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October is coming to an end.

It's been a really a busy month

with a lot of things happening.

But I really did my best to take advantage of beautiful autumn

before the snow came.

We have picked tons of berries,

so we have enough for the hole winter.

Lingonberries is always the last berries pick

before it gets cold.

And just like blueberries, they are very good for the health.

I really believe that berries are so important for us,

especially if you live in a country

where is very cold and dark for a long time.


So, if you wonder why we are at this ugly place,

where there is not forest.

It's because actually lingonberries grow very good

at places like this. So that's why.

You are very focus on the berries on the grown!

I see that, OK.

Go ahead, pick them.

It's really nice with this berries pickers.

I don't know...

If all of you know how this works.

But they are really good

for picking blueberries and lingonberries, etc.

So you just wipe them through the bushes like this.

And then.

Really good.

-Oh! Happy, happy dog! -Happy, happy.

In our last video from the mountains,

people were so happy because they saw you have became

more comfortable in front of the camera.

-Do you agree? -No.

It was a long time now again

so I guess you have to warm it up a little bit.


So October was a really raining month.

It was raining almost every day for two weeks.

Which was great

because we have mostly been doing work from inside.

Since we started up our new web shop a month ago,

we have had a lot to do.

It's been both exhausting and super fun at the same time.

But every week that goes by we have made things

a little bit better and easier.

A few week ago, we got a new member in our team.

Which it was the best decision we could ever take.

Johan's best friend, Patrik.

Has now started working with us.

They have been best friends since childhood.

And they have also work in the same company

for over ten years as electricians.

So, for now on he is one of us.

And we are so happy about that.

He will be working with the jewellery together with Johan.

And packing orders and helping with the other thousand things

that comes with having a jewellery business.

How it is going?

I do my best.

And he also has a cute little dog called Pytte.

Who is also working with us during the days.

And the big bonus is that Patrik is a great musician.

And often play songs for us during the lunch breaks.

We could never continue to do this work all alone.

So this felt like a huge step in the right direction.

And in a blink of an eye, the winter had arrived.

But I'm so glad that I went to our cabin in the mountains

for a week, right before the snow came.

I really wanted to go there before the winter would come

and cover the ground with layers of deep snow and ice

for a half a year.

Now I'm on the way to the mountains.

To the cabin.

Feels so nice to go back in there again.

It only takes about three hours to drive to the cabin.

The surroundings on the way there are so beautiful.

There is something about being here in the cabin

that makes me go into my own bubble.

I fell that I'm disconnected from the whole word.

All the noise has cut away

and I can hear the voice of my heart much louder.

I get so many ideas and I fell inspired all the time.

Been all by yourself is a good way to really

hear what is going on inside of you.

You can't scape it and it's not always easy.

But is very needed

That's why I love to go here now and then.

It feels like I reboot myself.

The next morning was so beautiful.

I was up in the sunrise and the lake was like a mirror.

The mist was dancing like spirits.

It felt like waking up in heaven.

So hello my loves.

Good morning and cheers on you!

I really feel like I need some hot coffee now

because it's a bit chilly.

But yeah, this morning was beyond beautiful.

I'm so thankful that I got up early enough to...

to capture this.

Cause I was really tired this morning.

Right now I'm actually back in the mountains again

in our cabin.

I came here yesterday evening.

Is so nice to be back here again.

I know I had been here a lot this summer.

But I didn't feel quiet done yet.

I steel have a few things

that I wanted to do before the winter arrived.

Which can be any day now actually.

Especially here closer to the mountains because...

Yeah! The Snow can come any day.

When I was here in August or September,

I was only focus on the jewellery photography.

As you can see in my previews video.

I really wanted to come back here again.

You know, have time for other things.

For just been out in the nature

and capture the beauty of this place

in another way.

Also I came here to...

I don't know. Take a breath, I guess.

Because there is a special feeling

that I get when I am here.

Being in the cabin coming away from...

everyday life and every day routine.

Everything, even technology.

The mobile.

How do yo say? The phone connection.

It's something about

getting away of everything and just...

going in inwards, in a way.

I think I really needed it because this summer was

pretty hard actually.

I felt really anxious now and then.

Because of a lot of stuff.

It's been new challenges and new beginnings.

It been a lot of hard work.

I just wanted to go here to settle down.

Renew, I guess.

I know that is a quote that says:

"The mountains are calling and I must go."

I love that quote because that's usually how I feel.

I can't explain exactly why I need to go.

I just need to go. It just in my feelings.

And it's always so worth it.

Because afterward I understand why I needed to go.

So now I'm here, my friends.

And I hope you can feel like you are here with me as well.

Because I have no plans for this blog.

I just hope that you would feel

like you are hanging around with me here,

in this beautiful place.

I'm just so thankful for being here.

I mean, do yo see this?

It's a special silence in the air right now.

I'm not sure that you can feel it here

because it doesn't really has to do with sound.

I realized that now.

Because in Autumn in October and November,

we always said like:

"Everything is getting so quiet."

