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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SPICY SUSHI CHALLENGE! (ft. SORTEDfood)

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What's up guys, I'm Eric

I'm Alex and welcome back to another thrilling installment of challenges jealous with us today are

Torn from the community DeeDee berry from soda food and Jamie from soda food guys. Can you introduce yourself?

we have a channel where we

Explore and cook amazing food and try and get people to do exactly the same which feels like something we're not going to be doing

We do a bunch of cool stuff we do Instagram stories every day puts a picture every day

Put some cut down through our YouTube videos and we even go live sometimes and broadcast down as chalices live

So check it out over at FBE. We also did a collab over at moon over on their Channel

We're finding Ellie's best burrito

If you want to find out you're gonna have to check out the link in the description below

You guys are gonna love it. This is more eating. Well, I mean actually some good food

So today we are doing the spicy sushi challenge I've broken you up into two teams

We have a 1 sorted food member on each team and one FBE member on each team

You guys are gonna be working together to finish 10. That's right. 10 per person sushi rolls 2014

The first team to finish will be the winners two losers have to do a punishment

That is sent in from the fans now as you can see. These aren't just any normal

California rolls, they were personally glazed by Cafe de

challenge challenge you have a little glaze of

Sriracha sauce and topped off with some insanity sauce. If you don't know sauces it measures

180,000 Scoville on the heat index guys do have milk and water right next to you now

The thing is that you are not going to be able to touch that milk or water until you finish all your roll

Pace yourself out or you can just stuff your mouth with it by like in like handling spice. I'm really competitive

Okay advantage, I'm a professional eater any other questions I don't even like sushi

Whoever wants to start first, we call that together. You have to go it's one Natasha. You're on your team. Okay, one of us

Yeah, okay first got this, okay

Gonna rock paper scissors. Yeah, you ready have synergy. We already decided

That your time, okay. Oh wow

Okay, I love watching you pace yourself really do

She's great, right this weekend will be up to movies Deadpool to

Almost done, it's okay

Keep it together. My left team is crushing you right now right -

I haven't contributed at all. I'm talking so


Don't eat them at all. You just take the you'll stop stop just keep eating don't worry about what happens

It's coming not the crown at the end of this

How much you hate spicy things you should think about that a lot

Right team is catching up no, no, no. Oh are you feeling berry?

Pace is so slow. We got a bigot Oh

Sweetie work this okay. What is a solo effort? Yo, you've already put in your


Everything. Oh my god breathing hurts

We're all gonna die in sushi, just so you know, these in bed is the best bed this bitch the boy

What are you hiding yes, you know, it's making it easier cuz it goes down faster don't make fun of my strategy

That's like

It looks like six to five

I think what the audience doesn't know right now is that you're kind of recovering from a cold right? So you can't really


It's kind of a real but not really we can do this

In a beautiful

There are

They're just jumping in and now and as they do they just feed you another piece of sushi

Let me see the rice before the rice lies now is this soaks up the spice

There's not see back as soon as I know the rice then it gets really bad

We have a lot of months ago. We've got come on, baby. Call me baby. Oh, no, don't give me any of that cakung

That's what I'm saying right now

The spice it comes and goes in waves. I think like right now again, it's like not that bad

I still feel them boys like write it down one

Yeah, yeah, I think the other thing is I'm

Still holding that piece of sushi

I reckon then come on - mr. Barba - I take down smash into one

It's in now, it's just the truth just to chew and swallow in this one

But it's so good. We're trying to keep it all like okay. Yeah

Chewing he's still mooing. He's still she'll a chance

Don't get a correct, hold on hold on you did great Barry. I feel like as a team we really killed them who did that

Congratulations Black team. You are the challenge

Champions, do you wanna hand finishing yours? I'm so

As always with every single episode our losers have to do a punishment

Do the honors? Oh

He's enjoying this too much now you don't have to be very often so he's milking they suggested by Kelvin 20 the punishment is

To have to eat pee flavored baby food

There's PE a okay

Hey, we're British and we love mushy peas

Maybe a peas life is a palate cleanser. It'll actually help. Yeah, hopefully there you are Oh with your spoon

It's fine the colors gross he baby food is the worst like peaches is good and like, okay

Okay to calm this boy's County

Oh, that's bad

It's like mixed up frozen peas

This is not baby food, this is fresh another time to do some shout out

So shout out to Henry three four word adventures. Shutout - Hannah Pilcher shot hottie JT komari-chan - Ellie Mae Channel

Thank you guys so much for tuning in to this special episode of Janus chalice

If you guys want to check out the third video don't forget the link is in the description

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and we're so sorry

We don't make friends on this show, well, you're gonna go somewhere where you never taking sushi before so, uh, let's get ready the great


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