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(upbeat drum music)

- How's it goin, it's Kevan Kenney.

Way back in 2009,

a group of housemates quickly took over the Jersey Shore

and really, the country as well.

They return to your television sets

this Thursday, April 5th, at 8PM on MTV.

Please, let's give a warm welcome

to the cast, the iconic cast - Yes!

- of the Jersey Shore! - Yeah buddy

(cast and audience cheering and applauding)

- Thank you, thank you - How are you?

- I'm great, thank you for asking!

How are you guys, though?

You've had a very busy day here in New York

- Yup - Yes

- It's been very eventful - Blessed to be that busy

we're blessed - Sounds good, guys

- Very eventful. - We're very thankful.

- Very thankful and blessed to be here

- Right on, well your return to television,

I mean, I can't believe how long it's been

it's almost been six years since the show officially

or originally, I should say, went off the air.

But how long does it feel?

I mean, does it feel like six years,

does it feel like 60 years?

- It feels like only a few

- It feels like we filmed yesterday

- Yeah, it kinda feels like it was just yesterday

- Yeah, six years feels like a day.

- Yeah, it really does. - Is it because

not much has changed?

- Yeah, and we all kept in touch and

- I feel like we were just closer this time

- Yeah, we got closer - so we were so excited

- I dunno, we got back in the house, I feel like

we picked up right back where we left off

Like nothing stopped - I want my own mic

- [Kevan] It's like high school friends,

you know what I mean, yeah, kids you grew up with, almost.

- No, I couldn't stand the people I grew up with

I actually enjoy them. - Agreed

- Jenni didn't go to high school

- No, I skipped (men chuckling)

- I do want to take it back

- Wait, what's high school? - to square one, though

and back to 2009, you know,

I was watching your casting tapes recently on YouTube

amazing, probably mortifying to some, right?

- [Nicole] Oh god, yeah.

- How did you first hear about the show,

do you remember?

- They were doing - Was it a casting call?

- Casting call for "Paris Hilton: My New BFF"

at my night club - Loser

- 'cause Jersey Shore was originally supposed to be on VH1

so when I did the casting, I did it for Paris Hilton

and then a couple months later, me, Mike, I think Pauly

and someone else said like,

"Would you like to be on Jersey Shore"

like, we're gonna do it on MTV,

but make it a reality

like, we'd like you for something else

but they wouldn't tell you

- It was supposed to be a gameshow

- Yeah, like a voting off guido

- Like a Tila Tequila - For guidos, for VH1,

and the casting tape pretty much was like called "Guidos"

- [Jenni] Yeah - [Ronnie] Guido Beach.

- [Jenni] Like "The Number One Guido"

- [Kevan] No way.

- Yup, and then that particular concept was redeveloped

by SallyAnn - Mine was wild, though

you wanna hear how long ago mine was?

I got a message on Myspace one day.

And they said that they liked my look

for a potential show they're doing

and I didn't take it serious,

so I didn't leave my information

but then some day I came home from the club

I seen the message again, I gave them my number

and then I got a phone call

and they filmed a day in my life

and that's how I got started, I never casted.

- No way, wait, so was there...

can we say this, like Paris Hilton is to thank

- Well, regarding that, relax

(overlapping chattering)

- Now you're reaching it's not like a tabloid

- I got a message in Myspace as well

- You did? - Did you really

- Were you guys all pretty big

on Myspace? - Yeah

- [Pauly] I was the Italiano Hustla

- I was Deena Nicole Rockstar (Pauly laughs)

- [Kevan] Is that the username?

That was the username, that's unbelievable.

- I had the playboy spinnin' with the Italian flag colors

- He hasn't changed - Mortified

- I was a chooch

- Pauly was coding his Myspace page, optimizing

- I thought I was really cool back then

- Well the show kicks off,

and immediately becomes this pop cultural phenomenon.

There has to be a moment,

I was just recently reading an article in THR actually

about the Kardashians, and them talking about like,

they'd be walking down the street when their show took off

and they'd think like people saying hi to them

were from high school and they didn't remember them.

There had to be a lot of moments like that for you guys,

do you remember if some along the way where you were like,

"Oh my God, this is like touching a lot of people,

"this is really like a global phenomenon."

- Probably when the celebrities started going crazy over us

when Beyoncé comes up to us and gives us a kiss on the cheek

and says it's her favorite show.

You know, when Leonardo DiCaprio

- [Pauly] That happened! - wanted to hang out with us

we're like, this is like, getting far.

Like everyone is watching this.

- Beyoncé! - That is crazy.

- She hugged us - Back then, reality TV

- I haven't taken a shower since!