But it's not only the sound that gets quiet,

it's the energy.

You can really feel how nature is falling sleep right now.

I really love to experience these shifting seasons

and the transitions in the energy during the year

because it's so different.

I know a lot of you don't have four seasons as we have here.

I really hope you get to experience one day how is

to be in a place where it constantly changes.

I would love experience how it's to be in a place

were is no changing like this.

Something I always wondered about

is in places that are warm all the year around,

where it's like summer almost all the year,

How do the leaves on the trees changes.

How do they fall off

or do they change colors like they do here,

or are they constantly there. I don't know.

This might sound like a really weird question.

Honestly, I don't know. I haven't check that out yet.

There is almost no leaves left here now.

There are just a few of them.

There are very few colors out in the nature right now.

It doesn't matter, it's beautiful anyway.

It's so beautiful to see the first layers of the snow

on the mountains tops.

I love that sight, it's so beautiful.

OK, actually I'm going back to the cabin now

and eat some breakfast.

Actually I don't have breakfast.

I have to go and buy some food first

because I didn't bring anything when I got here.

I gotta drive to Saxns first

which is the closest town.

It's such a beautiful little town.

They have this little store where you can buy groceries.

So lets go.

This is Saxns.

A beautiful little town among the mountains

in Vilhelmina county.

Just driving through this town makes me wanna stop

every single meter and take photos

because the views in any direction are so breathtaking.

Saxns, Marsliden and many other areas around this place

have a very rich and interesting history culture,

which I love to read about.

I'm specially fascinated

by the history around Sami culture

and the indigenous people.

Which is very deep devoted here,

from hundreds of years back in time and still today.

Even if our cabin is not located in Saxns,

it is the closest town.

I often go here and buy groceries from the little grocery store.

I also go here to fill up some water

since we don't have running water in the cabin.

Now we have some noodles.

A sandwich and some blueberries soup.


This is my typical cabin food.

Because when I'm here, I don't really have the patience

to spend time cooking.

So usually I eat a lot stuff like this.

Like noodles, sandwiches soups and stuff

that goes really quick to make.

But it's really delicious I have to admit.

At least for a couple of days.

After a few days with food like this, I'm like

but right now I love it.

After I'd eaten,

I thought we would drive to Stekenjokk

because that road is closing in any day now.

I really wanna go up there before it closes.

I also wanna go and visit a waterfall

that's on the other side of that road,

or is actually like one hour away from Stekenjokk.


Stekenjokk is this long road

that goes right through the wild mountain area.

Since this road is very high up in the mountains,

It comes massive amount of snow here during the winter.

So the road is closed between October and June.

I really love being here.

I wanted to spend some time just enjoying one last stay

in Stekenjokk before the road was closed.

I spent some hours here

and filled my lungs with the cold

and fresh mountain air.

I felt really happy with my last stay in Stekenjokk.

I've seen a lot of comments from you, guys,

saying that I pronounce the world mountains very funny.

I've seen these comments many times,

in many videos.

There was a long time when I just couldn't understand

how in the world you could pronounce mountains differently

then how I did.

I guess is the thing with having an accent.

You are not aware that you pronounce things really weird

but I have done some research now

and I have learn that:

You don't said mountains at it is spell.

You said mountains.

Like a silence N mountains.

I'm from the mountains.

I been living in the mountains my whole life.

Let's take our horses

and ride up to the mountains top tonight.

I ain't got not more time for talking right now.

I gotta focus driving.

Good morning, my loves.

Did you have a nice sleep?

I did..

not really, actually.

No, I didn't sleep super well tonight.

I was awake a lot.

I'm very energized now and awake

because it's another beautiful morning.

The sky is clear, almost.

I'm really happy about that.

We have to go and fill up some more water later.

The rest of the days in the cabin

looked quiet similar to my first day.

I was out from sunrise to sunset

Just doing my thing and going bananas

over the beautiful views.

I had to go into the car because is so windy outside.

I just wanna to said that

the lights on the mountains tops

It was so magical.

It was all pink.

Pink lights.

The beautiful pink soft light.

When the sun is just rising, its first little sunrise.

It touches the mountains and it just creates magic.

I can't explain the explosion of energy

that happens inside of me

when I see beautiful things in nature like that.

I stayed a long time by this beautiful waterfall.

And I could spend an eternity

looking at the stones that had this silver shimmering look.

I took this stone with me.

And left one of my rose quartz.

Brain freeze!

Brain freeze.

I'm a person that loves water

and I feel cravings for showers and swims.

I can't go too many days without cleaning my self in the water.

The only way to do that it's by taking a really cold

deep in the lake.

But it feels so refreshing afterward.

After a few beautiful days,

it started to get more windy and cloudy.

Then, suddenly the snow was on this way.

Since I didn't have winter tires on the car,

it was time to go home before snow came.

I'm so thankful for these beautiful days

in the mountains.

My heart was filled with joy

and I felt recharged and ready for the winter as I got home.

Thank you so much for watching this video.

I see you back home.

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