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want to start out with a something I've

read on the market ticker org

which can be about a lot of subjects now

remember today we just don't talk about

Bitcoin this show is the beyond Bitcoin

sure more than cryptocurrency so we're

going to talk about s our eyes which are

drugs that people take when they are

feeling quite mentally unstable and it's

supposed to make you normal in the head


well the market ticker has an article

that reminds us you know we had this

shooting down in Jacksonville I guess it

was last Sunday now or Saturday I forgot

and the guy was actually from Baltimore

who shot everyone up he was a gamer and

he may have been on these sr eyes

and so in the end of the day you you you

got it little pills don't magically

solve everything okay if you're feeling

down I'm sure there can be some good

results but there are side of

next to everything and apparently man of

a certain age group it's out there the

studies are out there they can be

affected in a way taking these drugs

that make them go completely bonkers and

start killing people and so everything

we do there are consequences we need to

remember that drugs are a very very

serious matter very serious matter so I

mean again

people blame guns they use this as a gun

some something to take on the Second

Amendment well it's a little bit deeper

than that okay we've got an epidemic of

young men and young women getting being

prescribed drugs so young and again I

understand some people do have serious

mental issues but you cannot blindly

follow what your doctor tells you to do

so many doctors out there are

nincompoops these days really they are

just in it it's like a conveyor belt

you're on a conveyor about your your

going in and they just give you some

pills they want to get out of there as

quick as possible they make some money

off of the pills this a Salesman sell

it's all sold them to them there are a

few doctors out there anymore who really

care about getting people healthy again

they're just getting their into getting

more and more people in there so they

can get their nice cars or whatever and

you got to consider that again it does

boil down the personal responsibility if

you're a parent again you're in charge

of a minor and you know that minor is

your personal responsibility and you've

got to think about this really serious

issue if you have a son especially visit

these studies with the SSRIs it's it

doesn't end pretty I mean it does not

end well so to try to get to the root of

the problems try to have a two-parent

household maybe and raise your child if

your child's being bullying at school

take them out of the school there's

there's a lot of responsibility that

comes with children and in the end of

the day if you're just going to be like

I'll just hand them over to the doctors

and the drugs we have at we have

problems for reasons in this country

there are consequences to jobs there

consequences to everything there

consequences to not using condoms and


around so don't blindly follow your

doctor do not be a blind follower and I

heard this somewhere where was it I was

on stefan molyneux today people who

think they need Authority don't know

where they are going

most people are lost and that is the

thing most people today are seeking some

thoughts sort of authority they want

some that tell them what to do how to

get better and you got to take personal

responsibility here and you know that

that's one of the cool things about

Bitcoin once you're getting the Bitcoin

you're your own bag you can't go around

blame the bags blaming this but

scapegoating I mean again personal

responsibility is new counterculture

people are in this is the day and age of

scapegoating everybody's blaming someone

else for their problems oh it was the

guns that did this it was this that you

know you you gotta get to the root of

the problem and you make the decision

you put your kid on the drugs then yeah

it's your fault you you didn't make

something of yourself it's your fault

it's not the man's fault and we're gonna

get into populism in a second so again

people who think they need Authority

don't know where they are going

most people are lost so yeah most people

don't know if you know know where you're

going have a plan for yourself you're

not gonna need a thority you or your own

authority some things the change in like

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people here's a reminder from wale panda

