Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GÜNEY AMERİKA'DA KÖY EVİNDE UYANMAK ve LATİN AMERİKA DA YAŞAM! - Paraguay #32

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Hey, come here!

Come over here! Come!

She is afraid. :)

Hello to everyone!

I'm now in Asunción'.

I'm at Villeta.

I have a friend here named Onurcan, he is living here with his wife.

We are gonna discover around the farm house with him.

This place is amazing, most probably you're gonna fall in love to here, i really liked this place.

There's a carpet pitch at the back side.

I already started the video.


Btw normally Paraguay's weather is always so hot

but it is good now.


I forgot the bird's name.

Yeah.. Tepeu, tepeu.

Tepeu birds.

These are...

guard birds.

In Paraguay, people don't pet dogs as guards, they use birds.

Whenever a stranger enters the land

birds starts to scream like crazy.

When you heard them you know that someone's here.

Then man comes and looks around who is here.

They protect here.

Kind of.

Hey! Come here! come!


She is afraid.

Cutie. :)

Those are...

There is a fruit called guruquya

Guruquya trees.

Here is some. If you want to see.

Which one?

We don't have this fruit in Turkey.

It's only grow in Latin America.

Farm tour is on the way, farm tour.


Ant houses.

Does it shown now?

These ants bits right? Kind that bits.

They do bit. So badly.

I don't know how they look on the camera but...

What kind of trees were you talking about?



Some fruit called guruquya.

There are some on the tree.

I don't know what it is but

I found it on the ground.

It looks strange, maybe you noticed.

It's juice is so healty

for stomach.

People eat this for healty stomach.

How does it tastes?

You can try if you want to.

Take a bit.

They don't do spraying to trees, so...


Is it good?

It tastes like something, but what?

I have no idea.

Inside of it looks like fig fruit.

Yeah, it tastes like fig fruit too.

It's really healty.

All of them are guruquyas.

It's mango.

I cannot eat more of it.


I'm kinna disgusted.


Did you liked the field lights?

It looks amazing at night.

If you like to play soccer we can play.

Would be great.

But last time i played soccer i was at high school.

Doesn't matter.

I was at school team.

Look, it's comming.


'Veni' means come.


Veni! veni! veni!

Come! come! come!

He is afraid.

He doesn't knows what camera is yet.

Veni! Veni! Come!


Veni! Veni!

In wednesday at 4.30 am


In Consel el Cite.




Don't lick me!

Small, big farm animals...


How many are there?

There are 9 sheeps.

4 or 5 goats.

One baby goat.

And a cowie.

One cow.

Wow, let's go see the cow.

Don't attack me.

Her fur colour is chancing now.

Look, how cute it is!

It's like a pet.

Why don't you unlease it?

It's fighting all the time.

With the sheeps?

We sometimes unlease her.

It stays here for 1-2 hours then we let her. It changes.



They goes inside after that he let the cow free.

No, it's not going inside.

How do I say? There is a goat, I'm gonna show you. They fight.

Oh they are like enemies.


Veni! veni!

I should feed Tyson.

Did you liked the word veni?

Yeah, it means come.

I do something in my videos...

Maybe you have noticed already.

I write 1 or 2 words Spanish that I used in the video, I write it in the video with the Turkish translate of it.

So you use them.

Look, big advantage for subscribers.

Of course.

If you subscribe...

you learn Spanish.

Even for just words.

If I learn sentences in following days

I can translate some sentences too.

You can learn really easy.

These are rooms, another room.

Yeah, they are.

This is coco.

Strange fruit.

But only birds eat it.

They usually use it as forage.

Like sunflower seeds.

We use them as forage.

I never saw that in here.


It's not what I think it is right?

No no It's not.


I was gonna say coco leaf but it's not it.


What is this? I think it is mango.

You can run up horses here.

Giant house.

You can run them if you want so.

Look, Marsiyano is sleeping.

