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- [Don] But a few fans have ran into me.

They know where I live.

So I'm like, yo, what if this was a crazy person?

Bro, I am staring at my phone.

I am terrified.

Do you think that maybe

she's capable of doing something like this?

He's like, "Bro, to be honest with you, it's possible."

So around the beginning of 2019, back in Austin, Texas,

I had this crazy fan girl stalk me

and follow me to my house

and got inside my house...


So one morning, I went to the gym to work out,

as I do... Or rather, as I did before the virus hit.

It was one of those popular memberships gyms.

You know the ones.

I walk through the door, walk up to the counter,

put in my code to sign in

when I'm greeted by the desk girl.

And I notice she was staring at me

like she knew me or something, you know?

And I don't even think YouTube.

I just was like, "Oh, maybe I met her before."

So I'm like, "Yo, what's up?

"Have we met before?"

(imitates girl) I know who you are.

- [Don] Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, that's me, I'm the guy.

(imitates girl) Yeah, I watch you all the time.

This is crazy.

I just got a job here, wow.

I can't believe this is happening.

Oh, so you watch, you like watch-watch my videos.

(imitates girl) Yeah, yeah, you're one of my favorites.

Okay, bet, oh, wow.

Shoutout to you, wow.

Well, hey, it was great meeting you.

That's crazy, that's dope.

Thank you for the support.

I'm about to go work out though.

You have a great day.

So I say goodbye, I walk away,

and I don't think much of it

'cause I meet fans from time to time.

It's cool, it's great.

If you ever meet me in person or see me,

come ask to take a picture.

I love it, it's great,

especially if I'm in front of a girl or my family.

Do it all the time.

So I continue to go to the gym.

I see her a few more times.

Whenever she sees me, she waves hello.

No crazy, right?

So I make music,

got a whole music channel, Spotify.

Check it out if you want.

Outro song pretty fire, that's all I got to say.

But I make music.

And I make music with my friends.

One of my friends at the time was living with me

at my apartment back in Austin, Texas.

His name's John, and he's a producer,

pretty good at it actually.

In fact, if you ever saw that viral TikTok

where trap Chinese New Year King Vader

made a viral dance to it or whatever,

John made that.

So you could go check him out.

It's only one of the most viral beats

to ever go viral on TikTok in the history of TikTok.

But whatever, that's just my boy who lived with me.

Okay, all right, whatever.

So one day, John comes into my room,

and he's like, "Hey, yo, bro,

"got this little shorty coming through though."

So I'm like, "Bet, that's dope, what's up with that?"

He's like, "Yeah, this shorty, she hit me up out of nowhere,

"said she wanna make some music.

"So I'm about to charge her

"like 40 an hour, make some money,

"and then maybe afterwards we can kick it.

"You cool with that?"

So I'm like, "Yeah, bro, bet.

"Go make your money."

He's like, "Cool, I'll tell her to pull up in like an hour."

So about an hour goes by when I hear the doorbell ring,

but John's still in the shower.

He's like, "Hey, bro, do you mind just letting her in,

"keep her entertained in the living room.

"I'ma be right down."

I'm like, "I got you, bro, I got you.

"Don't even worry about it, broski, I got you."

So I go downstairs to the door all smooth like.

Gotta represent.

Open the door, see the girl,

I'm like, "Hey, nice to meet you, I'm Don.

"John is in the shower.

"He'll be right with you in a moment."

(imitates girl) I already met you before, silly.

I took a step back, and I'm like,

"Hold on, wait, wait, hold on.

"Oh, (buzz) what's up.

"You're the... You're from the... The gym."

(imitates girl) Yeah, I look a little different

when I'm not wearing my work clothes.

So are you gonna let me in?

Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah.

Come in, come in.

Yeah, so you make music too?

(imitates girl) Yeah, I'm like an artist.

I paint, I make music, I do all kinds of stuff.

You're like a real inspiration to me.

Oh, man, that's... Wow, wow.

Now, okay, I have to describe what this girl was wearing

'cause that's key to the story, right?

So she was wearing a blue denim jeans jacket

on top of a black hoodie with some jeans or whatever,

nothing crazy, right?

But then she sat on the couch,

and when she sat on the couch,

the jeans jacket kind of shifted,

and it revealed a logo on the chest,

and it was my merch.

So I see that, and I'm like,

"No, that's not... That's not good.

"That's not good now, no."

But I play it cool, right?

I'm still giving her a chance.

I'm just like, "Okay, this is a lot."

But maybe she just really, really,

really, really, really rocks with me, you know?

And can I be mad at that?

Turns out, yeah, you can, and you should.

So John finally comes downstairs,

and he has no clue what's going on.

So I'm like, "Oh, dope.

"All right, I'll see y'all later.

"Y'all 'bout to go make that music, right?

"Well I'll be down here.

"Y'all go upstairs, make that music,

"and I'll be down here, and you up there."

So they go upstairs and start making music.

I stay downstairs and keep working on YouTube videos.

