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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 25 Important English Idioms in 6 minutes

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let's learn 25 useful English

expressions in six minutes all of these

expressions contain the words out of and

we're going to pronounce that T like a

fast D or like a rolling R sound out of

and that F is pronounced as a V sound

out of that's the only time in English

at the F is pronounced as a V sound out

of and if you want to speak more

casually more slang you can say era era

the first one is out of the question out

of the question and that means it's

impossible it's not acceptable

it can't happen it's not going to happen

because I don't have enough money buying

a new car is out of the question the

second one is out of the blue out of the

blue if something happens unexpectedly

and you're surprised by it it happened

out of the blue out of the blue she told

me she was moving to New York I can't

believe it the next one is out of line

if someone behaves inappropriately

disrespectfully or rudely they are out

of line his behavior was completely out

of line last night the next one is out

of my league or you can say I'm his

League or out of her League when someone

is out of your league you think they are

somehow better than you or superior to

you maybe they are more intelligent or

more beautiful they are out of my league

this person is out of my league he's

nervous to ask her out because he thinks

she's out of his League

usually this expression is used for

romantic relationships but it can also

be used for other situations I felt out

of my league in that classroom everyone

seemed so much smarter than me number

five out of nowhere suddenly

unexpectedly that car came out of


and we almost had an accident the next

one is out of order

out of order not working correctly not

working properly let's take the stairs

because the elevator is out of order out

of place out of place

if you feel uncomfortable in a situation

maybe you feel different or you look

different from everyone else in the room

you can say I feel out of place he

looked out of place wearing a suit and

tie at the beach party out of shape not

physically strong not fit not in a

healthy condition I need to start

exercising because I'm out of shape out

of the loop out of the loop not informed

when you don't have all of the facts and

all of the information that the rest of

the people around you do you are out of

the loop what happened tell me why he

got fired I'm out of the loop out of

breath out of breath when you have

difficulty breathing after exercising

heavily you're out of breath I ran so

fast and now I'm out of breath out of

character out of character when someone

behaves differently than usual

differently than their normal

personality you say that's out of

character his impolite behavior last

night was completely out of character

it's not what he usually does it's not

the way he usually is out of the way out

of the way inconvenient far away

difficult to get to let's meet somewhere

closer because that restaurant is out of

the way out of this world amazing

fantastic great her mother's cooking is

out of this world out of touch out of

touch not communicating with each other

I don't know where he lives we've been

out of touch for a while

out of turn to say something you're not

supposed to say you have no right to say

and maybe it upsets other people I'm

sorry I spoke out of turn at the meeting

out of pocket when you have to pay your

own money because your company doesn't

pay for it or your insurance doesn't pay

for it you pay out of pocket he has

excellent health insurance and he

doesn't need to pay anything out of

pocket out of the ordinary

strange different unusual not the same

as everybody else

his style is a bit out of

ordinary out of your mind or you can say

out of his mind her mind

crazy you must be out of your mind if

you think I'm going to do that out of

practice when your skill level goes down

because you have not been practicing

you're out of practice please don't ask

me to play the piano tonight I'm out of

practice out of the picture no longer in

the situation no longer in the

relationship they're not there anymore

she's dating a new guy the old guy is

out of the picture out of my budget too

expensive for me I need to find a less

expensive car because this one is out of

my budget out of my hands I have no

control over the situation I am not in

control I can't make the decisions I

wish I could help you but it's out of my

hands out of the frying pan into the


I like this one going from a bad

situation to an even worse situation I

know you hate your job but if you quit I

know you'll be going out of the frying

pan into the fire out of control when

everything around you is crazy and no

one is in charge and no one is following

the rules things have gotten out of

control the new teacher didn't know how

to discipline the students and they were

out of control and the last one is

simply out of when there's no more left

for example we have no more gas the car

is out of gas and I have to finish this

video because I'm out of time if my

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