Oh, I almost step on ant things.

Ant houses.


He sleeps.

The guy on back was Marenyo, their worker.


Ma... What?


His name is Marsinyo.

I was kinna loud.

He does't like working at all.

Chickens are lost.


They are on back of it, i see them.

Do you see them?


Are you able to see them too?

Or they run inside because of wind.

No, they are out, back of this thing.

Yeah, they are here.

Normally i wasn't gonna film but i have extra battery

so i decided film now.

Beautiful area it is.

It is.

Are the cows belongs to you?

No, these aren't ours.

Because i saw only one cow yesterday night.

This part is strawberry part, as you see.

Strawberries, lettuces...

We don't have any lettuces left but...

There are some onions, scallion.

Yeah, onions.

Would be great if we had...

There are some more strawberries.

Curd cheese

Curd cheese.

It would be great.

We can have cheese made.

But curd cheese.

I have no idea how it is made.

We can search.

Curd cheese and white bread and inside of it this one.


I really missed eating scallion.

Look it's apricot.

Let's go.

This area is belong to us too.

This area is for watermelon.

Now it's watermelon time.

This part, lets go to backside...

And it goes to the backsides right?


Goes into backsides.

goes into backsides. ♫

Yes, weather started to...

I feel good in here.


I said I really feel goodin here.

And you're lucky, weather is really good now.

Yeah, it's good.

These our outside baths.

Oh, for the rooms.

Women and men are seperated in here.

Btw if you come here to Paraguay Asunción.

Onurcan is giving Turkish travellers free rooms.

That's right.

This face is like why does he said that.


They wanted that for piranhas.

Yeah right.

Strong boat.

But it's not like...

It's not made from wood so it's really good.

I always imagined inside was wood.

No it's not.

We're gonna go for piranhas in next video.


Motor of it is in back.

His father, I don't know.

It's tapir.

Real tapir head.

This one? Aha tapir.

Have you ever heard of it? Tapir.

I have no idea.

I saw it first time in my life.

Tapir is a pig kind of animal, bodied animal.

Big animal.

I can't even touch it.

I felt weird even you pulled it.

Yes, but her father used to be a hunter, he doens't hunt any animals now.

It's old.

It kinna looks neglected.


But it's gonna change some time later.

Ohh, oranges.


We can go see the rabits, let's go to the garden first if you like.

Come! Tyson, come!

Veri! Tyson, veri!

This part is lettuce plant...

I think that's spinach. Purslane.

Not that kind of thing.

But this really looks like purslane.

They call grapefruit 'pomelo' in here.


Pomelo, pomelo, pomelo...

When I first come in here I said what the hell is pomelo.

Then I understand that it's just grapefruit.

And this is mandioka.


I think it's in the same family as potatoes.

It grows under the land.

And on the land it looks like this.

It looks like...


Yeah it looks like marijuana.

We are talking about mandiokas.

Mandioka grows under the ground.

They are pulling the plant like that.

Under that it has plant looks like a big wood.

They rob that, the wood.

I'll show you what is looks like. Probably there is some inside.

They rip it off and boil it with water.

They eat it like potatoes.

They eat it with meat.

This culture only belongs to Paraguay.

Those are... I think bananas.

Were they bananas?

I knew that.

Bananas. These are mandiokas too.

All of these plants...

are all mandiokas.

Are they like mandiokas that much?

National food.

Sadly, you have to burn your trash in here.

Garbage truck doesn't comes in here.

They burn it.

Of course they give plastics to recycle.

They collect them.

Are they do recycle? Yeah.

They put them on truck and send it for recycle.

That's how.

But like stuff you can't recycle...

they burn them all.

It's the system in here.

It's not an attacker right?

I never experienced like...

I think it's harmless.

Vanu! vanu!

Was it vanu?

Vanı means come right?

Veni! veni!

Oh! veni! veni!

Okay don't come, if you don't want so!