- was like, Dog the Bounty Hunter and like, COPS.

- [Deena] Lady Gaga touched my boobs, it was cool.

- So much crazy stuff, of course, happened

and unfolded on the show.

You guys kinda became known

for being the crazy gang on television

but there had to be even crazier stuff

that the cameras didn't happen to capture

thankfully, right?

Fingers crossed, they didn't back in the day

- Oh no, they captured it all - They got everything

- They got the midgets there, showed them.

- There's gotta be something - We were filmed 24/7

- You didn't go, "Oh wow, they didn't put that in the show"?

- Oh there's a lot they didn't put in

- That's what I'm sayin

- they captured it - So what's something wild

that they didn't put in the show

- If it was that wild - They filmed

- If it was that wild it was gonna be on the show

- 24/7 - Sometimes you're like,

"Oh my God, that's definitely gonna make it, dammit"

- Do you know how many sex tapes we have

that they filmed - Oh my God!

- Because they filmed everything

- [Kevan] In the Smush room?

- That is true. - Those didn't get released!

- He's joking!

- I wanna see those - Can we get those?

I feel like I got some pull - Ew

- The MTV vault - He's just joking

- I think they minimized the sexual relations that went on

(overlapping chattering)

I heard there was a lot of, you know

there's fun times in the original Miami

- No, but our show - Oh, the threesomes

- Oh, you just, yeah.

- Oh, so about that, let's talk about that

- Tell us about the threesomes

- Yeah, what about that? - What?

- It's happening - Nope, we're good

(cast members laughing)

- [Kevan] Vinny doesn't wanna talk about the threesomes?

- Wait, which one? - Wait what?

- Oh my god - Can you stop

putting the microphones in my mouth?

(Jenni laughing)

- That's what she said

- But the way our show is filmed, it's 24/7

and even when there's not a camera in front of our face,

it's in the ceiling, like when we're sleeping,

we wake up, it's there 24/7, so they capture it all.

So if some drama went down or whatever

they aired it, like that's it.

- There was a lotta like, outside drama that they didn't air

which was good, but

- [Mike] Yeah, there were some car scenes in Miami

they didn't show either

- [Jenni and Kevan] Car scenes

- Lil' speeding here and there

- [Kevan] What's goin' on with car scenes?

- Threesomes

- One of them, jumped out of

I mean, one of us - One of us?

- One of you - One of us

- One of us

One of us

- One of you, Mike

- One of you being Mike

- Yes, yes, one of us

- He's underselling that, he jumped out while he was driving

- On a highway - At a tollbooth

- Why did you jump out of a moving car?

What the heck happened there?

- It was not a highway - It was a tollbooth

- He really wanted to go tanning

- Oh that was the other one - That was another time

- We almost died - There was a time

where we were driving, I was driving

and someone allegedly jumped out of the vehicle

maybe it was going, like five miles an hour, maybe

- Someone named "The Situation"

- It's not allegedly when it happened on camera

- [Kevan] What prompted the jump?

You saw, like, was it a girl? - He was just

against the grain, he was fighting the system

- I was fighting the system at that time and

- He's like, "Screw the man"

- And I wasn't thinking clearly,

not making the right decisions

and I just was doing too much at that time period

- Yeah everything - Doing the most

- An extremist - Yeah

- You guys have obviously grown so much

as many of you have families now, children on the way

who has changed the least?

Who is the same - Pauly

- [Kevan] Pauly's the same?

(overlapping chattering in agreement)

- Cabs are here!

(audience chuckling)

- Pauly didn't age - No but forreal

It's the same

- [Kevan] Who has changed the most?

- Mike - Mike

- [Kevan] Really?

- He no longer jumps out of cars

- [Kevan] Well that's a step in the right direction

- He no longer has bad judgment

- Now he drives very slow

- He's like my grandfather - like, go!

- He uses the blinker and everything

- He like, looks - Who uses a blinker?

- each way - Four ways at the stop sign

- And he uses his arm signal sometimes

- He literally drives like a grandpa

- Yeah, I'm now "The Designation"

- Yes, and he's like,

"Buckle up guys, we're goin' to Red Lobster"

- "I will turn this car around if you don't stop!"

- It's all about decisions these days

- Big Daddy Sitch!

- [Kevan] You're older, maybe wiser,

probably for the most part - Yes

- Now we know, with the families and with the children,

did that play a role into how you behaved on the show?

- I wish it did - I wish it did

- [Kevan] You wish it did

- Same.

- At the end of the day, it's me.

