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hey guys it's nenna i asked you what kinds of videos you would like to see from me and

i got a request to show what kinds of games i play in my free time so today i introduce you

to the wonderful world of league and let that just be the most

family-friendly and most importantly stress-free game of them all

god she really wants me everyone works together

and we make sure to always uplift one another if i can recommend you one game that takes all these

boxes yep that is league i've only been playing league for a few months now and as you can see

my aim is non-existent i never know when the charm will land maybe you can use it

as part of strategy our games together look a little like this he knows what he's doing and i

i saved you no i heard that too okay jokes aside i do know how to play this game a little

but i don't want you to take this video too seriously the league community

gets a little scary sometimes please remember that i just started playing

oh it's pizza girl oh no that's not pizza girl oh my god

i'm in danger

surprise [ __ ] i saved you oh that you heard that too


nope oh

oh wait i killed her

whoops we can't get both of them charm ready

for the majority of this game you'll just see me running around

see that's the beauty of league even when you think you know what to do

you don't but you know what i always give my hundred percent even if i'm bad

help me help me i recently got into rank and i realized i'm not good enough sounds crazy i

know but i feel kind of bad i'm sucking this much i'm trying to improve myself any tips are welcome

and i know i know i don't go in as much as i should it's like my number one problem

like someone needs to just catapult me into the fight and be like yes do it but you know what

i'll get there if you guys suck as much as i do i don't think they want to be associated with me

for the second game of today i decided to show you submit action since ari is usually

played mid i don't perform on actual bronze level and

i'm not that great at farming nor fighting my best score is probably my vision score

i swear i swear

i'm just gonna pretend that didn't happen

get this burn up your butt when i play in mid game there's usually two scenarios one i stay

alive for 10 minutes or i die about five times and then somehow get like a late game peak it

seems like i get a little bit more comfortable in my gameplay and that's when i get most of my kills

yep okay we're just gonna we're just not gonna talk about that one this first game was very

rough because i never play against fizz and when i do i have a zero percent win rate


that is rude come on i don't have much aim to begin with

make it easy for me let me kill you please


i'm sorry i'm just i'm just i'm just really bad at the game

i've kind of heard that she's like the worst character

maybe she's not the worst character i think i am the worst character

that was

me what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] going on here

can you play as bad as me and go around criticizing other people can you now

ha ha okay so no

thank you

huh oh the guy in the middle was silver and i am bronze and i don't even feel like i belong in bra

very ironic that the players i encounter in normal games are on a lower skill level than on my ranked

even though this guy's rank is silver which is higher than

the rank i play in when i do rank against bronze people yet i feel like the bronze people

in my ranked games are on a way higher level than the people that play bronze in the normal

but that's just how i feel about it never know if the person you're up against is true to his rank

and even that doesn't really mean anything look at me i'm bronze and i play worse than iron

jungler did get some kills and i was hoping

that he could carry the game by himself jungler was definitely the hero

of this game unfortunately he had to play with a noob like me who couldn't even hold the lane


he did well

our last game of today is another re mid game

and this time i felt like we were all kind of on the same skill level

it is isn't it so it's a transformer

obviously they were still way better than me but generally i felt like there was not really

one team way better than the other one which makes the game more fun because you actually have to get

objectives i know some of you might really like to stump over your opponent no i forgot to put some

points on i don't really like when one person is like super good and just wins the game by himself

that's just my personal opinion so i really enjoyed this game for what it was

did i kill him did i kill him

no he survived i think i performed a little bit better in this game compared to the last

but i honestly think it's just because ahri is probably a better matchup for transformer dude

really take that back

i'm gonna put my word in this blush

oh my god i thought i lost that

nope nice try

where is he you're level four

oh my god that's hilarious

i don't think i don't i don't actually think i can kill this too no i can't oh


okay that's great

that would have been embarrassing if i didn't get that one

like what does that do

i should have flashed in his face but i wasn't bold enough

it's kind of sad isn't it

i have to respect that this guy has big old balls

i don't know how but that went really well


okay never mind

thank you

oh i'm so dead oh i'm so dead oh god i'm so dead nevertheless i think everyone played

really well and i always try my best to you know be respectful though in this video i was

just really focused on playing better than i normally do because i didn't want to

embarrass myself on youtube but that's kind of impossible because when you have my skill level

embarrassing yourself is like a must there's no way you can't if i wasn't

so focused on that i would probably ridden gg a few more times but it's all good it's all good


i think he's i think i just oh there he is okay

did i get it no which one is me



say it's probably the jungler there's a jungler a b you guys enjoyed seeing what kind of games i

play my free time to the hardcore league players out there i'm so sorry i had to sit through this

i know you can't unsee you can't unsee this

i want to thank you all so much for watching and i'll see you guys in my next video bye


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