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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DynaVap Live | O Canada! | October 18th

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Oh Canada! Boy we got a fun show today we're gonna be talking about a little

bit about our neighbors to the north quite a few uh good folks up there you

know it's a really nice place to visit I like going there

I've spent a fair bit of time out on the western coast up in the BC Vancouver

area love that place just gorgeous you've got been there so

encourage you to look into it if you haven't and we're gonna make some

mention as some of our retailers up there so just kind of let you know that

there's some options if you're looking to get your product a little bit faster

and it's something that's a little bit more common like RMS or some of our

omni's a lot of our retailers up there carry those products you can get a

little bit quicker you don't have to wait for us to get an international

package out to you so we'll have more details on that as well so welcome glad

to see you back oh we're gonna have a special guest on our show today one of

our favorite vendors from up there we've been working with I think longer than

just about any other Canadian vendor but first let's talk about a few other

things we've got a special promo that we're gonna be doing starting with this

show the m4 a friend promo was pretty popular and well received last time we

did it so we thought we'd expand it a little bit and this time any Omni it's

the opportunity for an M for a friend for twenty dollars and that'll run uh

pretty much the weekend just like last time we did it so if you've been eyeing

up an omni vaughn or an omni XL or one of those uh all titanium models now's a

good time to pick one up and get an Allstate all stainless steel 2018 m4

your best friend or that person is just trying to quit combustion to get off of

smoking or you know what sometimes it's just nice to have a device on hand in

case you encounter some random stranger that could really use a lift and no you

know it's just the kind of thing we really like around here and we try and

do our part to spread some joy and good feelings to some people that we know and

some people that we don't this you know the words a lot better place

when we can make someone happy sometimes without any particular reason at all so

that being said I'd like to welcome Sneaky Pete to the show are you there

i'm here thank you for having me all right so nice you phone in today i

thought it'd be kind of nice to mix things up a little bit we've never had

anyone else join us on the show by phone and with you know all the cool things

have been going on up in canada we thought it might be nice to get a little

bit of insight from your direction talked a little bit about who you are

how you got involved in the industry and you know get a little bit insight from

your perspective on our products and where things are going from there yeah

yeah sure well you know I've been vaporizer enthusiast for quite some time

you know I think I did like most people there wasn't nearly as much selection

back then but started with something cheap and you know wish I did a little

more research which I spent a little more I had to quickly replace that one

with a volcano and ever since then I've been hooked so burn making you know

videos a few years ago and people started watching them and I kept making

them and when was that was like three years ago or five years ago

oh geez I I probably know the exact date I think it was 2014 or if they was like

May 2014 I kind of made my first video didn't really know what to expect and I

honestly yeah you know I would do another stuff it's not like I forgot and

then I went and checked it like two months later and it has like 10,000

views and I was I was shocked and my girlfriend had a small you know little

make up YouTube channel she ran and she was quite upset that I had so many views

it was a you know it was a good way to you know get some incentives to keep

going and just kept making reviews and kind of you know I like to think I got

better as I did them I'd look at some of my older moving then they were long you

know I've got like a 45-minute Arizer air review and that's I can't believe

people watch it that's a long time you know I've gotten a little more a little

more direct in the way that I'm able to say things while still you know I'd like

to try to give people a lot of info you know so they're not trying to go too

seven or eight different videos to get the integral they want that's that's

really nice and I think like many other people we appreciate your approach how

you uh get right to the point how you edit out a lot of the fluff on the

videos and also are very informative in terms how you go step by step on you

know the the features of the device and how it works and how to best utilize it

in fact I think your tips and tricks on on the VapCap is one of the better

ranked videos relative to our product when I do searches on YouTube yeah well

you know that's a little a little like pro tip for anyone out there making

videos people like lift if you put you know five or this ten of s and your

title people like watching those I don't know why I'm the exact same way talk and

