencil--

- [Reporter] Development.

State police have confirmed

the death of Dan Lapinski, a resident

of the Creekwood neighborhood - Hey.

- outside of Richmond. - Hey, George, look.

- [Reporter] Lapinski, 55 years old,

was found dead in the attic of his home this morning.

Police are conducting their investigation now

interviewing neighbors and any other eyewitnesses.

They tell us they have ruled out suicide and are--

- What do they always say?

Just another day at the office.

(George grunting)

(George groans)


- Why'd you take that picture?

- [Ray] I don't, what picture?

- [George] The one of my daughter.

- I don't have a picture.

- [George] The one that fell out of--

- Nope, nope.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait.

- What?

- What are you doing?

- Well, George, I am eating a doughnut.

- No, I mean what are you doing here?

You shouldn't be doin' this stuff.

You're young, you should be in school.

- [Ray] I hate school, George.

- Yeah, we all do.

But what you're doing isn't right.

I mean, nothing's happened yet.

You can let me go.

As far as I'm concerned the only thing

you've done is a B and E.

That's breaking and entering.

- I know what a B and E is, George, okay?

- Look, you two are going to get caught.

Everyone gets caught sometime.

And then you'll go to jail and they will put you alone

in a cell and you will stay there

until you are as old as I am.

- You know what? - Is that what you want?

- Nope, 'cause let me tell you why, George,

'cause I'll have Jesse.

So, I won't be alone.

- They'll take you away from Jesse.

(Ray grunts)

(ominous ambient music)

And they won't let you cell together.

They probably won't put you in the same prison.

You'll be alone, but it's not too late.

Nothing's happened.

- What about your dog?

- I'll get rid of it.

I'll just say she ran away.

That was the kids' dog anyway.

I never really liked it.

And my head and my shin?

I'll just say I fell.

- (laughs) George, how would you hit

your face and your shin at the same time?

- Look, I don't know.

I'll come up with something.

I won't go to the police, I won't tell anyone.

- B and E.

No, I know you'll tell.

Why wouldn't you? - No.

No, I'll give you time to leave, okay?

You don't even have to untie me.

Look, you can tell Jesse that I broke away from the tape

and I called the cops and I got away.

- Do you know how stupid that would make me look, George?

Jesse would be so mad.

I mean, who knows, he might...

- [George] Well, what would be a good reason?

- I don't know. - Look, I'm giving you

a chance to get outta this thing before it goes too far.

Don't be stupid.

- What?

I'm not stupid.

- I didn't mean you were stupid.

- I'm not stupid, George.

- I didn't mean you were stupid.

- I'm not stupid, George!

- What are you doing? (muttering)

What are you doing?

- I can, okay, I can handle the situation.

Jesse wants you dead.

He wants you dead.

- Don't. - I could do that.

I could do that, George.

- No, Jesse doesn't want--

- You don't even know Jesse!

Jesse is my friend!

You don't even know him!

I know what you're trying to do.

You're trying to split us up.

- What?

- You're trying to split us up!

You're gonna tell.

- What are you talking about?

- I know you're gonna tell

so here we go. - No, no.

- Here we go.

- [George] But he doesn't want you to kill me.

(high-pitched ominous music)

(George whimpering)

(Ray grunts)

(button clicks)

- [Weatherman] Forecast, plenty of sunshine through today

with seasonal temperatures.

We should reach our normal high of about 82 degrees

by this afternoon.

Clear skies tonight.

- [Reporter] Star of Renegade live from Los Angeles.

Can you hear me, Burke?

- [Burke] I can hear you loud and clear.

- [Reporter] What's your opinion of this case?

- You know, there's always a bad apple in the bunch

and if it wasn't our show that was the trigger,

which it unfortunately is being made out to be,

you know, it would've been any other show

or any other book, or video game, you know.

One question I'd like to ask is

where were the parents this whole time, you know?

Where was the supervision?

Where was the sittin' down at the dinner table

and talkin' about the kids', you know, stress and issues.

- That was quick, Jesse.

(footsteps thudding)

- Hey, Dad, I'm home early.

(ominous music)

(George grunting)

Dad, there's no toilet paper up here,

can you throw me some?

(George grunting)

(door rattling)

Dad, don't come in, just give me the toilet paper.

Dad, just...

Shut the door.

(Ray sniffles)

(water running)

(Katie gasps)

(body thuds)

(George grunting) - Hey, hey, hey.


(mumbles) Sit down.

Sit. (George grunts)

- What's happening? - What?

(Katie breathing)


- What do you want?

- What?

(Katie breathing)

Nothing, just, it's complicated.

Don't worry about it.

(Katie breathing)

- [Katie] Who are you?

- Ray.

The weather's really nice outside today.

You know, your house and the furniture,

it's really, really good, you know.

