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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: WWE Superstars remove their makeup for a candid conversation

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>> Everybody's so different.

>> [CROSSTALK] >> Well I just want to say thank

you guys so much for coming to day and being a part of the no make up photo

shoot with the legendary Sophie Holland, she's incredible.

I appreciate you guys being a part of it and being vulnerable,

putting yourselves up we've never done anything like this before, so I'm so

grateful you all wanted to be a part of it and I guess we'll just like,

I just want to talk about it a little bit.

Like how, was it scary?

How did y'all feel?

We've never done anything makeup.

>> Honestly, it was super emotional for me at least.

Like I started crying.

>> It just takes a lot for us to just >> Yeah,

I started crying coming off, because I was like, wow I did this.

I feel accomplished that I, I mean these are gonna be shown.

Everyone's gonna see it to the world.

So I think it like we all deserve a round of applause cuz it's

truly amazing that we all embraced it.

>> Yeah, I don't really like to wear makeup,

I'm more comfortable when I don't have to.

So I was really excited when I found out that it was a photo shoot with no makeup

cuz I feel like a lot of times with us being in the business that we're in,

it's a lot of pressure.

Of having to wear makeup in photo shoots when we were in the ring or we're doing

interviews is so much a part of our lives so I was excited to actually be in a photo

shoot where we could highlight just be uncomfortable in our own skin.

>> I think that the energy here was just so positive even if I was scared or

nervous or anything like that, it was all kind of taken away by just so

much empowerment and support and positivity here from everybody here and

everybody in the crew and everything, and Sophie in general.

All that nervousness and insecurity was kind of wiped away with

the support which shows us how powerful we can be to each other People might say that

having glitz and glamor hair make up is like a form of protection.

So Ruby I kind of wanted to ask you, you're covered in tattoos and

some people might say that that's sort a form of protection.

How do you think that you would respond to that?

I've tried to use makeup in the same way that I've tried to use

tattoos as just a form of expression.

And I've tried to just kind of portray that as much as I possibly can.

I just want to encourage everyone to express yourself as

long as it's in a healthy way and

that you're not hurting anybody that any form of expression, is good expression.

From tattoos to make up to hair to anything.

>> Would you ever, it's a question for anyone.

Go on TV without hair, make up, extensions, spray tan.

Do you think you would, would you go on TV without any of the blitz and glam?

>> I'm so scared.

>> Scared? [LAUGH] Why, why are you scared?

>> Always extension and makeup gives me confidence, but

without that it's so hard to- >> That's crazy to hear cuz you're so

pretty, you're gorgeous naturally, like >> Have you seen the photo?

We took [CROSSTALK] >> A photo.

>> Like flawless like without makeup.

Anything's like, >> Yeah,

>> She looks like she's an offense.

>> [LAUGH] >> It's the truth.

>> Yeah it is.

>> I'm trying, always trying to be superstar, but

if with that makeup and yeah, it gives me- >> Confidence.

>> Yeah confidence, >> Makes you click.

>> Yeah so much change my mind to fighting.

>> Yeah, that's so surprising to hear, like you seem so

confident and just like, >> Always I'm so nervous about myself.

>> Why, what are you nervous about?

>> I have confidence about wrestling career, I always makes, I have to give.

I have to keep my confidence.

I'm always trying read that.

But sometimes my confidence going down [CROSSTALK]

>> But there's things about you that so

many people wish that they can have like your smooth skin.

>> [CROSSTALK] >> Hair, yeah, just be

>> Yeah.

>> It's crazy though to see somebody that you like kind of like

I've admired your work and you for such a long time.

And I've always thought you must be the most confident women in

the world because she's one of the best in the ring and she's also gorgeous.

You would almost when you see that you don't ever think that you

had somebody like that has any kind of, you think you're always very confident.

Which I think makes you human, everybody has insecurities but in other

people's head who admire you know that, >> Yeah,

>> Like you are one of

the best in the world you know, >> But

I do think today was a step in the right direction for

me with like embracing everything like that but I'm still working on it.

So it was it's great to like hear everyone's side of it cuz I'm like

maybe I can like take a little from here and there.

>> For me and it took me a while to get to this point.

A while to get to where I fully love myself exactly as I am.

The color of my skin, the way I talk, the way I walk, who I am,

where I come from, and even the way that the hair grows out of my head.

>> It was a body image for me.

Body image was a huge thing that I have really overcome.

Within the last couple years the industry I was in before wrestling,

it was fitness and bodybuilding.

So when I felt most confident was when I was on that stage and

it was a 24 hour window where I had to look my best.

And my hair was done, my makeup was done, I was on stage, I was lean, shredded.

And I always wanted to keep that look, that image of what do I look like in

the [INAUDIBLE] on stage and then a week went by and a month went by and

I would be in this transformation stage where I was not happy.

And I would get down on myself.

I'm too fat.

I'm too skinny.

I'm too lean.

I look like a boy.

I'm too muscular.

It was just, I didn't know who to satisfy my coach myself,

social media, and it finally clicked where it was like I need to be comfortable.

In my own skin, my body image and what I feel best and

how I perform my best now and right now is the happiest and

healthiest I have been as far as body image.

And I know I've been we've talked way back when you first started you were in

CrossFit and you had similar situations with body image and

I haven't really touched base with you since then.

