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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Teaching Tips for Cambridge English: Flyers

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in pliers listening part five candidates

have to color and now like to words but

not draw now with your class you're

going to look at a picture taken from a

story that you've already read it's a

good idea to remind students of the

vocabulary from the picture and the

things that they might be asked to color

let's look at the boy in the girl where

are they

what's the boy wearing what color do you

think the scarf is I can see shells on

the beach how many other what's in the

sky can you see the rock behind the boy

what color do you think it is now let's

listen and see what they asked us to

color can I color the boys bag next no

color whose scarf instead please sure

what color shall I use for that red

might look good what do you think yes

there don't forget students are now

asked to write few words on the picture

for example can you see the birds write

the word air next to the birds and the

rock write the word ocean above the rock

for a listening pass like this it's

often tempting to just jump straight in

and press play but by taking the time to

prepare your students it gives them more

reason to listen it's more fun and it

leads to greater success



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