remember kids yelling at someone like a

psycho is not the same as the baiting

that's something important to remember

in this day and age most people don't

remember that it's just about shouting

people down and then you've won with the

bait if you screamed louder than the

other person and scared them away made

them run away

and you're swinging you're bad at them

that you yeah that's not the baiting

that's not the baiting and we need to

get back to more of a civilized again if

you if you opt out of that world which

you can easily do with Bitcoin you don't

have to worry about that anymore

you don't have to worry about that any

of that kind of thing anymore just a tip

alright Clay Travis was on the bed now

Shapiro he's a sports guy and he brought

up something that he's encountered and

this goes with what I just said there

are people out there that say I disagree

with you because okay that's a debate

why disagree with you because and they

list some reasons XYZ but then what

we're getting most of today is I

disagree with you and your opinions are

not acceptable and and I link to these

videos below by the way it yes if you

are in the mainstream world we're

getting to a point where some opinions

are not accessible you can be totally

shut out and you get fired from job or

certain opinions that's why you get into

the Bitcoin overlay world you opt out of

that world you get in the Bitcoin you

don't care you can say whatever you want

to say you work for yourself you're

independent you control your own wealth

a bank isn't going to shut you down

PayPal is I've got to say no you can't

send money to this person or your job

isn't gonna fire you alright so let's

move on to a tweet I saw by vibe hi I

think this is someone that's famous on

there and they said poor people stay in

the lower class because they can't

imagine a result that is not

instantaneously gratifying yeah poor

people like instant gratification I if

you're poor

try to get some long-term thinking and

deferral of gratification into your life

I'm sure you can get some of it into

your life if you're in between somewhere

stop going through this instantly

gratifying things people don't gamble

don't do drugs take long-term thinking

Bitcoin have a long-term plan for

yourself because then you're your own

boss you're not gonna be lost you're not

gonna have to rely on Authority at all

you want to get out of the world where

you were dependent on Authority okay

where you're dependent on someone else

you want to be a hundred percent

dependent on yourself and that is the

Bitcoin world but it takes personal

responsibility so yeah and the Frollo

gratification so friggin pound that like

button again check out this weekend

Bitcoin that was yesterday

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right strong steam it okay

we're getting to the title of this soon

don't worry people think

Stardust's he's a big towel dude out

there I know vention big towels

Washington is live right now he brought

up in a video that I link to below I

hidden put it this way but I'll put it

this way 80 percenters care about

appearance / results results are messy

and complex with winners and losers with

appearances everyone wins

you can get it you can get a situation

where everyone everyone got into college

oh is it great every single color of the

rainbow every single IQ is in college

everyone wins but what are the results

of that the results are quite messy you

don't have people failing out you're

gonna have people finding it because if

we're day you know you're not you told

my place the other again a parent

appearances it's a happy appearance no

one cares about the results after you

set up your appearance type of world

where everyone wins because in the end

of the day you can do you 80 percenters

are happy with the appeal look look at

that everyone lives in peace and harmony

when they're not really living in peace

and harmony you it's the appearance is

that that appearance what are the

results of setting up these false

appearances and they can be devastating

presidents and politicians are the

ultimate appearance mongers they want to

make things appear to be better or they

are trying at least to make sure that

the results will never come it's still

after they leave office or after they're


like some anyway so anyway so which

special interest group can you paint the

pretty picture for so they all vote for

you like you know the some oh yeah I'm

giving you affirmative action look look

at this appearance you're all gonna get

these jobs you know in the long run in

and they're not gonna say what's going

to be they're not gonna be happy in the

law but in the long run though the

candidate the the person office who's


RUP thing everyone else the fundus he'll

be gone so that's I mean the politicians

are the ultimate appearance mongers if

you care about results you are a twenty

percent okay

yeah I mean that is what life is all

about it's about results it's about not

appearances it's not it's that about you

know making it

look like everything's good it's about

being happy the real results and whether

you need to attain a lot of wealth to be

happier Sir Norman are a certain amount

of free time you know get get that those

results because 20 percenters you're

gonna you're gonna do well in terms of

happiness in life if you care about

results if you care about appearance

then you're going to get stuck in this

mainstream media world so let's talk

about an appearance that that's making

controversy I mean this is a total waste

