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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 6 Famous People Who Believe Crazy Theories

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Existence is strange and theres no way we can ever manage to understand all the many

mysteries of life, the universe and everything. When we come across something we dont understand,

most of us turn to teachers, parents, smart friends and probably Wikipedia, in an attempt

to sort out whats what. Some people though, like to close their eyes,

stick out their finger and believe whatever crazy solution it lands on. And this isnt

just reserved for the darkest corners of the internet, many well-known public figures and

celebrities have dived head first into the pool of pseudoscience, conspiracies, and good

old fashioned nonsense. Today we look at 5 famous people with outrageous theories and

beliefs. Gravity seems to be a problem in a number

of wild theories but one of the best surely has to come from internet personality David

Avacado Wolfe. Hes the least famous person on this list, but he deserves first billing

because of the sheer ludicrousy of his beliefs. You probably all have a friend who shares

his steady stream of vague and generally harmless motivational memes. He has almost 6 million

followers on Facebook and built a career as a raw food enthusiast, promoting a variety

of super foods and supplements. Oh and he beliefs gravity doesnt exist as we know

it, it is actually a toxin that we should get rid of.

There are many videos of him, both interviews and recordings of public lectures, where he

puts forward a range of theories about various foods and the body. But his gravitationally

questionable theory is that he believes salt is basically the gatekeeper of water and,

to quote him, “the reasons why the oceans are salty is thats whats needed to hold

the water onto the earth, if that didnt happen the water would levitate right off

the earth and that would be the end of it.” He doesnt say what happens to unsalted

freshwater rivers and lakes but lets assume theyre tied down with magic rope or maybe

the fish just grip onto it really, really tightly. He loves salt for its ability to

keep water retained in your muscles. He even recommends just having it around your home

to prevent allergies, insomnia and migraines. Have you even seen a peanut with a migraine?

No? Exactly. But the Wolfes expertise do not end there.

Here is a brief outline of some his other wonderful theories;

Chocolate lines up planetarily with the sun, chocolate is an octave of sun energy.”

And that, children, is why you should always eat up all your KitKats! But seriously, “chocolate

lines up with the sun”, what does that even mean.

Heres another omniscient quote of hisMushroom spores canlevitate off the planet

because they are surrounded by a shell of Ormus, which is actually trying to get to

the centre of the sunI dont think mushroom takers intend to

get quite THAT high. In case youre curious, ORMUS is an idea created by David Hudson in

1975; they are precious metals without molecular bonds; so all the atoms exist separately.

And yes, youre right, that is complete nonsense.

And one more of David Wolfes theories is that:

Deer antler is not a product. It's a cosmic substance.”

Im not sure the deer will feel that way, as you chop the space horns off their heads.

He believes the horns make you younger. Did I forget to mention hes also a flat earther

too, along with a whole load of other nonsense theories, but well stop there, I need to

go and eat some salt before I float away again. Another David now, this time ex-BBC sports

presenter David Icke. David Icke started out as a goalkeeper. Unfortunately, arthritis

forced him to retire at just 21 but he went on to carve out a successful career as a sports

presenter, eventually co-hosting the BBC show Grandstand, the most watched sports show in

the UK. Due to his arthritis, he began looking into

fringe medicine and new age philosophy, which led him to become involved with the Green

Party and also to an important meeting with a psychic, who told him he had been sent to

heal the world. She didnt say exactly what was wrong with the world, some sort of stomach

bug I presume. But nevertheless David Icke was the man to heal it, apparently.

He began developing an ever more elaborate theory about why the world had got into such

a state of war, sickness and poverty, realising that there must be a shadowy cabal behind

all the mischief. He believes that civilisation was set up by a group of alien reptiles called

the Babylonian Brotherhood. Their bloodline continues to this day and they control everything

from the UN to the media, led by the famous Illuminati, a mysterious group of world leaders

feared by tin foil hat wearers and internet keyboard warriors across the world, yes Im

looking at you. The reptiles came from a constellation called

Draco and were drawn to earth, not for the margaritas and well organised bus routes,

but for themonatomic gold”, which is just another name for the ORMUS that we mentioned

earlier, that impossible form of metal where none of the atoms are bonded together.

Yes, youre hearing me correctly, David Icke believes the world is run by lizards,

with notable figures such as The Queen and most prime ministers and presidents being

part of this omniscient lizard species. The reptiles are shape shifting and can take human

from, so youd better keep your wits about you. If you catch anyone looking hungrily

at a dead insect, then its probably best to bow down to them in case they are one of

your overseeing lizard lords. Oh one more thing, he also believes he is the son of god.

