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Hi everybody!

Today let's make something delicious and salty

and pungent fermented stuff.

What should we ferment? It's squid!

This is a delicious sidedish, delicious banchan.

Banchan is a side dish for rice.

So this kind of fermented stuff, fermented seafood usually,

This is called jeotgal, or jeot.

It's very important in Korean cuisine

Which means that many people love it.

So today's recipe is ojingeo-jeot. Fermented squid.

Among all the different kinds of jeotgal this is my favorite

Because it's tasty and also I can make it so easily.

This is squid. You can use any kind of squid.

Even baby squid.

I got this from a Korean market, they already cleaned them. Like this.

So there is no intestines, they are nicely cleaned.

But even though you go to a Korean grocery store

they are not always nicely cleaned like this.

So I will show you with this one, a whole, entire squid.

Just cut off.

One ear is missing.

This, like this.

And, this part...

This mouth and eyes...

Let's clean.

So I will just put some salt here...

And just grab like this.

I like to take out only one pound.

So this is 1 pound squid I measured.

And the leftover squid I'm going to blanch and eat later.

I'm going to add this and mix with salt.

3 tablespoons salt.

In the old days we added lots of salt, really really saltier

so that it never goes bad.

But these days not many people love really salty food.

So 3 tablespoons is enough for 1 pound.

Just coat with salt.

Let's add here...

Press down.

Salty squid. I'm going to ferment!

How can we ferment? Keep in the refrigerator.

One month later it will be perfectly fermented.

Then we can mix it with other seasonings and you can eat it as a side dish.

Do you think I should wait 1 month from now?

(laughs) No, I just made this already one month ago. I will bring my other jar.

See? (laughs) One month later this guy, exactly it will change, like this.

Only thing I did was take it out every week and put it upside-down.

So that the salty water is going to the bottom.

And then a couple of times you mix like this, and then put it back in the refrigerator

3 times or 4 times I did it

So now there is no fungus on the top.

Nicely, well fermented.

That's a good tip, you need to turn it over.

So I'm going to keep this in the refrigerator.

And one month later I will make another batch of ojingeojeot.

Now let's season this. Before seasoning, I like to wash it.

I like to clean up all the excess salt.

Look at that, it looks like this.

Smells so good.

if you don't ferment you're not going to get this kind of delicious, pungent smell.

Ok, let's wash this.

And then dry with a paper towel.

Because we need to avoid some water.

So that it's not going to be spoiled.

Ok, I will just remove the skin.


It smells really good. I love this well-fermented seafood.

This is my seasoning for 1 pound fermented squid.

3 cloves of garlic, 1 teaspoon peeled ginger

green chili pepper large size, but you guys can maybe use 2 green chili peppers,

And 2 green onions.

And this guy, my weapon. We gotta mix this! (laughs)

I will put everything here.

So let's do green onions.

Green onion and whoever comes first! Ginger!

Garlic. Three cloves of garlic.

Green chili pepper.

Just chop it up.

Just remove the seeds like this.

We need one third cup gochugaru.

It has to be a little sweet, and to make it shiny

I use one third cup rice syrup.

And then fish sauce 1 teaspoon.

And mix.

Kind of a sticky sauce. Garlicky, and gingery.

And then, chop it up.

I don't use a food processor because I don't want everything to be ground.

I want to taste some little pieces.

Pound a little bit.

Let's add to this seasoning.

And then, let's mix!

And then sesame seeds, about 1 tablespoon.

Sesame oil, about 2 teaspoons.

Oh my God! Yummy yummy!


Keep it in an airtight container, like this.

That's it!

Here you go! This is ojingeo-jeot.

I'm going to eat this for a long time.

I keep it in the refrigerator, and whenever I feel like eating it

I take some, just a small portion, and then eat with other side dishes.

So good! Just this amount. That's enough.

And press down, just like kimchi.


And send to the refrigerator.

This is my kimchi!

I made steamed eggs.

In earthenware. Ttukbaeggi-gyeranjjim.


Whenever I make gyeranjjim, we gotta eat quickly

otherwise sooner or later it collapses.


So, ojingeo-jeot.

Hmm! Yum yum!

(music plays)

Mmm. Mmm!

A small morsel tastes like a complex mix of many many tastes.

Garlicky, gingery, and a little sweet.

Also chewy texture. And the squid is a little soft.

Really really yummy.

If you've never tasted ojingeo-jeot in your life, it's time for you to make this.

And if you have made this from my old recipe

It's time to make it again! (laughs)

Fermented squid.

Enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Bye!

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