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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tik Toks that make my day better

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first day in India, the name is rickie second day in India they're calling me

Raj first month in India like a banner hello this is it take support I would

roast you but my mom said I'm not allowed to burn trash hey guys so I'm

eating chocolate for the first time so

haha morning and done a sandwich shocked laugh some of you guys were saying I

couldn't sing so I put together this lovely song here I go

we bought your body again

now you're getting ready I'm just sitting there watching TV here you come

off you like alone plants bring damn I can't believe I can't believe I let's go

shopping we got anti-mine animals see record

curse we got tossed tedious a coops die Pippen dudas we got sway eight butts had

a toll dat ya know what you find

send me a cake saying I'm awesome you want a slice alligator come on ok ok

well enjoy their food yeah pretty big fuckin spoon

what's up guys Joey salads here and today we're gonna be stepping on Jordans

in the hood hey buddy excuse me that's a man I like your shoes

what's your name Jordan

hey tell me a joke are you seriously doing this right in front of me

it's pointless hey Siri shut up I'm the only one who gets laughs around here

here's a joke what's the difference between you and a mallard with a cold

ones a sick dog I don't know what the other is but I'm gonna stab you in the

head when you're asleep I would roast you but my mom said I'm not allowed to

burn trash oh my god better say your first word come on come

on come on finish it dad dad hurry Jenni he's gonna say his first

word oh my god what's he gonna say he's about to say dad yeah

damn that as fat oh my god

shut the hell up bitch go kill yourself go sit in the middle of the road let a

car run over you you're ugly you're disgusting I've been killed oh my gosh

this is your room yeah it's my room come over here

you Trevor what is that Angela it's nobody I swear are you cheating on me

with her you monster you made her blow over I'm sorry

what the hell Jerry what the hell why are there

popcorn everywhere suffers this Gary get out of the pub stop Jerry don't go to

the back

dude I swear to God I thought you said Donuts I did why did you react like that

why did I react boys boys boys what's gonna be pops Cobra Cobra this snap go

that's not good what is it dad tell me tell me we have a flaw hands this is me

one week in an Italian household hey aya dawn well this isn't me two

weeks living with an Italian family this is me a 1 month plan a my Josephine's

coming by to grab butter sauce hey guys how's it going it's your boy young

metronome coming at you with a quick life update so check me out the other

night my parents went on a date night left your boy home alone pretty chill

situation right wrong low-key seven days go by parents don't return home I'm all

like where are you guys at like are y'all lost or even dead but then I do a

little thinking in the old noggin II and I'm like oh yeah the night my parents

left look you saw like some Angels descend from the heavens and like

fricking trumpet sounds were like everywhere

it's like Loki think they went up to heaven and now I'm stuck down here

living in the rapture

hi do you like to sample my meds no thank you I like dicks

I would roast you but my mom said I'm not allowed to burn trash don't let me

die young I just want you with a bottom our young I just want you to meet my


so the other day I was walking down the sidewalk and I saw something on the

ground it didn't seem like much so I decided I

would pick it up to not only help the environment but to also help my wallet

out a little cool hi I'm John quinones and this is what would you do why did

you steal the pinning play little punk shuffling stones by will pump shot

selects it get yourself a glass of water and an egg

get yourself a battery that looks like this take the gorilla nipple looking end

and rub it on the egg for like five seconds drop the battery into the water

gently salt three shakes one two three and then that's it take a banana and

stir it up add three drops of soy sauce well it should look like this take any

metal fork can't have a rubber handle it's gotta be

metal and watch I mean it's crazy we finish each other's sandwiches that's

what I was gonna say thanks so much like me

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