Ill just leave that out there. Do you believe in life after love? Yes I do,

Cher, but Im not sure I believe in life after relying solely on homeopathic treatments.

Cher is not alone in her support of homeopathy, a whole host of stars from Pamela Anderson

to Tina Turner, Monica Bellucci and many others have all come out in favour of it.

Now, alternative medicine is a complicated field, containing many treatments that may

do real good but have yet to be proven scientifically; things like acupuncture, traditional Chinese

medicine and chiropractic for example. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence about their

effectiveness but this has not been backed up by clinical testing, yet.

The same cannot be said however about homeopathy. Trial after trial has proven, without a doubt,

that the practise has no benefits, beyond the placebo effect. In one of the most recent

tests, Professor Paul Glasziou, from Bond university in Australia, oversaw 176 individual

studies and found absolutely no difference between homeopathy and the placebo effect

for 68 different illnesses. Hopefully, they can now begin looking into other more important

theories such as; “If eating carrots helps night vision, if I eat rabbits will I see

in infa-red?” So, what is homeopathy? Invented by Samuel

Hahnemann in 1796, it follows three laws; the law of similars, the law of infinitesimals

and the law of succussion. If the last one sounds like a made up word, well thats

because it is. The law of similars means finding a cure that

is similar to the symptoms, such as caffeine for insomnia or onions to treat the streaming

eyes from hay fever. Then, the law of infinitesimals means the

more you dilute the substance in water, the more it increases its potency which is just

as ludicrous and contradictory as it sounds. The law of succussion just tells you to shake

or tap the container during each mix, so that the water maintains amemoryof the

substance. A lot of medicines are sold as 30C or 100C,

where the C stands for centesimal. 1C is one drop of the substance added to 99 drops of

water. 2C is one drop taken from that the previous solution (which remember is 1% substance,

99% water) and added to another 99 drops of water. So 30C is this same process repeated

30 times over, making it one part per million million million million million million million

million million million (1 in 1060). Numbers this big are kind of meaningless so let me

give you an analogy; to dilute one full drop of a substance in a 30C solution, you would

need enough water to cover every single planet in 500 million universes. So Ill get a

bucket, you better start that rain dance. Basically, when you buy homeopathic treatments,

you are literally paying for very expensive water. When asked, most homeopathy consumers

thought they were actually taking pills containing some kind of herbal extracts, but in reality

the original substance which was diluted in it was lost long ago during the repeated dilution

process. What youre left with, is water infused sugar pills.

But, having said all this, the placebo effect is real, it even works on animals, and something

with a long standing history like homeopathy, even if it is based on a scientific falsehood

and we have repeatedly proved that it doesnt work, is actually still quite likely to work

and be effective on individuals whobelieveit to be true, because their placebo effect

after the treatment will be more powerful. Now, if homeopathy requires you to reject

some of your understandings of science, Grammy nominated rapper B.o.B would like you to tear

up all your text books and make a new paper mache model of the world. In his single Flatline

he laid out his belief that we live on a flat earth. He claims we have all beenIndoctrinated

in a cult called scienceand calls out famous astrophysicist Neil De Grasse Tyson,

claiming he has been paid off. The scientist, along with his nephew, even created a retaliation

rap. How did B.o.B end up with his bizarre conclusion

that the world is a spinning plate? Mankind has actually known the world is round for

a very long time since it explains the way ships disappear over the horizon and why during

a lunar eclipse it is possible to see the shadow that Earth makes on the moon and you

can quite clearly see that its a sphere. Flat Earthers believe the world is a disc

with the Arctic Circle in the middle and the Antarctic acting as a wall of ice surrounding

the big plate. You cant walk over the edge because the wall is guarded by NASA, possibly

all disguised as penguins. Now Im sure you have some questions like;

what about the sun? What about planes and satellites? AndIf earth is a plate, does

it mean were someones lunch?” According to flat earthers the sun and moon

are apparently spheres measuring 51 kilometres across and they move in circles above the

earth, just under 5000 kilometres away, shining down like spotlights. The sun has a slightly

spiralled orbit to account for its changing position in the seasons. Theres also an

anti-moon, which causes eclipses, and is made of crackers so you can eat it together with

the cheese from the actual moon. Oh wait, thats Wallace and Gromit.