Spanish word for cow is 'vaca'

It is not small right?

No bro, it's big.

I'm gonna tell you about pompero. What pompero is.


Pompero lives in this forest.


It lives in forest's deeps.

Pompero... is a ghost?

It's a ghost.

Not Louisao. Louisao is...

There's a house in Asunción.

Near to her parents house.

Inside the house there is...

Don't tell that story, that's different subject.

Okay than I'm talking about pompero. This forest's ghost.

We are gonna make a video about it anyways.

I'm telling pompero's story.

Pompero is a ghost that likes alcohol and cigarettes.

For example in rainy days

weather like this

you heart a whistle.

After you heart a whistle a short man appears.

People saw him.

Everone swears that it's true, everyone saw him.

You see a really short guy naked.

How do I say that? This gentile is so long.

Feature of him.

Because he loves having sex.

This man can't be

Bukowski right?

Bukowski loves sex too and alcohol and cigarettes too.

He is like... how do I say like fist humans.


Like homo erectus?

It is like them; short, muscular, has long dick, strong...

And he loves alcohol and cigarettes.

If you give him alcohol and cigarettes he is not doing something bad to you.

If you don't give him alcohol or cigarettes, he attacks.

This ghost has this kind of charactristic.

What if we don't use any alcohol or cigarettes? Does it kills you?

He doesn't kills anyone. He is just frighten people.

It blows your mind, makes you crazy.

Good then everyone should smoke and drink alcohol.


No, ahh, yeah everyone should.

Okay than if you're comming to Paraguay buy some cigarettes and alcohol even if you don't smoke.

Keep it in the bag just incase.

Cause there is pompeo.

Yeah because of pompero.

Pompeo or pompero?



Pompero. There is so many ghost stroies.

There's a ghost only appears in rainy days.

There's a road to the church, she only walkes there.

Because back in the time small girl was killed in that road.

Small girl cursed that road.

She walkes that road every time when the weather is rainy.

and so many people saw that.

People claims that they saw her.

I never saw her.

I really want to see.


I have cigarttes and alcohol bro. :)

No it's not pompero, the girl doen't want anything.

What does she do? Just walking or scaring people?

She has no reaction, she just walkes.

But when if someone sees a little girl waling in rain he probably fears like crazy.

Yeah really scary.

I would be scared.

I would be screaming and running.

Look we're gonna walk in the regular way now.

Yeah, why do we even walk in here?

Something hurting my feet in here.

Oww the wind...

I hope the sound is fine.

Weather is so nice.

Yeah it is.

And the nature is so good.

Bro look at that.

I don't know how it seems in video but.

Really this look is...


I point this direction and showing the other but...

It's beautiful I'm turning around.

Looks so good.

Is that? Is that tree?

Yes, it's tilted over.

But who knows when it's tilted.

Why are there so many mandiokas here?

I really want to try a mandioka.

You can try.

There should be some.

We can eat it at lunch, mandiokas.

Let's go out from the farm. I wanna show you around.


So nice but let's tae off our hats.

I have no idea where we gonna hide if it rains.

We can wait under a tree.

Unfortunately, there is no place to hide if it rains.

Because everywhere is forest.

Now, on me, I have...

my phone and the go pro is waterproof so...

Tyson! Tyson!

no problem.


He is not listening to me now.

Hey! Hey!



How cute they are!

How cute!


How sweet you are!

And sheeps are like this dear friends.

We are going for see the rabits now.

Let's see the rabits.


Tyson out!

You have no business in here!

Tyson really likes rabits.


Like.. If you try to move out the rabits from here he'll attack.


Tyson is protecting the rabits.

Good boy!

My good boy!

Actually legandary!

He really likes them.

Tell them. Why do you keep them in cages?

Ohh, why do we?

You told me before but tell them too.

We are building a structure back in here now.

Till the structure is complated thell have to stay in here.

