Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Neighbors 'pour a triple' for Florida woman whose car was swallowed by hole in driveway

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In Atlanta. Jonathan Serrie Fox

News. Well, now we have this

developing story. This is in

Palm Harbor. It was an

unsettling side for a family

who woke up to find a giant

hole that almost swallowed both

of their cars. FOX 13 stand.

Maddox is at the home where

this happened to show us how

the homeowners are reacting,

and they tell us that what's

next for them to come. The cars

have been removed from the home.

Dirt is on the way to cover it.

Back up and the homeowners

though tonight they're not

going to stay the night here at

the house just as a precaution,

a record removed two vehicles

from this sinkhole in Palm

Harbor late Friday. What meant

for a very long day for Sandy

Downey and her husband, Rodney.

You never think it's going to

happen to you. And then all of

a sudden It happens. Friday.

The 13th. Today started at 6 45

in the morning to the sound of

her neighbors banging on her

door. And when she came outside

at first, I thought it was just

my husband had a flat tire

until I came down the steps and

car and in the dipped in the

hole. By a rescue, arrived a

few minutes later and told her

and leave until they know the

severity of the situation.

We've been very fortunate. I

mean, we have some really good

neighbors. We had probably 2025

one of them. Can I help you? Is

there anything we can do to

help you out? You need a place

to stage with knowing that no

one was hurt, and that at least

the Bronco was pulled out with

neighbors who offered them a

place to stay are also here to

pour them a drink. Anybody gets

single. Make yourself a triple

after today again, they're

going to fill the hole back in

with dirt, and the family is

going to stay elsewhere tonight,

just as precaution and Palm

Harbor I'm Dan Matics. We'll

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