Like, I can't change the fact of my personality

and I think Nicole is the same way

at least I can look at my kids and be like,

"What Mommy did" like I owned everything that I did

- We had fun - We had fun,

we didn't hurt anyone,

we weren't being disrespectful,

and whatever my kids choose to do in life,

I want them to own who they are too.

- Well said

- I like that, Jenni - Yeah, Jen

- Well, you would think that, you know

everyone's question is like,

"They're moms now, so everyone's gonna be tame"

but it's the opposite. - Yeah, no.

- They're moms now,

so they're wilder - Really

(audience member cheering)

- because they don't really get out that much

- The one mom in the crowd - There ya go!

- That girl can party - The Billboard PTA

- That girl can party, I don't even know her

and she can party

- She's ready for Jersey - Give her some wine

- Yes, Moms do it better

- What he's sayin, the moms on vacation let loose

and that's what he's tryin' to say

I was wondering what it was gonna be like as well

the only thing that's different is now they cook and clean.

They still party just as hard

but now they cook and clean - Cleanest house we've had

- [Kevan] Best of both worlds!

Did the mom's funnel?

- Oh yeah

- [Kevan] So the moms still funnel, alright

just wanted to make sure

- Yup, 8AM.

- 8AM funneling, right on!

Funnel, drive the kids to school, the whole deal

- Yeah, we're still a little bit of a dysfunction

- Nah, it's exactly the same, we're still the same

- Now, you know, there are a couple of people

that are on the show aren't on the show

somebody that is on the show is

"The Dirty Little Hamster", I heard

- Yes - Makes a little

- She makes an appearance - As you coined her

Is that the premiere?

Can you kinda paint us that picture

of you guys were about to have dinner,

I think I've seen a clip

- [Jenni] That's not the premiere,

we don't know when it will air

- [Kevan] Oh really?

Let's about the shock when Angelina showed up

- I had no idea that she was even showin' up

before filming, we had an idea, like listen,

they're gonna try to pull some, you know, some stuff

some surprises on us

- Well, she started a petition - She did

- to get on the show, right?

- She's like to the "Save Dolphins"

the way it's like "Save Angelina"

-, she used - She started a GoFundMe

it was crazy.

- That's to save like, animals' lives, not your ass.

- All I can really say about that

- She is an animal

- I am the prank war champion,

and you're gonna have to wait and see why

- Yeah - Okay

- So we had an idea that we thought

she was gonna be in the house

but when we all moved in, she wasn't.

So then we kinda just wrote it off

so when I answered the door,

I really thought it was the girls

- We would go home and visit our family and our kids

- Prank war champion, prank war champion!

- That's what Mike thought,

we were coming back from visiting our family

- Little did he know.

Somebody who is, of course, not on the season,

that we gotta talk about is Sammi "Sweetheart", of course

- [Pauly] Where is Sammi?

- [Jenni] Have you seen her?

- I gotta ask you guys where Sammi is,

why is Sammi not on the show?

- She chose not to be - Just chose not to be?

- She was over it - Do we know why?

- She was over this lifestyle

and she really didn't wanna live in a house

with a whole bunch of people anymore

- Nah

- [Kevan] Was the 8AM funneling,

was that like the line that Sammi had?

- (clears throat) Ronnie.

(clears throat) Ronnie, somethin' in my throat, sorry

- Wait, Vinny, are you okay? (Ronnie laughing)

- I dunno, there's something in my throat

- You got somethin' to say, Vin

- What's wrong, Vin? - Nothing, what's up

- [Kevan] Well, I gotta ask you, Ronnie,

and of course, I don't wanna dig up the past

- But he is - I just did,

don't worry 'bout it

- [Kevan] But I am, right here,

it's not like anybody's listening

- I don't mean to offend you,

but I'm gonna offend you - He doesn't mind

- Allow me to offend you, what is your current

friendship/relationship like with Sam

like, how often do you guys talk, if ever?

- Probably about once every nine years

- [Kevan] That's good, once a decade

- Yeah once a decade - Yeah, they're really close

- [Kevan] Alright, cool, right on

- Yeah we're really close

- Do you guys have, I guess, as a house, as a family

do you have a collective message for Sammi?

- We miss her

- Yeah, we wish she woulda came

- Yeah - Yeah, we really do

- Because, you know, we started it all together,

let's continue it all together

but she decided not to come

and I was a little taken aback by that, 'cause I went,

"Damn, she should've came" regardless of whatever.

You know just come, tell your story, whatever

- Yeah - She's always welcome

- Awesome, it's a good sentiment

The Description of 'Jersey Shore' Cast on Reboot, Original Casting, Deleted Footage & More! | In Studio With THR