let's talk in that I'm there but you know with something like the dynamap

it's interesting because it it's such a you know in a way it's such a simple

product but in a way it's just like the exact opposite it occupies this really

weird space but you know with it being so simple there's still lots of ways you

can adjust it and if you like to use it at a lower temperature you can certainly

do that if you like to really juice it up and you want you know those more near

combustion like things because maybe you're just switching so you want to

start higher you can definitely do that so there's a lot of nuance within

something that you know at first glance seems like a quite simple well and

that's what we kind of think is one of the beautiful things in the design is in

apparent simplicity that allows for a whole lot of we'll call it user

customization so you you know an individual user that might like one

usage style can then hand the exact same device over to someone else who can then

very consistently and effectively utilize it in a completely different

fashion and also get exactly what they're looking for don't even have an

adult many dials right Connelly no absolutely yeah I I have definitely

referred to you as a mad scientist more than one time I hope at the not an

offensive term because you know I know that if something's coming out of there

it's coming out of there you know you guys do a lot of caffeine you guys do a

lot of research and I know there's a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes

you know the the tolerances and the decision you guys make you know change

it from the five families and make the brown

datum SEP squared you know these aren't things you guys do like me or if they

are things you do for an aesthetic purpose you make sure that it's not

going to impact how the device works in any way that's that's a really important

aspect for what it is that we do is it is maintaining at a minimum consistency

of our devices and our products you know from iteration iteration if not coming

up with a way to improve them you know from a functionality perspective first

and foremost and secondarily but not to a significant degree because the

appearance in my mind is almost as important as the function because who

wants something that works really really good but it's just ugly oh yeah we

things yeah no absolutely not and you know like that thing is I really liked

the previous version of the Omni bath tell us how the new version that was a

you know in the best possible way a very drastic upgrade you took a device that

looks pretty cool too like I remember you know very well the first time I saw

that new omnibox I was like oh that is cool like I want to touch that I want

that in my hand and I want this you know manipulated there and just you know I

love the kind of thing I I posted a picture the other day my girlfriend had

sent me some this makeup picture because the makeup palette and looked like

exactly like the side of an omni bath so you guys gotta get your copyright

lawyers on that one okay yeah well we're working on it as

much as I would prefer that it wouldn't be the case the IP end of developing a

product is is really a challenge and it consumes a significant amount of time

and it's rather expensive to you know it would be nice if we could just be more

comfortable that hey if we're gonna put some significant effort time and

resource into developing something that's new cool different and ideally

better than anything else is out there that you know other people in the

industry or other manufacturers would just simply be a little bit more

respectful of that and you know allow us to continue doing what I'm doing and

just take the initiative upon themselves to you know what if you want to make

something well make your own thing right do it yeah absolutely I mean the world

is not short on innovation you know what I mean like that no it's truly

mind-boggling and I hear from customers a lot and you know I think this today

especially you know there's so much choice there's so many options and

things are coming out fast and furious you know I get I get email you know

every day every second big you know review this I'm gonna send you this and

it's like I mean I can I have to be a little bit pick and choose I can't do

absolutely everything but um you know there's somebody sent for something bad

he's just simple and consistent like I think the dynamap am happy pretty darn

close for the cheapest one if not the cheapest one that one sell but you know

I never I don't think I've ever had a complaint I don't think anyone's ever

you know some people decide they like this shape they like that face but it's

one that just you can't target how it works it's like put something in it fire

it up respect the quick call me in the morning yeah they really well then at

least we're doing something right you know that making a device that's

relatively easy to use for most people and I think that's that's what the

original goal was is how do we make a device that's simple enough to use that

nearly anyone can use it and also has enough user adjustment that it can be

configured or utilized in such a way that it can be satisfying to use across

a wide range of different people of different materials and of different

needs you know whether you're just looking for a very light vapor

extraction of you know one type of compounds from you know one kind of