- Thank you.

- Um, let's go upstairs.

You want to, I mean it's boring down here.

He doesn't really have a whole lot to say. (chuckles)

(snaps) Let's go upstairs.

(laughs) Come on.

Come on, seriously, come on.

Let's go upstairs.

It'll be better, trust me.

Trust me.

- Okay.

- Okay, then go.

(George grunting)


(George grunting)



(George grunting)

Wow, your room is very happy. (chuckles)

Oh man.

This is a good one.

It's a really good one.

- [Katie] So, what kind of music do you listen to?

- [Ray] Hey, what are you doing over there?

- I was getting the CDs.

- Oh, oh yeah, I'm sorry.

Hey, Katie, come here.

Come here, Katie, come here.

Come on now.

Come on now, girl.

Katie, what's all this?

What's this all about?

- It was a birthday present that my friend gave me.

- Gee, Katie, you sure have a lot of pictures of ya.

What's this one all about?

Doggy. - Just at my friend's

lake house.

We were messin' around.

- [Ray] Wait, a lake house?

- [Katie] Yeah.

- What do you mean?

What do you mean?

- My friend has a house by the lake.

- So it's just her house.

- No, no she has a house here

and then she has her lake house.

She doesn't live there, her family just

goes to visit. - Oh.

- Yeah.

- Okay, yeah.

So what were you guys doin' at the house?

The houses in the picture.

- We were just messin' around.

We had a few drinks in us.

- Few drinks in you?

- [Katie] Yeah.

- Yeah, I bet ya did.

Why not have a few drinks.

Hey, Katie?

Come here.

Come on, come on, come on.

All right, I guess I'm wondering why you walk so slow.

Sit down.

Katie, what are you doing?


All right.

Katie, when did you start drinking?

- Just a few months ago.

- You shouldn't drink, okay?

You wanna know why?

It makes you not who you are.

- I don't think I drank that much.

- [Ray] You don't?

- No, no.

- Well that's good.

Do you smoke pot?

- No, no.

- [Ray] Well, you should.

You really should.

It'll make you a nicer person.

It's why I do it.

- Yeah, yeah.

- [Ray] Yeah?

- I've always wanted to try.

- Really?

- Yeah, totally.

- Well, Katie, there's no time like the present.

(ominous music)

You wanna go first?

- No, I gotta get that CD.

- No, no, no, Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie.

I didn't mean to grab you.

You have to see how it's done.

That's all.

You have to get it down deep into your lungs.

That's a mistake that everybody makes.

Yeah, I can see you wanna go.

It's all right, Katie, all right.

It's just a joint.

Oh yeah, okay.

Go again, yeah?

You have to inhale.

Take another one, let's go.

- I don't think I should.

- [Ray] Take another hit.

Do it the way I told you.

It's not that hard.

Get it down into your lungs and just...

(Katie coughing)

Yeah. (laughs)

Now how do you feel?


(Katie grunts) Right?


- Yeah.

- [Ray] Yeah, I bet.

- I need to get that CD. - You feel all right?

What are you...

I can't get it open.

I need my scissors.

- Hey.

You know what's fun to do after you smoke marijuana?

- [Katie] What?

- Come here, sit down.

- What about the CD?

- The CD doesn't have legs, Katie.

It's not going anywhere. (chuckles)

Come here, sit down.

(ominous music)

That a girl.

Truth or dare.

It's the best game to play after you smoke marijuana

'cause you'll say anything or do anything.

- I mean, I don't know about that.

- I'm just kidding, Katie, all right?

Chill. (chuckles)

I'll go first.

Truth or dare?

- Truth.

- [Ray] What did you think of me when you first saw me?

- I thought you were--

- Were you scared of me?

Katie, listen.

You don't have to be scared of me, all right?

That stuff with your dad, it's not even my business.

That's Jesse's.

It's got nothin' to do with me.

All right?

I'm serious, it's got nothin' to do with me.

You know, Jesse's my main man but this is his deal.

We can still be cool, right?

We can still be cool.

Okay, good.

Your turn.

- Truth or dare?

- Let's go with the truth.

- Are you gonna hurt my dad?

- Hey.

Okay, truth or dare?

- [Katie] Truth.

You know, Katie, this game's a lot more fun

with some dares (laughs) but okay.

All right, all right.

What's the biggest lie you ever told your parents?

Come on, Katie, look at me.

You have to tell me.

Those are the rules, okay?

(suspenseful music)

- I didn't sleep at my friend's house last night.

- [Ray] Really?

Well, where were you then?

- I stayed at this boy's house.

His parents were outta town.

- [Ray] Is he your boyfriend?

- Um, kind of.

- What does that mean, Katie?

Is he your boyfriend or not?

- No. - Are you dating him?

- No, no.