They are so sensitive rabbits.

Vet told us especially.

If we let them go like that their feet is gonna be infected with bacteries.

They might be sick even die.

We are keeping them in cage just for now.

I can show you the backside later.

After backside is complated we are directly gonna let them go.

Your captivity days gonna be end soon, brothers!

Wait for it!

Wait for it!

I can't talk to Marsilyano but I can meet him anyways.

I'm gonna look around this restroom bro.




It started to rain a lot.

What do you think about this place?

We are gonna travel around outside now.

What I meant by outside is places near the farm.

There's a pool over here.

Btw I want to should have that...

If you're gonna come to Paraguay Asuncion

This place is Villeta, I think it's name is Villeta.

It's a place like that.

That kind of village.

If you come in here Onurcan really gives you a place to stay for free

and he guides you.

We met him on Internet.

On an Internet page.

We met on Internet and he really helped me.

This is the place that they stay.

I'm gonna show you the room I stay too.

But there is a giant area.

There is a house.

There is an another house at back.

I stay at that house.

He gave me a giant house.

It rains. My luck...

This is the house that I stay btw.

Let me show you.

They gave me this place.

They said you're gonna stay in here.

There is a pool over here.

I have a pool view.

Let me show you the room really quick.

My room is like that.

Of course it's kind a messy now.

And it's my bathroom.

Yesterday night there was...


A frog almost jumped to me.

That kind of place it is.

I should close the door.

We are gonna climb up into that water tower.

After the rain stops a bit.

And normally there is... not a rainy place.

It is so hot in here normally. Tempeature climbs up to 50 degrees.

It's raining due to my luck.

Never... It's not raining like this for a long time.

I'm gonna take a rest a bit then start back to travel around.

We're going now! How does my hat looks?

I hope you can hear my voice.

I'm in love with my hat.

I become Paraguayan man.


Hey, what's up?

I forgot his name.

Are we ready? Yeah.

Let's go.

Bro I told you over and over again that Paraguay is so hot...

Yes, It's extremely hot.

It's so hot now, is it 50 degrees?

Now? It's about 50 degrees.

About 50 degrees, right.


We were texting and he was always said that...

Paraguay is so hot... this place is like hell

I'm like in heaven.

Look, how nice the weather is.

Market is this place.

Is this a market?




Were you filming?


I filmed the moment you can't speak Spanish.

Nope, they asked me a adress, I wasn't know the adress.

Oh, okay.

They asked a place I don't know.

Oh, okay, I can't speak Spanish too anyways.

'No sé' means I don't know.

Oh, no sé.

You can say no lo se or just no sé.

It's like Turkish like they say...

You don't have to say the subject at begining.

Secret sentence.


No sé, I don't know.

Your Turkish is shitty too, right?

I'm terrible in Turkish.

Actually, I lived in Izmit for 27 years.

2-3 years of it in Istanbul.

I'm here for almost 1 year.

How did you decide bro?

Paraguay... Why Paraguay?

People go to places like... I don't know.

Because of Sylvia. There's no other reason.

My hat is gone!


We used to work with Sylvia trough social media.

Oh, we know each other with...

Firstly, she saw me while her mother watching our series on tv.

She said to her 'this guy really looks like your cousin.'

She add me on Facebook.

Then we started to talk.

Ohh, Sylvia found you.



We started texting on Facebook.

And then...

After texting 4-5 months I invited Turkey...ohh.. Sylvia to Turkey.

Or you should invite Turkey to Sylvia.


She came, stayed for 1 week when she comes to Turkey first time.

We were at Izmit.

She stayed at Istanbul for 3 mounths at her second visit to Turkey, we were living together.

Then, her mother is sick.

She said let's stay in Paraguay for a bit we can save money in here, set up a business...

Then move back to Turkey.

I'm here for 1 year, It's going to be 1 year.

How did you decide?

How did I decide?

