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Abraham-Hicks Publications Presents

The Law of Attraction Part 5 of 5

So we've been calling this gathering many different things.

For years it was about Law of Attraction.

Jerry said 25 years ago to us

Abraham, are there laws like the law of gravity

that govern this universe?

And we said, there is one law really worth understanding

and that is Law of Attraction.

And that law says, that which is like unto itself is drawn.

And then later, as we began talking about Law of Attraction

and how you get what you think about

whether you want it or not

we watched so many of our physical friends

struggling with the idea of it because

they could not seem to control their thoughts.

Their thoughts were well embedded within them.

And we would see so many of you

offering a thought or a statement and then you go

slurp slurp, cancel cancel, slurp slurp

try to, slurp, suck it back, slurp

before Law of Attraction got hold of it.

And we realized that, in a sense, as we were calling this

The Science of Deliberate Creation

that you were putting so much pressure on yourself

to be the deliberate creator.

We wanted to explain to you

that you cannot help but be the creator

of your own experience.

We wanted to explain to you

that there are three steps to the process

and two of them you don't even have to think about.

Step 1 is Ask.

And life just insists that you ask all day, every day.

You knew that when you came forth.

You knew that your life would cause you to ask.

And you knew that when you asked

that the Source within you would answer.

Not only answer, the Source within you would literally be

the vibrational equivalent of everything

that you are asking for.

Every amended detail that your day to day experience

causes you to ask for, the Source within you becomes.

And then, Step 3 is where all of your attention must be.

You must find a way, somehow, someway

to bring yourself into vibrational frequency

of that which you are asking for.

In other words, when you're asking for more money

you must not continue to tell the story

I don't have enough money.

You cannot continue to point out

the absence of something you want

without holding yourself in resistance

to something that you want.

You cannot continue to tell the story of what is

if you want something to change.

Because as you tell the story

you activate the vibration within you.

But it isn't just that you don't get the money you want

or the lover you want

when you beat the drum of the absence of it.

It's not only about that.

We know for most of you that's what it's about.

Just give me the money and the lover and then I'll be good.

But it's far more than just not obtaining

the things or experiences that you want.

It's that when you beat the drum

of the absence of something that you have become

you tear yourself apart, you don't feel good.

And the result is

you feel the negative emotion that is the indicator of that.

You see?


It is our desire that you understand that

The Art of Allowing is the process that you want to learn.

Law of Attraction is at the basis of all things.

And The Art of Allowing is the way you apply

your understanding of the gap between

who you are in this body, and who You really are.

It's the way you manage your vibrational gap.

And so, maybe the new workshop

rather than Law of Attraction, which it was called for years

or The Science of Deliberate Creation

which it was called for a few more years

or The Art of Allowing

that it has been called recently.

Perhaps the best thing to call this workshop is

The Art of Understanding and Managing My Gap.


Living Life in the Crack.


I'm An Eternally Expanded Being.

A few years ago as Esther received from us the

wonderful book, "Ask and It Is Given"

we said here is the title...

I am Source Energy and from my Source Energy perspective

I make a decision to come forth into the physical form

and a small part of that which is me

expresses itself into the physical environment

where the contrast and the socialization that surrounds me

inspire me in my human form

to a new and expanded version

of every idea that I consider.

And as those ideas emanate from me

in the form of preferences or desires

or prayers or requests

the non-physical energy surrounds those

and becomes the vibrational equivalent of that.

And Law of Attraction responds

to that vibrational equivalent with such forcefulness

that a stream of energy pulls forward toward it

toward the expanded version of me

and creates a sort of vortex that if I let go

of resistance and doubt, if I let go of unworthiness

and unfairness and injustice

if I focus upon the brightest spots that I can find

in my physical time-space reality or beyond

I will let loose of resistance, and the stream will carry me

to the exalted expression of who I truly am.

The publisher said it was much too long.

So we gave it the title "Ask and It Is Given"

which says exactly the same thing.

When you ask, that which you ask for becomes.

The question is, are you letting yourself be

the receiver of the fullness of it here and now?

We want you to receive all of the manifestations

that you are asking for.

We want that for you.

You are physical beings, you are spiritual beings

who live in an environment

where that which is spirit, materializes.

And so it is right that you would be surrounded

by these things that matter to you.

But it is our desire that as you leave this gathering today

that you have a newfound resolve within you

that goes like this.

Nothing is more important than that i feel good.

Today wherever I'm going, no matter what I'm doing

no matter who I'm doing it with, no matter where I am

it is my dominant intent

to look for that which I am wanting to see.

Because when you start training yourself

to the best that you can find from where you are

you gradually, little by little

find something better and better and better and better

and better and better and better and better.

And before you know it

you become the vibrational equivalent

to the Source within you.

And when you become the vibrational equivalent

to the Source within you

you begin to see the world through the eyes of Source

you begin to hear the world through the eyes of Source.

and smell the world through the nose of Source

and taste the world -

you begin to experience life in the way that you intended.

And friends, we gotta say to you

now that you know what you know

and we know that you know it

because we know everything that you know

and we've imparted to you what we know

and we felt you know it too.

Now you know what you know

you can never go back.

You cannot be less than you have become and be happy.

And so we mean this in the most free way.

You have no choice if you are wanting to feel good

than to be that which life has caused you to become.

We are so eager to chew with you

on the nitty gritty of your experience.

What do you want to talk about?

Begin right here, yes.

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