of time and I'm about to say there was

this magazine that the large woman the

morbidly obese test holiday was on the

cover of was a cosmopolitan or something

like that this is a woman who is

morbidly obese and she has made tattoos

over her her whole body and she's on the

cover of a fashion magazine so

everyone's talking about it because it

appears oh you're so accepting

you're so accepting abut you know

morbidly obese people look they can be

on covers to look at this we're all

equal all of the appearance is so warm

I'm so happy because this now what are

the results of being morbidly obese Atal

let's let's drill down to what you will

die and you will get diabetes and it

will you will suffer and no you will

feel bad about most of the time you will

feel quite bad about suppose your fear

ill you're ill and people are looking at

you differently and again you know we're

we're getting too you know there's so

many social justice word type of people

so many people just brainwashed into the

appearance world they yeah a lot of

people are like yeah morbidly obese

what's wrong with that

you know that's this totally clueless

really normal totally normal totally

acceptable you know it's becoming a very

sick society but again the app that you

know it appear it is you know there's a

warm feeling oh yeah we can like

morbidly obese people and treat them

like superstars Wow isn't the world a

great place but again it's better to you

know try to cure a sick person trying to

help a sick person try to get a person

healthy instead of encouraging this

behavior and making it more mainstream

because dude those are the results the


the results are death and in any cost a

lot to society and it's sad and long

he's sad in the long run to have a heart

attack when you're 32 and drop dead and

maybe you got a kid or something like

that just because you you thought it was

good to stuff your face and everything

like that you can lose weight you can be

healthy you know this doesn't have to be

glorified but again it appears great it

appears so where everyone loves everyone

now shoka here's the ultimate appearance

situation that what we're getting into

now and this is politics I am NOT I am

NOT a political guy but there's a lot of

politics creeps into my life and this is

gonna be important and I'm gonna tell

you in the Bitcoin I want to thank sand

sand blocks on for the $10 as super Chad

and he says political correctness is

over well on this channel it sure is

over isn't it because I work for myself

I'm in the Bitcoin overlay I can say

whatever I want to no one can fire me no

one can do anything to stop me that is

true freedom of speech you know we talk

about freedom of speech and it is

freedom of speech until your boss fires

because he heard you say here's someone

tattletale on you to HR or something

ridiculous like that get into the big

point overlay there is no HR here okay

there's their HR here when you work for

yourself and you truly control your own

wealth you're not in debt to anyone but

yes political correctness is over in the

world of adam meister and on this

channel but in the mainstream world oh

no no no oh no it's not in the world of

appearances it's getting stronger and

stronger so even in the state of texas

right now there's a senate a race for

Senate and I guess the election is in

November's between senator Ted Cruz and

I guess Congressman Beto or Roarke and

Beto is a Democrat and Ted Cruz is a

Republican out but now Texas is a

traditional is a Republican state but

basically in any of the recent let's

just stick with the recent time frame in

the recent wave Republicans and

Democrats are defined the the state goes

to the Republicans in the presidential

election if it did not then the

Democrats would win every time if Texas

went Democrat the Democrats would win

every time so if you care about if you

care about 15

sports of it all but I'm bringing up

this Beto guy because he is the ultimate

in appearance mongering here and he is

the ultimate example of political

correctness and what the media and the

mainstream narrative are going to jump

on if this man his egging his name is

beatta O'Rourke now he uses he's from El

Paso which is a border town between you

know it's all tits in Texas obviously

that's on the border with Mexico and you

Beto is a Spanish next nickname it was

something that a Mexican would call

another Mexican pedo he is he's Irish

he's Irish like he is not Hispanic 0%

Hispanic 0% Hispanic but he appears he

has placed himself in a way that he is

an outsider Hispanic he's not even

Hispanic you know taking on the man

taking on Ted Cruz and the media is

getting behind this it's but because

it's all he is he is the fake Hispanic

Justin Trudeau combined was some sort of

an outsider Obama 2.0 type of thing okay

this is the vibe he is giving out to the

media and people are jumping on this and

people are being convinced by this thing

he's a physical looking man so he appeal

it appeals again he has a it just shows

you how far we've come in the last

thirty years or whatever you know we

have an adulterer and in the White House

right now in the old days that was not

acceptable at all you could not have had

an affair this made you could not have

done drugs or anything if it came on

this man has a DWI a very controversial

DWI I mean he was drunk as a skunk

apparently but no I mean this kind of

lead let's leads to his credentials with

the women he's a bad boy he's a bad boy

he's Justin Trudeau man he really is so