And for a while, everything's okay, right?

Maybe 30 minutes passes by

when I hear little footsteps coming down the stairs.

Who could it be?

Who else but my number one fan.

And now the jeans jacket is off,

so it's just now my Sauce is Forever hoodie logo

just in my face.

And I'm like, I've never not liked this hoodie

so much in my life.

Anyway, she comes downstairs for some water, whatever,

tries to talk to me.

I keep it short, she goes back upstairs.

Does this maybe three more times

in the space of 45 minutes.

The next time someone comes down the stairs, it's John.

He comes down, looks at me, and he's looking at me like,

"Yo, my bad, bro."

And I'm looking at him like, "Yeah, your bad, bro,"

because without me even giving him the backstory,

he could see what was going on.

And I wasn't really mad at him,

but it was definitely weird.

So I look at him, I'm like,

"Hey, look, you didn't know.

"I didn't know.

"I'm about to leave.

"I'ma go to the gym or something.

"What time do you say she gotta be out of here?"

And then he told me that she had work at five,

and that was in two hours.

So I was like, "Cool, I'll just go to the gym,

"get some food, come back, she'll be gone."

Bro, I go to the gym, I get some food,

I come back at like 5:30, she's still there.

I see her car, I call John.

I'm like, "Yo, what the... What's going on?

"Why is she still here?"

He's like, "Bro, she called out of work.

"She's trying to make more music."

I'm like, "There's no more music, bro.

"Get her out of the house.

"If I gotta come in there, I'ma come in and I'ma...

"And I'ma... I'ma tell her to leave."

He's like, "No, don't do that.

"I'ma tell her to leave."

So he tells her to leave.

And then she leaves.

And then I go in the house.

And then that was it.

Or so I thought.

So in my opinion, that was her following me home,

breaking into my house, well,

more like she finessed her way into the house.

She did that once.

Well, she did it again, but the second time,

it was more illegal.

So boom, we sent her home.

Me and John are laughing about it.

I'm like, "Yo, bro, she can't ever come back."

He's like, "Darn, well she was talking

"about coming through on the reg.

"You know, that would be a few hundred a week for me."

I'm like, "Well, it's too bad 'cause this girl's crazy."

He's like, "Yeah, yeah.


I didn't go back to that gym for a while,

like maybe a month or two.

I was just like, "I'ma let it breathe."

But it was the closest one, so I was like,

"You know what?

"I'ma go back."

It's whatever.

If I see her, I see her.

If I don't, cool.

So I started going back to that gym like every day,

but I don't see her.

Mornings, nights, nothing.

So I'm like, "Okay, cool."

Maybe she quit.

Maybe she got fired.

I don't know, maybe she moved to another gym.

I don't know, I don't care.

Not complaining.

So I continue to live my life,

and I don't think about it.

So that concludes act one of this story.

But it gets crazier.

This is a two-part story.

But instead of doing the typical YouTube thing

and trying to split it up and get more views,

I decided to give you the whole story at once.

So if you are enjoying this video,

please click the like button, drop a comment.

It helps a lot.

A lot of people and resources went into making this video,

especially so quickly after my last one.

Thank you as always for your undying support and loyalty.

And now, I present you act two.

Fast forward, and it's now like Halloween time.

So John and I decide to go and hit the grocery store

to get some candy.

I wanted a very specific chocolate.

I wanted Ferrero Rochers.

Now I don't eat these chocolates anymore,

so this is not an ad.

But in the past, Ferrero Rochers were my favorite chocolate,

so much so that John and I went to the store

and bought a whole box,

and I put it on my story on Instagram

saying how much I love these.

Okay, that's all you need to know about that part.

It was key information.

Moving on, like I said, it's now Halloween time,

which means it's fall, so it's nice outside.

So what I did is, I took my workstation,

my desk my computer, all of that,

moved it from the living room down into the garage

so I could work in the garage with the garage door open,

and it would kind of be like I'm working

outside with the fresh air.

It was just great.

Only thing is, sometimes I would go upstairs

to just do something

and forget that I left the garage door open.

In fact, a couple times

I left the garage door open overnight.

Now I lived in a nice neighborhood.

The neighbors knew me.

Also the garage door, I always left it like half open.

I would never open it all the way.

So whether it would be luck or just circumstance,

no one ever stole anything from me.

Well one morning I wake up,

and I go downstairs to get to work

when I notice that I had left the garage door open.

And I'm like, "Mm, gotta stop doing that.

"That's not good."

So I sit at my desk, getting ready to start work,

when I notice that on my desk

was a pack of Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

So at first of course I'm confused

because I would have remembered buying these,

and I didn't.

So then I instantly think,

"Oh, it was probably my neighbors."

You see, at the time, I had these very cool neighbors,

and we were like family.

We'd have cookouts all the time,

and the girlfriend had these two daughters.

One was in middle school, one was in elementary school,

and they knew I was a YouTuber,

and they think it's cool.

