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imagine this was the land of Israel 3,500 years ago it was to this place the

God brought Abram and promised this land to him and his descendants this is the

land where Abram Isaac and Jacob David and Solomon lived this is the land of

the forefathers of Israel here for hundreds and hundreds of years

the Jewish people built their homes raised their children cultivated the

land and worshiped one God but now everything has changed Judea and Samaria

the biblical heartland of Israel is suffering from chaos and violence there

is hope after thousands of years of Exile these heroes came back to the land

of their forefathers they came back despite being repressed and isolated

they came back to live in this land to fulfill biblical prophecies as God had

promised them all they have is faith unfortunately some people don't want

this to happen they tried to stop the communities from growing

they boycott products from Judea and Samaria they lie and their lies spread

in the media this is the reason live hollom was created we found a way to

help the courageous people of Judea and Samaria the Pioneers who live in this

land be the means to support themselves and develop in their community they need

food shelter and basic infrastructure they're working hard to develop the Land

of Israel to make the land bloom but they need help from those who believe in

them those who believe in their businesses and in the right to build

their homes in Judea and Samaria the best way to help as pioneers is to buy

their products at level um we connect Israel's supporters from all over the

world to businesses in Judea and Samaria we enable our subscribers to buy high

quality natural organic products from the heartland of Israel to support the

pioneer look what we have already achieved with

more than 3000 supporters from all over the world who are a part of the level um

family and with many more who believe in our mission we can make a difference

join us today and let us bring prosperity back to the Land of Israel

together go to our website subscribe and make a difference today

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