again so I'm giving you this background

about this beto guy okay because it just

shows you how much so he wins if he

beats Ted Cruz he's going to become

president the United States this man I

have little doubt that he will because I

mean he because the Democrats right now

have a bunch of ugly old people or just

Psychopaths that they they that they

have out there this guy is the ultimate

anti-trump he Trump doesn't like the

Mexicans they say this guy is a Mexican

even though he's not he lives on the

border of Mexico and it is the ultimate

in appearance that he is a beautiful you

know this John strong they could say he

looks like Kennedy or something like

that anyway again I'm no expert in it

what would women think is hot or

whatever per se but I you can tell just

he's got the Justin Trudeau type of

thing going here so appearance wise

everyone's gonna be like and then

there'll be some people who voted for

Trump last time that'll be like well you

know he is he's a white guy so yeah yeah

that's that's what he's really I don't

care you pretend to be Hispanic he's

white so some of the people in Wisconsin

it's the demonstrate I'm not gonna see

you the Democrats tree the media stream

so the first step if he beats Ted Cruz

which people thought was totally

impossible you know weeks ago if he

becomes a senator and he will run for

president in 2020 he and he will beat

Donald Trump so again it but but this in

this and bringing this all up

because each show the appearance the

appearance of a fit he's not even

Hispanic but they're gonna make him like

he's Hispanic he looks a certain way

he's like he's always an outsider just

like they'll compare to Obama's

narrative how Obama came out of nowhere

to become a senator and in the book of

present and the same be no was the same

way and beaters of minority just like

him even though he's not minority he's

white but they'll see his and and again

the bat makes it people Mexican

background things like that Beach or

Rito on vertebrate anything really care

they they don't then that makes them

feel warm because it's an appearance it

shows you that the book what the voting

class is all about and that you need to

opt out of this voting class and see how

silly this this voting stop even is look

how ridiculous it has become at this

point that you know and it's then

apparent and what are what are gonna be

the consequences of electing a guy like

Beto President of the United States okay

what are the consequences of that well

if you are someone who is remotely

involved with this state at all if you

work if you're a producer you're going

to get your tax

all this you're not gonna be as

productive anymore okay because of this

unless unless you're a long-term thinker

which most likely you are and you can

see this coming

people if he becomes president United

States in 2020 and you're not ready you

have no one to blame but yourself you're

watching this video right now 2018 get

your Bitcoin now get out of this joke

make sure you don't have to rely on

these brainless voters you know in this

tyranny it would tyranny with a suit on

or whatever you're a mob rule with a

Subhan that's what this is I mean we

have if you don't want to be a part of

this at all that's why I'm bringing this

up that this look how far appearances

can go and then and how little people

care about the consequences and about

the results you gotta care about the

results you got to think ahead you got a

plan ahead getting the Bitcoin right now

it's personal responsibility first this

feeling of happiness based on appearance

oh look we elected this anti this dis

hispanic man who's from el paso who's

going to he's gonna let all the children

a and it'll be so good for the children

and that mean old which Trump will be

gone and and and again you're getting

caught up in all these appearance games

but it will again it will be very

awesome to soon you're gonna see how

easily manipulated 80 percenters are if

he beats Ted Cruz you're gonna soon see

how easily 80 percenters are by the

media by the mindless narratives out

there on the internet repeated over and

over and over again you're gonna see it

and then you're gonna see why that it's

just you got to use your head you gotta

make your own decisions that you know

the mindless narrative just get the

stocks put your money in the bank get a

job hit two kids get up won't pick up

that pay your taxes that is you know

listen to your leader you know the the

government will take care of you that

and that's what you've been manipulated

that is the mass appearance line right

now everything will be fine it looks so

beautiful aren't all those people

beautiful they're having a happy life

they have a nice car they are in debt

but no no they again in the media the

media and the narrative and all the

players in

just that I'm not trying to again once

people get caught up in this narrative

the players in the narrative the people

who think they're going to benefit

because you know someone's gonna bring

them more welfare someone's gonna get

them more freebies that puts pressure on

the other people who don't exactly

believe it don't fall for do not become

an 80 percenter take personal

responsibility now is the time if you

can see how appearances are taking over

how big how big disappearance lifestyle

is getting these appearance world is

getting but how bad the results really

are just take your big point now you

prepare prepare right now any way you

think is necessary so you don't have to

care about the 2020 election at all you