How the sun stays up there is a different matter since gravity isnt real. According

to their theory, the earth is accelerating upwards at 9.8 m/s2, like were on some

sort of interstellar pancake elevator. So when you slip, youre not falling, the world

is just high fiving you in the face. All of NASAs achievements have been faked

of course and every shot of the round earth is just a nifty bit of photo-shopping. And

when it comes to air travel, well all GPS has been rigged so pilots think they are travelling

around a sphere but in fact are just wasting all our time, taking the scenic route in a

big circle. The approach of the believers is to follow

something called the Zetetic Method which values sensory observation above everything

else. So if the world looks flat, it must be flat, right? By this logic, that tree is

not far away, its just very small and Donald Trump is exactly what he appears to be; an

angry genetically modified potato. Billy Corgan sprang to fame in the 90s as

the face of the band Smashing Pumpkins, who became one of the largest rock bands of the

era. Their albums Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and Siamese Dream are ranked at 82

and 362 in the Rolling Stone Magazines list of greatest albums of all time.

But Billy dreams no longer, recently describing himself and Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee,

asawake”. This is conspiracy theory lingo for seeing what is really going on behind

the shadowy curtain. And one of his current theories of choice is the notorious chemtrails.

When you look up into the sky, on a bright, cloudless day, youll occasionally see the

white plume, left in the wake of a passing plane. Corgan, along with other stars such

as Beck and Kylie Jenner, believe that these clouds are chemicals that the government is

intentionally pumping into the atmosphere. Why would they do this? Well perhaps to make

people sick and get money through pharmaceutical sales, maybe as some sort of mind control

technique, weather modification, or perhaps just to use the sky as a gigantic etch-a-sketch.

In reality, these trails are caused by a couple of factors. Most importantly, the exhaust

coming from the engines is hotter than the surrounding air so this difference in temperature

allows water to condense and then freeze, thanks to the ambient temperature of the high

altitudes. The particles in the exhaust, such as soot and sulphur compounds, often serve

as a site for this condensation and freezing to take place. Its also possible for the

change in pressure, caused by the wings and the body of the plane, to act as a trigger.

Thesecontrails” (condensation trails) can remain for minutes or hours, depending

on the atmospheric conditions at the time. These trails may have an environmental impact,

since they can form sizeable clouds, but their effect is limited to how they reflect heat

radiation, rather than the chemical content of the clouds themselves.

Even if Chemtrail believers reject these explanations, theres still a major flaw in the theory

since, given the height of the planes, any chemicals being sprayed out would dissipate

over hundreds of miles and lose their potency, long before they reached the ground below.

But as for Billy, he still believes that we cannot be saved.

Musicians, nutritionists and sports presenters are one thing, but what happens when the worlds

most powerful man has a bizarre theory close to his heart? Former US president Ronald Reagan

was an avid believer in Numerology. Numerology covers a range of superstitions

about the relationship of numbers with people and events, often in the realm of the paranormal

and relating to divination and astrology. Some form of number based belief is common

in many cultures, with lucky and unlucky numbers being created from the sounds and symbols

of the words, or perhaps with their religious connections, such as the Holy Trinity or the

twelve apostles in Christianity and May 4th in Jediisim.

For Reagan, led largely by his wife Nancy and her favourite astrologer Joan Quigley,

this mostly manifested itself in how he scheduled certain events. He delayed his inauguration

as Governor of California by 9 minutes to put it at the most opportune moment. He even

used numerology to decide on the set up of the Reykjavík Summit in 1986, where Reagan

and Gorbachev laid the groundwork for the end of the cold war. I would not have liked

to have been the translator who had to tell Gorbachevwere just waiting untill Mars

enters Uranus.” Maybe his many psychics did help him though

as he was able to finally overcome the Curse of Tippecanoe. 9th president William Harrison

was involved in a war with a Native American tribe called the Shawnee, including the Battle

of Tippecanoe. Supposedly, a Shawnee prophet called Tenskwatawa cursed Harrison and since

then every president elected on a 20th year anniversary of William Harrison (1840) has

died in office. This includes Lincoln (1860), Garfield (1880), McKinley (1900) and JFK (1960)

as well as Hardings (1920) heart attack and Roosevelts (1940) cerebral haemorrhaging.

But after Reagan became president the curse seems to have been broken.

Thanks to Reagans belief in magic numbers, George W Bush, elected in 2000, was able to

survive 3 attempted assignations, an attack by a journalists shoe, choking on a pretzel

and was one of the lucky members of the White house not to be shot in the face by Dick Cheney

while hunting. Its somehow reassuring to know that no

matter how famous or powerful you become, you can still be scared of monsters under

the bed and believe in the magical cures and treatments that could fix us all in an instant.

I personally, sometimes have the creepy feeling that Im being watched by mysterious strangers

from around the world. Ha, silly isnt it?

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