So I'm thinking, okay, one of these people

must have... Maybe, it's Halloween,

maybe they had some leftover chocolate,

and coincidentally it happened to be my favorite chocolate,

and I guess they thought it was cool

to just leave it on my desk.

That's okay, cool, right, for sure.

Gotta be that, can't be nothing else.

And like I said, these were my favorite chocolates.

So I ate them.

And I was suspicious of it.

I was like, "Uh, there's a chance it wasn't them.

"And if it wasn't them, this is weird."

But they were my favorite, bro.

I couldn't help myself.

So later in the day, I run into my neighbor.

And I ask her, I was like,

"Hey, did you or the girls

"leave me some chocolate on my desk?"

She's looking at me like, "What?

"Why would I do that?

"We don't like you that much."

Instantly my stomach starts to hurt

because I realize I had just eaten some strange chocolate.

I mean, it's not really a secret where I live.

I didn't put it out and publicize it,

but a few fans have ran into me.

They know where I live.

So I'm like, "Yo, what if this was a crazy person?

"What if this was a prank?

"What if they did something to the chocolates?"

I'm gonna... I'm dying.

I'm dying.

I run upstairs.

I go to the kitchen trash.

I put my finger down my throat, bro.

And I start to try and make myself throw up.

I was never good at doing that, so I didn't.

So then I just laid on the couch and accepted

that I had just eaten cyanide or something,

and I was gonna die any minute now.

But some more time passed, and I thought about it.

One, I'd eaten the chocolate hours ago.

So if there was anything wrong with it,

I would have felt it by now.

Two, I did really take care

to make sure it was sealed closed.

Just to be safe, I was like, "Oh, just in case."

And I had one more left in the pack.

So I was like, "Oh, these are probably fine."

And I just ate it, and I was fine, okay?

I know, I know, I know, stupid, right?

But I love these chocolates.

But now we had a mystery on our hands, right?

Where did they come from?

Didn't take long for me

to think that maybe shorty left them here.

So I call John

because he was out of town at the time.

And I call, and I'm like, "Yo, bro, this happened.

"Do you think that maybe she's capable

"of doing something like this?"

He's like, "Bro, to be honest with you,

"it's possible, I don't know.

"You want me to ask her?"

So I'm like, "I guess."

I mean, how do you ask somebody

if they broke into your house

and left chocolates on your table?

Now yes, I know she didn't break in,

but she was definitely trespassing.

So John asks her, he hits me back,

and she admitted to doing it.

So he's like, "Yo, what do you wanna do now?"

And I'm like, "I don't know, bro, this is weird, man.

"I ain't never done nothing like this.

"This is crazy."

I decided I'ma just ignore it, right?

I'ma move all my stuff back into the living room,

stop working in the garage,

and just pretend this never happened.

Well a few days later I get a text from an unknown number.

It goes, "Hey, this is so-and-so from the gym.

"I know what I did was kind of a lot.

(muffles) "But I just really wanted to give you something."

Bro, I am staring at my phone.

I am terrified.

How did this girl get my number?

What is going on right now.

Weird or anything, but yeah.

I put my phone down and I start to think.

Okay, what do I do?

First, I'm like, "How did she get my number?"

I call John, and I'm like,

"Bro, did you give this girl my number?"

He's of course offended that I even asked him that,

for good reason, he's a good friend.

So now I'm like, "Yo, how could she get my number?"

And then he reminded me that she worked at the gym,

and you have to use your phone number

to sign in when you go to the gym.

So we put two and two together and figured, okay,

all she had to do was look up my name,

which she definitely knows,

and then she would have my number.

So now I'm like, "Yo,

"this girl is a different kind of crazy, bro."

So I take a second, and I compose a message.

I said some stuff about how I had a girlfriend,

which I didn't, and how she would find it very inappropriate

with us getting close.

And I appreciate the love and the gestures,

but I think I need some space.

And if you could please just leave me alone,

that would be great, something like that.

I dressed it up.

I didn't want her to show up

to my house with a butcher knife.

And that was the last time I ever saw her,

I ever heard from her.

And I think after that, she just left me alone.

But I can't help but leave you off

with a chilling image in your mind.

So that day when she came,

that night when she left the chocolates on the desk,

the door from my garage into my house was unlocked.

It's always unlocked.

And I was the only one home,

and I'm a bit of a heavy sleeper,

which means that it's altogether likely that,

that night, this girl came to my house.

Maybe she went in my kitchen, looked in my fridge.

She might have come into my bedroom.

She might have stood right above me.

And truth is, I wouldn't have even known.

She said come through it's a go

I hit her back like I know

I got her touching her toes

Baby throw that my way

I know what you wanna say

When you tell me it's mine tonight

Girl you know I don't mind

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Shorty I know

How this is supposed to go

Been down this road before

You don't gotta say it to my face

I know that I'm just another phase

Baby I know that you're scared to catch this

You don't wanna turn this into baggage

Baby girl, she treat me like a habit

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