shouldn't have to care about it at all

look I won't I won't care about anybody

if you become imbued overcomes press it

won't make a difference for me I still

have all my pick point if somehow they

know they start rounding up Bitcoin

people I'll just go to another country I

have that ability I work for myself I'm

not dependent on any of these the

mechanisms to fit in to appear like I'm

a part of the Machine and everything

everybody wants to be a part of it

everyone wants to appear like they're

happy and they give up things to appear

that way all right so I think I've

elaborated on what I think is is going

to happen there again yeah so you save

yourself some time now you so you won't

have to worry about in the future you

know prepare for the Year 2022 the 2028

you don't want to be sitting there

during the his eight-year term saying it

oh and again if he doesn't be Ted Cruz

this is gonna happen but the same time

always have long term thinking here okay

people always have long term thing I'm

just telling you oh I was tying this

into the whole appearance's thing and

how I mean I think I think you get how

how foolish the mindless voter class

that 80 percenters care so much about

appearance that I mean this will be the

ultimate example if this man beats it

gets to the position that I'm talking

about here so yeah plan ahead don't have

it if you have a government job now quit

your governor why do you even have a

government job and is in the long run if

your dorm present or Roarke

you know presidency from Twenty twenty

to twenty eight hey you're not going to

be happy and that's so funny it'll be

from 2020 - 2028 the 2012 2024 having it

a 2028 having so it's again it's just

that it's a little reminder there

anything the big point now Steve I have

a worried about these the sociopaths of

the future let's talk about populism and

Shapiro brought a grown up populism

because it seems like there's a lot of

movements political movements out there

or even manger beyond political

movements out there organizing people

that are populist movements and he says

that it's never your fault II in

population populism

it's the institution's it's the markets

fault it's some out groups fault it's

all about state goading and I linked to

the ben shapiro show below and i hear

the definition and it's rude populism is

a belief in power of regular people and

in their right to have control over

their government rather than a small

group of political insiders and wealthy

elite now that that sounds really good

but when it devolves into is we're the

people versus the state goes it's always

finding escape borders the people are

kept down let's find a scapegoat and

let's build up some momentum a populist

movement against those scapegoats

whether it be you know the rich the

stock brokers the bankers you know you

can take this religious group that

religious group you know let's get

revenge bitcoin is not about revenge

bitcoin is about personal responsibility

populism is about blaming someone else

scapegoating not taking where you know

sure things are bad take personal

responsibility don't find some out

groups and scapegoat and try to gather

up a vicious mob and that's how you get


bitcoin is a proactive improvement of

oneself okay that's what big point is

you're improving one you don't care

about oh that person's richer than me I

want to get them back no you

trying to improve yourself opting out of

the blame game world that's personal

responsibility don't get caught up in

these populist movements that are

basically scapegoating movements and

that that are about blame I can take

personally improve your own life let all

those other people worry about

themselves okay because if you get

caught up in these populist movements

you're just spending all your time

blaming and putting some some dying the

power because he's pretty and you think

he's gonna solve all your problems it's

much easier for you to solve all your


trust me or to attempt to solve most of

your problems

okay tell him that frickin like button

i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the

disrupt meister i want to remind

everyone out there on social media and

in real life you know I think when

you're a YouTube personality or when

you're even when you're just playing

around on social media there are people

that are going to insult you and just

attack you and you need to remind

yourself that the reason you are being


and you are being insulted is because

you matter they don't matter I mean they

would dude they'd have their own channel

they would do their own thing if they

mattered but what they're doing is

they're they are trying to be somewhat

relevant by attacking something that

matters and being nasty about it you

matter it's it's not them being picked

out it's you being picked out you're the

one who matters remember that so when

someone is attacking you remember to you

that you're the one that matters here

it's up you're not you never bother with

them you know who the heck they are your

man so again a lot of people out there

on social media they're getting at I'm

getting this I'll just stay quiet

I'm not gonna I'm not gonna put my

opinion out there anymore no don't let

done don't let those nitpickers silence

you don't let nitpicker silence you you

matter i'm adam meister the

bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister

remember to subscribe this channel like

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later bye

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