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Hello everyone! Last week we did the first part of Muradins storyline in which we

talked about his time with the Alliance of Lordaeron, training Arthas all the way to

the moment where Arthas picked up Frostmourne claiming that he would pay any price and that

price turned out to be his long time friend Muradin. Arthas tried to heal Muradin but the whispers of Frostmourne convinced him

to leave the dwarf behind, that he was on the right path. He got his revenge by striking down Malganys and he

followed his journey of summoning the legion and merging with Nerzhul. Now known as the

Lich King, Arthas sits upon his frozen throne in Northrend, but Muradins story isnt quite done yet. Ladies and gentleman, lets find out what exactly happened to Muradin, I hope youll enjoy.

It seemed like Muradins life was the great

price Arthas had to pay to claim Frostmourne, but the dwarf actually survived the events in the cave

and woke up with the biggest headache ever, no memory of who he was or where he was. This

is explained as we quest during Wrath of the Lich King where were send on the mission

to find and help Brann Bronzebeard with getting his hands on Norgannons keystone and access to the archives within Ulduar.

During the questline were asked to gain king Yorg Stormhearts aid, but king Yorg Stormheart

does not trust us immediately. First we have to prove ourselves in battle and as we travel

to our challenge, Valog Icebellow explains how Stormheart became their king:

As we follow the quest line, as we gain king Stormhearts trust and we find what Brann was looking for,

he decides its time to meet the king himself and thank him in person. To Branns shock

and surprise, king Stormheart is actually his brother Muradin, long believe to be dead.

Memories start flooding back to Muradin as even his oldest brother Magni shows up. Magni was

informed that Muradin was in Northrend by a seeer, so he shows up. Muradin tries to remember

his life before he joined the Frostborn and all he remembers are nightmares. Nightmares of a human...tall...light hair...death black armor...Arthas...

Muradin feels responsible for letting Arthas

slip to the dark side like that, without doing anything about it. Regrets wont change a thing though.

Only actions can make things right so Muradin decides to join the Argent Crusade as they assault Icecrown

while Brann goes to party in Ulduar and Magni returns home.

In Icecrown they find out that Bolvar Fordragon, a hero of the alliance that supposedly died

at the Wrathgate, he's actually still alive. The Lich King has been working on torturing his soul,

trying to force Bolvar to serve, but Bolvar will never serve:

With the ship called Skybreaker, Muradin and his troops quickly go out to secure a forward

base in Icecrown, but in the air they encounter the Horde who have a very similar plan. A fierce

sky battle follows with a different winner depending on which faction you play. If you play for the Horde you'll win as the Horde,

if you play for the Alliance, you'll win for the Alliance but for the sake of the video Ill assume that Muradin and the Alliance won.

Their next encounter is with another victem of the wrath gate, Saurfang s son Dranosh, now turned into a death knight:

With muradin being choked in the air, heroes take down

the servant of the lich king and as they do, his father shows up to reclaim the body of his fallen son:

Varian tells Muradin to stand down and in a great display of respect they let Saurfang

pick up his son and carry him home. Muradin goes on to secure the deck and prepare soldiers

for an assault on the upper citadel while heroes of the alliance and horde they continue the journey through Icecrown citadel,

they continue the assault and eventually they bring down the Lich King. Muradin wasnt present in that final confrontation when justice

was finally delivered, yet players that defeat the Lich King while holding Shadowmourne, they have the option to loot Arthass training sword and return it to Muradin:

After the events in Northrend, Muradins roll would shift back from being a fighter

to being a politician. Around the time of the cataclysm, king Magni Bronzebeard tried

to use an ancient titan ritual to communicate with the land. This ritual was supposed to

give them insight as to what was going with the world, there were signs of the Cataclysm, they weren't sure what was happening, but instead of communicating with the land, Magni

litteraly became one with the land. As prince Anduin and several other people watched,

crystals engulfed Magni's body. It was clear that Magni was no longer capable of ruling his people and with grief in their hearts

gryphon's were send out to find either Muradin or Brann, but Magnis daughter Moira had other plans in

mind. Moira, daughter to Magni, she was kidnapped by the Dark Iron Dwarves,

but their ruler emperor Thaurissan showed Moira the respect that her father never gave

her simply because she was born as a female. Even though Magni always believed that Thaurissan

used some sort of spell to keep Moira under control, in truth, she really fell in love with the emperor and she gave Thaurissan a son.