I was searching on Internet, It was saying that poorest county on Latin America.

There was no info.

Yes, I searched too. I couldn't find a lot.

Zero information bro zero info.

Why was I curious do you know?

There is almost no information.

There is no information, zero.

It's our first day, wait for it.


We are going to go places like you're gonna say 'why don't people come in here?'

I found some English blogs but that's it, nothing except from it.

But that place has so many beauties.

Something's pinching let's go to this side.

Btw what kind of a place are we now?

I hope our voice can be heard because there is so much wind now.

I think it's heard.

Now bro it's kind of...

There was a leopard alarm in 10-15 kilometres away 2 monthes ago.

That means a leopard entered into human habitat.

Do they give an alarm for that? yes, they write like be careful.

Of course. It's an leopard eventually.

Someone has to saw it first.

If no one sees it...

After it eates someone...

Maybe we saw a leopad and it eat us.


I don't think that it's gonna come into this area.

You thought that it was a car too, right?

Yes, wind.

It was the wind.

It's the place that you see the expensive fruits but you can pick them and eat.

I don't know was I clear.


There is a lot of pineapple trees.

In this area.

Mango. Mango season is on november.

But, how do I say... There's not much mangos now.

I'm late for that then. You're late.

This season is season for grapefruits, oranges, mandarins...

Doesn't matter. At least fruits that i know...

Hello everyone.


I couldn't film more yesterday.

We lost for a little.

Thanks to Onur, he lost us.

We were lost even we were close to the farm.

Now farm's.. Wowow..

I thought something got me.

Now I'm taking you to the last part of the farm.

This... that you're gonna see soon

is a water tower.

I'm gonna show you near of that tower.


Farm is over there.

It starts from here.

It starts from here.

It continues to heeere.

That place that you see

That area

That is

other farm, someone else's farm. I think so.

Maybe... no, it might be part of that farm.

Anyways it's the view.


I even said Onur that they should get this place done.

Close it with glass.

A nice sofa, carpet etc. stylish atmosphere.

Nice place to watch around.

Amazing cruising area.

Look at this view.

Those are all forests.

Animals in here.

There is some houses in here.

Amazing place to watch the view.

It's that kind of a place.

It's the place that I already showed you in the video

soccer field is there.

That is tha place that other farm animals stay.

These are living areas.

This kind of place.

Hope you liked the video.

It was more like a farm house video than a first day video.

We're gonna go to Asuncion today. I'm hoping that i can film

Asuncion too.

We're gonna go the center it's about 30 minutes long.

-It turned around that 1,5 hours long-

We're gonna go there.

There is so many interestin ideas on Paraguay.

We comed here with so many differest ideas.

I'm still so excited

about Paraguay.

We'll see.

I hope you liked the video.

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That's it.

Take care of yourself.



Before I end the video I want to show you how mandioka harvests.


I entered here with my slippers but...

Not a problem.

It's like a ripe potatoe.

It's really tasty.

That one is mandioka bro.

Can you see the roots? That is mandioka.

Did we ate that? Yeah bro we ate them.

I wouldn't eat if I saw that.


They peel that, bro.

Bro look something different comes out of it's root.

It really tastes delicious.

Yes, delicious.

I really shouldn't enter the garden with these.

He says that it's older, riped. Those are new.

Bro these are all mandiokas.

They peel this, like carrot.

How does it texture?


Look bro, white on the inside.

Then you boil it.

It's very cheap, easy to grow.

It's only exist in Paraguay.

That's it friends.

Nice, you peel tat bro then boil it.

I can show after we cook it.


I'm gonna show it on Instagram.

Not on my Youtube channel, on my Instagram page.

You can follow if you wanna see.

Follow him.

Yeah, follow Onurcan Kırşan too. (@onurcankirsan)

He is gonna be famous in here.

Yeah, makes no sence.

We watched him on news yesterday.


Yeah, absurd.

Okay, by. :)