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Summer's almost here, and I'm giving away free stuff.

Views From The Couch is throwing a Summer Giveaway Contest, and you could be

the big winner. Here's how you can enter the summer giveaway contest. The first

thing you should do is hit that subscribe button! You gotta be a

subscriber to enter the contest. If you're already a subscriber to the

channel, that's great! Thank you. You can skip step number one. The second thing

you need to do is comment below with your favorite summer activity. What's all

included in this Summer Giveaway Contest? God, this really does sound like an

infomercial, doesn't it? The first thing is a $50 gift card to, where you

can get your very own romphim or romperwhatever your heart desires.

The second thing is this awesome pair of unisex sunglassesnot the crappy kind

that I was just wearing. This is trash. But you can get that pair for men, women.

They're polarized, they're pretty badass. They're great. And last but not least,

these awesome striped beach towels, which I am a very big fan of. They could all be

yours. I truly believe in the mission of Views From The Couch, and I want this

channel to grow and succeed and do well. That's where you come in! Just please be

at least 13 years old and live either in the United States or Canada. Also in the

video description, there are a few other guidelines. Make sure to read them below.

Subscribe to the channel comment below with your favorite summer activity and

you're golden. The contest itself will be open for one week after this video

airs, so it'll close at midnight on Tuesday, April 23rd. You have one week!

Then I'll be choosing a winner live the following Friday, April 26, at noon

Eastern, right here on this channelViews From The Couch. Yay! I'm so excited for

this! Make sure to enter the contest by subscribing, commenting below, and that's

it. I'll see you next Tuesday with a brand new Views From The Couch!

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