Practice English Speaking&Listening with: VV Correspondent Intervenes For Safety of Rural Workers in Rajasthan | COVID19

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The COVID 19 infection was spreading fast throughout the country, at the same time lock down was also going on.

In the second phase of the lock down, the state government implemented the MNREGA scheme.

The migrant laborers and laborers living in rural areas got some employment under this.

How many days has MNREGA been going on here?

It has been 3 days now.

And do you have sanitizer and water facilities for washing hands?

No, there is nothing like that.

Any mask etc?

We protect ourselves, we get water with us, and we also bring something to cover our mouth.

And for washing hands?

For washing hands too we bring soap with us.

Is there anything available from the government here?

No. Nothing is there.

There is nothing as of now. They will tell us if they provide anything.

How many women are working here?

30 women.

I am standing here on the field; I saw that there is no arrangement of water, shade, medicines. What do you have to say about that?

Even sanitizer is not there for these women.

These people have started just a couple of days back. And medicines will be made available through ANM.

There are enough trees here for shade.

And what do you have to say about women who do not even have a mask?

Have given demand for masks, as soon as they are available, they will get it. We have asked them all to wear mask.

I checked the Dhaipura muster roll and came to know that there was no sanitizer and mask.

There was no arrangement for water and medicines.

However, social distancing was being followed.

And when I spoke to the Secretary, he said that they would make everything available in a day or two.

After my efforts, people working in MNREGA here were given a safe environment.

Under this protected environment, the secretary here listened to me and understood my point.

Mask, sanitizer and water system were provided for those women.

At the same time, the women and the migrant laborers got employment under MNREGA during the economic crisis in the country.

And in addition to employment, they also got a protected environment for their own safety.

What was the problem you were facing earlier?

Earlier, we did not have facilities like medical and soap, sanitizer etc. Now we have all facilities.

Who helped you get all these facilities?

The Secretary and Sarpanch Sir.

After how many days did you get all this?

Two-three days later.

Is it good for your protection now?


What all things did you get?

Got masks, oil, got soap to wash hands and water too.

So the secretary played an important role in this.

Even with my small effort, they paid attention to my request.

and those who were struggling in the economic crisis got employment under MNREGA

they also received all the material required for their protection.

The Description of VV Correspondent Intervenes For Safety of Rural Workers in Rajasthan | COVID19