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Let me arrange this sticky rice nicely on this Thai style plate!

this tri colours mango sticky rice is ready to serve

so good looking

it will for sure costs more than HK$100 if eating in a restaurant

S̄ws̄dī krap

you can tell by the greeting that today's introduction is Thai related

Personally I really like Thailand, the people, its culture, the weather and it's environment

sometimes I even find Hong Kong hotter than Thailand

not to mention the Thai food such as satay, Tom Yum soup, seafood and desserts

Mango sticky rice...etc etc

Somehow I have a craving for Mango sticky rice today

due to this covid 19, the only option is to make it yourself

When I worked in the hotel industries, we used to run the Thai food festivals from time to time

so I have encountered a few Mango sticky rice recipes

The recipe I am going to show you today, I think it resembles 99% to the authentic Thai mango sticky rice

to make it more appealing, I will show you how to change from one colour to three colours

let's go...

a little bit of Clitoria ternatea also known as butterfly pea flowers for colouring, about 3 g

water 320 g

use heat and water to extract colourant from the flowers

turn off the heat when it starts to boil and set it aside

I have chosen the Thai glutinous rice in this recipe which you can easily find in market which sells Thai products

the reason to choose Thai glutinous rice its because it has similar texture and more chewy

the best of course is using Thai mangos, however, I couldn't find it nearby so I have to use another kind for substitution

three mangos

I have also include fresh pandan leaves for it's fragrant and aroma

It also pairs well with coconut milk

Thai glutinous rice 300 g

Wash the glutinous rice a few times until the water runs clear to get rid of the starch,

divide it into three equal portions and in three bowls

place one piece of shredded pandan leave about 6 g in a blender

add 300 g water to the blender and process until the leaves are all pulverize

now add water and the food colouring water to the three bowls of cleaned glutinous rice

the water just slightly enough to cover the rice

the green colour is from the pandan juice

the blue colour from the butterfly pea flower

soak the rice for at least a few hours or overnight

after one night, the rice has absorbed the colour

filter the rice with a strainer

I am using a bamboo steamer and a cheese cloth to steam the rice

separate the three kind of rice with parchment paper

steam only a small portion or it will take a long long time

steam it for about 30 to 40 mins

meanwhile we can prepare the coconut sauce. Coconut milk 400 g, sugar 70 g

1/3 tsp of salt to balance the flavour

add 1 pc of pandan leave to the milk

bring it to a boil

let the pandan leave in the milk to infuse for 30 mins.

the rice is done after 30 mins

break up the rice while it is still hot

makes it easier to combine with the coconut milk

add coconut milk to the rice

add the milk slowly to find out the limits of its absorption

it should look like this

let it rests for another 30 mins

thicken the remaining coconut milk with some water and starch

for putting on top of the rice as a glaze

use a little bit of potato starch and water

so after 30 mins, the rice has completely absorbed the milk

to make it more appealing, I arrange the rice in a mould

cut the mangos in bigger pieces

serve it in a Thai style plate

add the coconut glaze

it resembles at least 99% to the authentic Thai mango sticky rice

it just taste right

thumbs up!

okay, what do you think? Easy and simple?

that's it for today. Again, don't forget to 'like' this video. Subscribe (by clicking the bell) and share it for others.

until next time...

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