I'm not.

- Katie, what's the farthest you've ever gone

with a real man?

- Gonna get that CD.

- Katie, I thought we were cool.

Katie, what are you doing?


What are you doing?

- [Announcer] Julian, you came here today

to tell your husband something. (mumbles)

- [Julian] All right (mumbles).

(broken glass crackling)

- What the?

Hold on, stay here, stay here for a second.

(audience booing)

- [Julian] Duh.

- What is this?

What's this?

- [Husband] I work my ass off durin' the day

and this is how you repay me? - What is this?

Who is she? - Take it easy.

- Hang on one sec.

Who is she?

- It's his daughter.

- I thought you said tonight, George.

- [Ray] She came home early.

- She came home.

Is there anybody else here?

Is she the only one?

Is she the only one here,

Ray? - There's no one else here.

There's no one else here.

It's fine.

- Well what the fuck happened to her?

What happened to her?

- Nothing, okay?

She tried to get away and I stopped her.

That's all I did.

I did my job, all right.

I did my job, Jesse.

That's it.

Jesse, why are you starin' at me like that for?

I didn't do anything to her, all right?

I didn't do anything to her, Jesse.

- Ray, come here. - Jesse!

- Ray, come here.

- God.

Damn it.

- Come here, come here.

- [Ray] I'm not going in there

if you're angry. - Come here.

Get your ass in here.

- Jesse, I don't think...

- What did you do, huh?

What did you do to her?

- Jesse.

- What'd you do to her?

- I, she tried to get away.

- Look at me. - I stopped her.

- [Jesse] Look at me, what'd you do?

- She tried to get away and I stopped her, that's all.

- She's a little girl, Ray.

She gave you that much trouble?

She almost got away?


She almost got away?

- She almost got my gun.

- How's that?

How's that happen, Ray?

How does she almost get your gun?

Where is your gun?

How'd she get your gun?

How'd she get your gun?

- We were playing truth or dare and things

got a little weird and we had--

- No, Ray, things don't get weird.

You make them weird.

Every single time (grumbling). - All right, all right,

all right, all right, all right.

- Shut up.

What did you do?

(ominous music)

- What are you doing?

(pepper spray hisses)

(Ray screams)

(Ray groaning)

(frenetic music)

- Go, get out of here! - No, no.

- [George] (mumbles) just go.

- No, I'm not leaving.

(George shouts)

- [George] Katie, go!

- [Katie] It's not working!

- What? Move!


(Katie crying)

(Ray grunts) (Katie yelps)

- [Ray] Get up!

(Katie grunting)


- [Katie] No. (grunting)

- Why didn't you say that she pepper sprayed me

and she got my gun, huh?

Gotta make me do all this, gotta make me fuckin'...

Get your gun, get this shit cleaned up,

your sandwich or whatever, and get outta here, all right?


Hurry up, Carl's here.

(zipper zips)

Carl, go upstairs and get ready.

(footsteps thudding) All right.

- I just don't think that Katie should see.

Or should she?

I don't know.

(clock chiming)

I mean...

(ominous ambient music)

(Katie grunts)

- All right, shut up, shut up. (George grunting)

- No. - Shut up.

- [Katie] No!

- Shut up.

(George grunting)

Shut up!

(Katie grunting)

Yeah, thanks for the help.

Carl, hurry up.

(George grunting)

All right, shut up.

You know, I never actually really thought

about what I'd do if I actually found you.

You know, probably hurt you or kill you, but, but, but,

I still love my mom.

Even though she hasn't talked to me in a long time,

I still love her.

And before I left I realized something.

I realized that killin' you,

it wouldn't be fair.

It wouldn't be fair to her at all.

It's not equal.

So I had to think of somethin' else.

On the table, on the table.

(George grunting)

Gonna do this right.

(George grunting)

Hold that.

Hold it, hold it at that end.

All right, it's good, good.

Come here. Come here.

(George grunting)

(footsteps thudding)

(George whimpering)

Wait, stop, stop, stop.

All right, go.

(George whimpering)

(belt buckle jingling)

(Katie crying)

(George grunting) (Katie crying out)

(Katie crying) (George grunting)

(engine rumbling)

So you're not gonna charge for this one, right?

- Naw, we're totally even now.

- Tell Omar he still owes me, all right?

Because I bailed both of you guys out that night.

- Yeah. - All right?

So, you just like doin' this full time?

Or part time, or?

- You know, yeah.

- Yeah, all right.

Well, at least I'll pay you for the cab.

That should cover at least the...

Givin's a lot better than receivin', isn't it? (chuckles)

At least it's over for you.

It wasn't over for her, you know.

You might walk funny for a couple days.

(cell phone chiming)

(ominous music)


Again with this woman.

You really pissed her off not goin' to that game.