botanical or if you need a more complete extraction of nearly all of the active

compounds from another botanical it doesn't really matter I think our

customers can get just about anything that we're looking for oh I totally

think it and I think that you know for people because I'm on the vaporizer user

this is you know this is what I know this is what I do so I'm very very used

to that end of the spectrum but we have to be aware of you know some people are

brand new to the experience itself while some people are combustion

there there in that side of the spectrum so for a lot of people when you're

coming if you're you know you decide one day hey you know I got to make this

switch here vaporizing is the way to go certain devices I find you much better

for that task something like a you know traditional battery-powered vaporizer I

don't find it nearly as well-suited for that because the experience is so vastly

different for some people it's just too much too soon kind of thing I you know

oh I tried that know that's that's what vaporizes like and you know I say to

people if anyone ever asks me what does a good vaporizer on a bong user you know

I'm a whatever I'm you know I have whatever method of consumption I think

get a butane be that is the way to go because it is the most analogous

experience for smoking and it also just enables really thick clouds with a

certain throat feel that some people think that need so that they can allow

themselves okay I'm liking this let me explore this a little bit more and then

maybe that's where they end up or maybe they find themselves you know like many

many people with nineteen vaporizers in their closets within a year

well you know it's it's really interesting to hear you say that because

that's really what the primary objective was during the design phase is thinking

about okay you know back in the day we'll call it 2012 2013 when the idea

came about hey you know what smoking is bad as a civilization we have the

technology to provide an alternative to this why does it need to cost three

hundred dollars and not work very well and be big and bulky and be very

breakage prone and so you know as I'm going through this thought process like

well what how do we make a vaporizer that people that currently smoke really

want to use because especially if you think back then you know when you're

kind of first getting started you know like when I was looking at this you know

that can you know two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen fourteen whenever

it was vaporizers were really ugly and and they were big it didn't work very

well and they certainly weren't very portable yes you could technically fit

in your pocket but barely and yeah the in the they certainly

weren't analogous to smoking and please

understand I'm not an advocate for smoking in any fashion but the fact is

there's a lot of people out there that have smoked in the past

a lot that continue to do so and I think a big part of that is just simply

because they're not aware of some of the alternatives that are out there so again

from the design concept phase it's like well why can't we make a vaporizer

that's at least close in terms of form factor to a cigarette or a very small

pipe and ideally make it very strong very durable so that it can be used in a

way that's very similar to smoking so that we can give these people a very

comparable experience that can spare them from all of the incomplete

combustion byproducts yes ya know and that's that's a really fair way to look

at it one thing that I see that really surprises me is I guess it doesn't it

doesn't but a lot of people who are you know maybe 60 plus getting you getting

into the whole market for the first time and people like different things you

know what I mean you can you could bet 10 vaporizers out on a table and you'd

have ten different favorites you know from 50 different people kind of thing

everybody has something they leaning towards so I really think it's important

to offer people many many choices because there's no way one device is

going to make every single person happy so not only do I advise that you know

look different function different to have different levels of portability but

also offer you know vastly different experiences because what someone may

like like you say you know he did write down the tip and know a second after the

quiz you know somebody else likes it he does right at the top of the tip and

stuff you know the second they hear that right because you're getting a different

a different experience but everyone's going to find what they what they like

because then you can really start utilizing whatever vaporizer you using

okay well we've got some comments here I thought it might be nice to you know

verbalize a couple of the questions that have been coming through and you know

for everyone that's watching if you've got any questions you'd like Pete to

address got them live on the phone right now

I throw commenting in the chat here and we'll out see if we can pick out a

couple more good ones and throw it his way but one of the first ones that we

saw come through that I think would be real good one

since you're a vaporizer reviewer is does the Omni hit different than the M

oh that's a good question you know I like to say I can certainly notice the

difference you know just having use many many different vaporizers I can notice a