Adventurers were send to bring the kings daughter back, they killed her husband, father to her child,

and Moira was pissed. With the crystalization of her father, Moira decided that it was time

for her to return to her city, to claim her rightful place as ruler of Ironforge. Together with the dark iron

dwarves she held the city hostage, including prince Anduin.

The deeprun tram was closed, the grpyhons were locked away and news of this

reached Varian Wrynn. You dont mess around with Varians family so together with members

of the SI:7, they infiltrated Ironforge, lifted Moira out of her bed and Varian was about

to bring sweet justice, but his son prevented that. Anduin explained that although Moiras

actions were wrong, she was the legitimate heir to the throne. Killing her would just

send the city into civil war, possibily dragging the other factions within the alliance with

them so killing Moira was not the way to go. Varian, with a knife placed against Moiras throat, saw wisdom in Anduins

words and he decided that Moira would get a second chance to prove that she was worthy

to lead her people. Like him, she had to become better and she couldnt be trusted to rule

alone so instead a council was formed. A council where all 3 clans, Dark Iron, Wildhammer and Bronzebeard,

each of them had their own leader representing them. For the Dark Iron Dwarves

it was obviously Moira who spoke for them. The Bronzebeard clan was represented by Muradin while the wildhammer dwarves,

at first, were represented by Kurdran Wildhammer.

The world had not seen a union like this, the clans living together within Ironforge

in over 200 years and coming together like that did not come without complications. The

clans did not trust eachother, came from different backgrounds. One liked the air, one liked the earth, one liked the was a big mess and bringing these clans

together was a very difficult job. Now to bring their people closer together, Moira suggested that they

should reforge the hammer of the High King also known as Modimuss Hammer. An ancient

scroll had showed up discribing how the hammer had been split up into 3 different pieces

after their king passed away and each clan had one of the

the pieces of the fragments. Moira and Muradin were on board with this plan, they thought it was a good idea, a good

symbolic way of reforging the old alliances, but Kurdran was not willing to give up his

piece of the artifact. During his time in Outland as they were fighting demons and orcs,

this piece of home gave them hope, reminded them of who they were and he did not want

to give it up. Discussions and debates followed not only amongst the council, also amongst their people up to

the point where the dwarves they simply started to attack eachother. After one bronzebeard dwarf and

one wildhammer dwarf killed eachother in a brawl, Kurdran realised that for the sake

of his people, he had to give up his artifact. He felt like he had no choice so he placed it down and agreed to their plan.

Through the story, they find out that the scroll is actually fake and that their plans

are build on lies, but by this point, it doesnt matter. The people of the city, after so many discussions, after so many debates, they believe that

this is the truth, that the artifact is real, and to back away from it now would just cause more trouble than to go through

with it. Kurdran at this point is just frustrated with the whole situation, with the politics, with the lies, with being trapped

in Ironforge. He decides to sit down at the wildhammer roost as he thinks about the situation. A small

brawl between the dark iron dwarves and members of the Wildhammer clan, Kurdrans clan, was about to erupt. One

of the dark irons tripped over a stray pile of dry straw sending the keg of beer he was

carrying flying over, spilling on the floor. Like I said, the clans had a very hard time adjusting

to their new life and Kurdran was planning to defuse the situation. He tried to talk

them down, to stop this fight from even happening, but the dark iron dwarf spat in his face and before he knew it, his fist connected

with the dark irons head. "A fight? Count me in! EVERYONE, GET IN HERE!!!"

In the brawl that followed, a nearby brazier was knocked over and the embers erupted the spilled

alcohol setting the entire roost ablaze. Water was quickly called for as they did their best

to save their gryphons, but Kurdrans long time friend Skyree refused to leave her eggs behind.

Even with her fellow gryphons trying to pick her up, carry her out of the flames, she broke herself

lose and tried to protect her children. Tried as she might, it was no use. Her eggs were boiled,

her body blackened and smoking. Kurdran was dizzy and he decided that it was a mistake

to have ever come to Ironforge. The city had stripped him of nearly everything he once was, nearly everything that he once

knew, but the city had not taken his one piece of the artifact. He went to steal

it back and as he did, as he got it from the chest that they stored it in, he was caught in the act by Moira. A calculated smile was on her face as

Kurdran figured out that it was Moira who had forged the document, manipulated events,

kept the rumors within Ironforge going. Kurdran event went as far as too blame her for the

fire that tooks his friends life, but Moira told him that she had nothing to do with it

As the story was told to her, as the events were recounted, it was Kurdran who threw the first blow. All Moira wanted was Kurdran

and the Wildhammers out. They had never been willing to extend a hand of peace to the Dark

Iron dwarves. Their opinion was already fixed when they arrived. It was clouded by old hatreds that they were clinging too and Moira wanted Kurdran gone.