Well, she's comin' home soon, so that means

that our time is up.

Well, actually, your time is up.

I'm gonna go.

Come on, look at me.

Look at me, come on.

Ray, clean up.

Clean up.

I found you.

You forgot.

Thought it was over.

(clock chiming)


Ray, wipe down out there.

Out there by the door.


Upstairs, too.

I fucking hate you.

You're a bad person.

- I'm sorry. - No.

You can't say that.

This is all your fault.

I never had...

You didn't give me a chance.

- Jesse, those choices that you made--

- Choices?

What choices did I have, huh?

What are the...

The choices between stealing and starving, huh?

What are the choices?

That's not a choice.

You made my choices for me.

- [Ray] Jesse, just hurry up and do it.

- What about my other son?

(car rumbling)

- You fucking piece of shit.

- Jesse.

(key rattling)

- I'm gonna go play some video games.

- Okay, but you better take a shower before dinner.

George, what'd you do to the clock?

And where have you been all day?

(George grunting)

- Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up.

(Karen whimpering)

You don't want him to come down, do you?

You don't want him to come down.

All right, just, just, just, bring her here.

Bring her here.

(George grunting)

You got it? Got it?

Just tape her up.

All right, don't make any noise, all right,

because if your kid comes downstairs,

that's bad for everybody, all right?

Now I'm here.

You know what, I'll make him tell you.

Go ahead and tell her, George.

Tell her why I'm here.

Tell her.

- She already knows, Jesse.

- Bullshit she already knows.

Tell her while I'm here.

Tell her.

- Remember that story I told you

a couple days before we got married?

The girl in the bar.

He's her son.

He's my son.

- Oh my God, she got pregnant?

- You knew?

You knew and yet you still married this piece of shit?

How could you let this guy

around your fuckin' kids knowin' that?

- He's not a bad man.

- [George] Jesse, what about Jack?

- [Jesse] What about him?

- You think he deserves to grow up without a father?

- This isn't about him.

- Yes it is.

You can't put him through the same thing you went through.

- Don't tell me what I can and can not do, George.

Ray, tape 'em up.

(Karen grunting)

Ray come here.

Tape her hands.

(George grunting)

- [Ray] Hold her, hold her.

Hold her!

(George grunting)

(video game crowd chanting)

- Are you my dad's friend?

I'm Jack. You wanna play?

Do you know how to play?

- No.

- You pass with this, this is turbo, you kick with this,

and this does tricks.

(video game crowd chanting)

- Who am I?

- You're the blue team.

You're not very good at this.

- No.

(birds chirping) (wind chimes tinkling)


- [Ray] What? Yeah?

- Let's go, we're leavin'.

- Okay, okay.

Hold on just one second.

(water pattering)



All right, listen, I had to do it.

I had to do it.

Listen to me, Jesse.

They were gonna split us up.

(fist thuds)


I saw you couldn't do it!

(head thudding)

Jesse! (gun fires)


Jesse, Jesse.

Jesse stop. - Help me, man.

Help me!

Help me. (crying) - Jesse!

- Help me, help me. - No!

- Stop it, stop it, Ray.

Help me.

Fuckin' stop it, stop it.

Stop it.

Stop it.

(Ray crying)

- It's all right.

It's fine.



(Ray sobbing)

(shower water pattering)

(door creaks)

(teenagers chattering)

- [Backseat Passenger] Jimmy gets out of his truck

and tries to be the big man.

Goes over, and this guy fucking clobbers him,

makes him look like a little bitch.

- [Jimmy] Whatever, dude, I got a punch in.

- [Backseat Passenger] If I wasn't bleeding out of my nose

I would've been laughin' my ass off.

- [Passenger] You're really tellin' people

you put up a fight today?

- Uh, more than you.

What did you do?

- I was (mumbles). ♪ Everything's okay

- [Jimmy] Dude, I love bein' at the lake.

- [Passenger] Me, too, dude.

Beers, boats, babes.

- [Jimmy] Brews.

- [Passenger] Brats.

- [Jimmy] Boobs.

- [Passenger] Buds.

- [Jimmy] Big boobs.

- [Passenger] Bathrobes.

- [Jimmy] Bologna sandwiches.

(boys laugh)

- [Passenger] Is that a new lure?

- You like that? - Yeah.

How much that put you back?

- [Jimmy] About 20 bucks.

- [Passenger] Man, all you need is a worm and some skill.

- [Jimmy] See who catches the first fish.

Nothin's on your mind

I never thought

- God, what a perfect day.

(teenagers chattering) ♪ In time I saw

It's on my mind

I never thought you

(teenagers chattering) (fishing rod clicking)

(birds chirping)

(children chattering)

(birds chirping)

(dog barking)

The Description of BAD is BAD - Full Movie (2010)