difference if you hit you know one before the other yes I can I don't think

a lot of people will to be told me on it you know it like you say the aesthetic

is important so you know I like the Omni bap Yami has the excel I prefer the

excel myself but I think if you took somebody who was fairly new to the whole

thing and if they hit an omni and then they hit them I don't think they would

notice much of a difference no okay and in terms of usage style you know -

do you dial in your omni to a specific area ratio or do you use it similar to

an M you know I use mine similar to an M so that's probably part of the reason I

say that I just I like the aspect you know almost like playing a flute it's a

little bit fun when you're using the I like to call the shotgun there maybe I'm

old school maybe I'm Canadian a lot of people call the car you know

but I enjoy using it like that you know just like if you're using them if you're

using a octo-pete for example you know putting your finger on and off of the

carbs a bright it's just for me it's part of the process and it's just part

of you know the reason I enjoy using vaporizer game instead of a project B

okay well and you know I think here's part of the beauty in in the system is

it you can really utilize the device in whatever fashion gets you the the

performance that you're looking for you know what I know some people

definitely like the air vapor ratio adjustment but you don't need to use it

the I know there's also a pretty noticeable weight difference between you

know the stainless and the titanium yes yeah and the cooling and you know the

cooldown and everything like that I mean for me though I'm unbuttoning on you for

the box that's what I'm fighting cuz I just can't get enough of that thing like

I just I don't know it looks it's it's it's a Mar you know a very huge step

forward when you look at the old Omni and look at that you want it seems like

v1 and five kind of thing not you know one step

above well oh and I'll have to dig up a couple more of them the I mean I think

you have is probably version 3 and yep and you know the version 3 is even a

little bit grey because those are being produced when we first started to bring

some of our CNC equipment into our own shop and so there's even several

different variants of that original omni body before we even had the excel and

then finally the when we came up with the more faceted version of it that's

when we came up with the body and the stem length so the Omni the new hominid

and the Omni excel so no but that's kind of what we're all about we're all about

you know continuing with the ongoing evolution and making sure that we can

continue to find new ways to make our products look interesting keep them

engaging improve the form factor the functionality and just generally make

things pretty nice yeah guys already have it beat on the size front you know

I don't think anyone's ever going to be died of F with a smaller vaporizer I

don't know how that would be possible I like that oh okay

well or you know do you even want one that's smaller because you know kind of

a funny thing that I would say yeah is we sell more Omni xl's than we do just

the standard omni's no do you find that though you prefer the XL length over the

the standard length oh I do for sure you know again it's just I find it a little

easier to handle like I just find kind of every app that you're using it I just

find a little bit easier at that length and I do you know and time you're adding

lanes you're adding a bit more surface area so it's gonna be a little bit

cooler overall I tell people if it was up to me and I was choosing like I would

choose the OmniVap XL titanium I mean that it got my vaporizer of the year for

good reason you know I mean like last year was you know the year DynaVap just

absolutely blew up you guys are probably responsible for getting more people

switched to vaporizers than any other company with the introduction of the M

like I can't imagine how many people's pockets those things are

in I I tell people if you're a vaporizer enthusiast it should be one in your

arsenal just because it's the perfect bunker vaporizer you can light it with a

candle you can you know put a rock by the campfire there's just so many

different ways that you can utilize it and it'll still give you a similar

experience I don't think there's many vaporizers if any that can say that same

place well good deal I think we're kind of getting on a little bit in our show

here and we might want to wrap things up so got any other thoughts or feedback or

you know comments that you might want to kind of leave with our own or our

viewers here I mean I just want to tell you to you know make sure you stay in

that lab and just keep keep pumping out some cool stuff you know every time

there's a new product from DynaVap it gets me excited and I want to use it and

I want to test it out and I'm sure I'm not alone in that I'm sure many others

feel the same way well we've got some good stuff cooking in the Vap lab let

me tell you I can't wait to share some of the things we've got going it's not

gonna be all that long before we've got some I think some pretty cool

announcements coming out that some things we've been working on some of

these things for not a short period of time and I wish I could say more but I

got to make sure that we've got it right before we go and let everyone know what

they actually are yeah I would rather see a product too late ten times and you

know see a version three oh you know this is this is the one you want to buy

raising you know put it out when it's right and you know I've never seen you

guys not put it out when it's right so I'm sure you're gonna carry on that well

don't want to start that trend now so that being said really appreciate you

joining us here tonight it was an enjoyable chat with you we will have to

do it again sometime so uh wish you the best and thanks so

much absolutely well hey thanks for having me

bye it was a great chat with you as well and you know save some secrets for next

time exactly but thanks again guys all right we'll talk to you later hey bye

bye all right well there's a little chat

with sneaky pete you really appreciate everyone tuning in today don't forget to

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