Muradin smacked some sense into Kurdran. All at once he felt foolish for taking the

scepter from the High Seat. What did he intend to do with it? Leave the city and forsake

his duties as a member of the council, tarnishing not only his own honor, but that of Falstad

and the rest of his clan as well? A moment later one of his clan members showed up with some

good news. One of the gryphons had been able to save one of skyrees eggs from the fire.

Hesitantly, he placed his palm on the egg. It was somehow warm, but the sensation was

altogether different than the stifling heat of Ironforge. The warmth coursed through Kurdrans

veins and made him feel as though he were standing under the blue skies of the Hinterlands,

bathed in the light of the sun. In that moment, everything became clear. He knew what he had

to do, regardless of the consequences, to honor King Magni and fulfill his own duties

as a member of the Council of Three Hammers.

The brilliant plan Kurdran came up with was to show up at the ceremony of reforging where

Moira explained to the crowd that there was a thief who had stolen a piece of the artifact.

Kurdran stepped up to the plate, told all present that it was he that had taken it and

Muradin asked if hed gone mad, he was going to start a riot! Kurdran had not gone mad

though. He told them all that it was foolish to reforge this weapon as a symbol of their

current union, to try to get back to the Ironforge of their ancestors. This is a new Ironforge.

It will never be the one of the past, and reforgin Modimuss hammer surely will

not change that! He slammed his artifact down and with his

mighty stormhammer, shattered it. The heirloom exploded in a shower of iron shards. The dwarves

in the crowd froze in sudden bewilderment. Confusion rippled across their faces..

The new Ironforge begins here. Ask yourrselves, do you want to start it by puttin this

hammer back together so that one day it can be broken again? The Wildhammers have chosen

to take a step forward, not back. Who among you is with us?

Muradin was the first to join him as he smashed his piece and even Moira was forced to join

them shattering the lie and breaking the way for a new future for all clans. At the

end of the story Kudran decides that his place is not with the council, it truly never was.

He apologizes to Falstad for taking the position in the first place. Falstad had lead their people for 20 years

as Kurdran spend his time in Outland. The Dark Portal re-opened, Kurdran showed up again from Outland, he brashly took over as if all those of years

of service meant nothing. Kurdran passed on leadership to Falstad as he was supposed to and he would now follow his own destiny as Falstad joined Moira and Muradin on the council.

This change to the council and the shattering of the planned ritual was but one of the many

obstacles the 3 dwarven leaders faced as Lorewalker Cho explained during Mists of Pandaria:

Muradin and Falstad still dont trust Moira and the dark iron dwarves, but moira is dedicated

to proving the worth of not only herself, but also her clan. She wants to carve out

a future for her people and her son that will one day rule her people, so she decides to show

the right way and join Varian on his mission.

And that ladies and gentleman is pretty much the end of Muradins story. He does show up

here and there, like he met with Lili Stormstout in the story Quest for Pandaria. He was present during Garroshs trial in pandaria,

in the novel War Crimes. He shows up at the alliance garrison to offer quests during Warlords of Draenor, but the real story, the real events that he took place in, they end here...

atleast for the moment. Time will tell where Muradins path may lead him. The council

is coming closer together, but old hatreds die very hard and some speculate that Magni Bronzebeard

might return in the next expansion. If that is truly the case, what will happen between Moira and her father,

between Muradin and his older brother...only time will tell, but one thing's for certain, Muradin

kicks some serious arse and has one hell of a story.

Ladies and gentleman, thank you very much for watching and a big thank you to Nixxiom

and Mooclucking for doing an amazing job with the dwarf voices, I could have never done it as well as they did. If you dont know who

these guys are than youre definitely missing out so Ive linked 1 video of Nixxiom and one video of

Moocluck on the screen. Under those videos you can find the links to 2 videos that I've made connected

to Muradins storyline. On the left we have the story of Falstad Wildhammer while on the

right we have the story of blackrock mountain which also talks about the history of

the dark iron dwarves and all that good stuff. Have a great week everyone, subscribe if you like my videos and until next time guys....See ya!

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