>> Yeah, I've had a lot of body image issues even.

I ran track in high school and it was always taught to me from I don't.

Maybe it was just in my own head of the smaller you are the faster you run.

So I reached a plateau where I couldn't lose any more weight and to me,

I thought it was fat.

Like I thought that like the word fat in my head was just I just thought that I was

too big, and everyone else you look fine, you look fine.

And I got an ice.

I became bulimic.

I got so desperate and so had such bad body image issues that

I started throwing my food up and it wasn't until CrossFit was when

women truly you embrace your muscles >> That's and you embrace sexy right?

>> Yes you embrace being a woman and

being strong as a woman as the first time that like I experienced that and

I fell in love with it, but then you get to new environments.

Now people want to say, you like a man?

Yeah, and we've had these conversations and it's like

>> So much

>> Well excuse me, if as you're saying

I'm a man and I look like a man because I have more muscles than you,

well that kind of says more about you than myself.

>> Yeah. >> So but we've talked about that,

I know that you've experienced that a lot too.

>> Yeah, every single day on social media.

It's I hate social media for it because it's just poison.

>> That rips you apart.

>> It is.

And everyone thinks they can like pick on everyone because

they're hiding behind the screen, but you shouldn't cuz that stuff to hurts people.

Even though like we might have empowered ourselves and like,

we have confidence where we don't really care too much about what you say

like that still rides in the back of your head sometimes,

like every single day I get compared to a dude or

I get told that I look like a man, or that I'm not feminine or that I'm disgusting.

I'm gross like everything.

And luckily like over the years I've

gained the confidence within myself to not really care what people say.

Because, if they were saying this, and I was in the same spot that I am now,

I want to say even, like two years ago, I probably

would have done something stupid, because that would affected me so, so bad.

And I have I've done a lot of bad things in the past,

being depressed.

I've cut myself and all out over all this stuff.

And It's just social media is just so venomous.

And you shouldn't really care what people say about you because

we're all beautiful in our own way.

You have to have people around you.

That are positive and uplifting, instead of people that just wanna drag you down.

And they're uncomfortable about themselves, so

they drag you down with them.

>> So we had this meeting last week to kinda talk about what we're doing today.

I had no idea you were gonna be doing this, right?

And it was literally ten minutes prior the call that I had,

I saw that Tweet that someone had tweeted you and to me I'm looking at you as like

you're this badass leg, cool look, like we have obviously very different looks.

I get people coming at me on the daily about wearing make up or

not wearing make up, my dark circles.

I have this sort of glamorous look right?

So to see the Tweet that you got comparing, I don't know if anyone here

seen her but there was a picture of Rhea with makeup and a picture of her without

makeup, two complete different photos, two completely different angles and

there's thing like your nose looked different or something like that,

and you responded by saying it's two different angles.

>> Yeah when I was younger I definitely wanted to be like the models in magazines,

I wanted that nice body which, we all get born with different bodies and I don't

have that body shape but I'm totally fine with my body shape that I have.

>> Jacked.

>> Yeah jacked.

[LAUGH] >> I always say that I.

>> Look like really? >> Yeah, like I want your body.

I want it.

>> [LAUGH] Man, but yeah, I just I wish I knew that when I was younger but

when I was younger I wanted to be like the supermodel the skinny tall,

like hourglass.

Body shape but now, I'm just happy to go to the gym and I honestly think that's

been my best when I'm at the gym and I'm looking in the mirror and

I got a good pump and I'm like, bam >> Yeah,

>> I look good [LAUGH]

>> That is a good feeling

>> When I was younger in a similar place

where I felt I was trying so desperately to fit in to a point to where I

just I didn't have my own identity until I kinda found wrestling and

that's kind of where I kinda found myself but

it was only until recently when I took this time off with my shoulders and stuff.

Where I felt my most beautiful because I was my most healthy up here.

And I think that's something that

isn't talked about very often is mental health and is.

And it's just being able to reach out and seek help and

that that doesn't make you weak, that that doesn't make you anything but

strong enough to open up to somebody about it and to know that,

that there are other people out there like that, I have ADHD depression and

anxiety, and I realized after I'd kinda opened up about it,

that it's a lot more common than most people think.

And then, I think that if you understand that it's okay to get help,

if you're struggling with your body image, if you're struggling mentally or

physically, or anything like that, asking for help with your friends,

family a counselor or something, and it doesn't make you weak,

it makes you strong and makes you reaching out to somebody,

empowers you and in that way you can spread that power to other people.

And I think that's want we've done here with this shoot.

The message is so powerful that we know that we're about to send, and

it makes it all worth it.

>> I think it's just so important to just Be who we are, embrace who we are and

like the grass isn't greener like just do use what you have and

make the most of it and screw what everyone else thinks.

If it's an unconventional relationship you're in or,

whatever it is that makes you happy.

Just do it because at the end of the day, we all have to live with ourselves and

what we're dealing with, so do >> We have everyone hear

one another which I think is so special.

>> I can't thank you guys enough for like opening up and just being vulnerable and

sharing your stories and insecurities and doing this with me today.

>> My God I love it.

>> [LAUGH] >> Whose muscle is this?

>> Yeah, look at this muscle.

>> [LAUGH]

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