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(Juyeon Lee's Walking with Someone) (Genius Producer, Juyeon Lee)

(EP.0 Prologue to 'Walking with Someone')

('Juyeon Lee's Walking with Someone' pre-meeting)




What should I do?

Let's forget there's a camera (Camera)(conscious)

First off...

personally, I'd like to try

a variety of different things on this show

So I've been thinking

I'd like to be a producer

and interview the members

There's something touching,


and realistic, too

I thought maybe we could try those things

I think our fans would love it

So what I thought was,

(Drum roll)

Juyeon Lee's Walking with Someone!

The title of the show

is fixed

What do you think?

Do you like it?

As if we're walking with the members,

we'll talk about various things, have fun,

and share our inner feelings

In the end, there's a scene of the members crying!

There should be those scenes

You know what I mean, right?

(Cheating) So

(Pushing with his shoulder)


'Juyeon Lee's Walking with Someone' will present



and reality

These three things!

Three things!

Three things...

Let me do it again


(Aggressive shoulder) Each member will...

have a different theme and atmosphere

Even their filming locations will be different

And I'm going to prepare food

that the members like

I'd like to cover the process of preparing those foods

You're going to film how I prepare, right?

(So into his sub-character) I'm going to film all 11(?) of them

(So into his sub-character) Then...

(So into his sub-character) there will be 11 episodes, right?

Oh, it's 10

With 10 members,

I'm going to have fun and film a variety of things

So I'll be a producer, a cast,

and a writer

I'll be a person who does everything

That's gonna be on the show, too

For example,

Let's say I'm having an interview with a member

(Congrats! Juyeon, it's your first time sitting in 23 minutes 6 seconds!)

'We need to take a full shot'

(Passionate boy who stood up in 2 seconds) And I'm going to hold this camera

'I'll take a full shot' (Conclusion: I'm responsible for insert shots)

And we'll keep talking

with a two shot

(Applause! Cheers to your enthusiasm...)

(Sensing something) (Something's going wrong...)

Just in case you might misunderstand...

it's not a comedy

(Shocking news! 'Juyeon Lee's Walking with Someone' is not a comedy)

I'm going to be super serious

The first member is...


He made a strong appeal to me

He told me he wouldn't be in unless he was the first guest

(Genius Staff: Who's the guest for episode 2?)


(Carefree) Nothing's set in stone right now

(Carefree) Whoever wants to do it can appear

I've never thought this would come true either

I just spit out the things I imagined... (Can't believe they decided to make a show)

(just because of my poetry...)

(Genius Staff: Are you sure you can go all the way?)

Go all the way?

Oh, that's very important

Going all the way

Can I go all the way? (Less confident)

(Don't feel small!) Let's work together

to get to the end

(Joint)(Responsibility) If you guys help me,

I think I can make it to the end

Any questions? (Avoiding eye contact 11, 22, 33)


This is!

(There) (is) (pressure)

I'm not the only one making this show

We're on the same boat (Captain's weight)

You need to do it with more enthusiasm

(Genius Staff: What modifiers do you want to get from this show?)

Genius producer?


I want to make a nickname for the people

who watch 'Juyeon Lee's Walking with Someone'

What would be nice?

Sort of...

( Request ) I think a cute and funny nickname

would be nice

If you have any good ideas, (Everyone who's on the same boat,)

please leave them in the comments (please leave a cute and funny nickname)

We'll look into it

As I'm hosting 'Walking with Someone,'

I'll express my mindset for this show in action

(Leaves suffering forever) (I won't slack off)

(and stay humble)

(Do my best...)


one step ahead...


(Breakdown after the total immersion)


This show is not a comedy

(Juyeon Lee's Walking with Someone)



(a comedy!)


Good job

(Bye, passionate boy)

We need to set a date...

for the first shoot, right? ((Are you not going...?))

When should we start?


(No, I'm not going ^_^)

Great job

(I'll disappear)

(I'm back ^_^)


I'm serious about this show (Appealing with sincerity)

I've been thinking a lot ((Appealing to wrap this up))

((I guess he's done now...))

By the way, you know, ((You scared me))

editing is very important

Please edit it well

(Juyeon_Lee's _Walking_with_Someone_EP0_Real_REAL_Final.mp4) Finished!

See you on the day of the shooting

(Genius producer's ambitious work completed by collecting only awesome things)

[Tears, joy, chemistry, emotional, games, laughter, inner feelings, mukbang]

[Juyeon Lee's Walking with Someone!]

(((My hands are) trembling already...^^))





(Set up the notifications, too ^^)

Oops! (Stay for the post-credits scene!)

It's touching and fun. There're games... (Subtitle: Genius producers don't blame camera angle)

...authenticity (Juyeon Lee's tearful journey for casting)

Besides that, well...

inner feelings

It's really got everything

And there's even a mukbang

What do you (*hint) want to eat?

I'll prepare everything for you


You (*hint) can do whatever you want

You can cry while talking!

Actually, crying is the best

Please cry

(No fabrication)

(Breathing hard)

'Walking with Someone' is...

something that comes back!

(DONG-HAENG('Walking with Someone') WILL BE BACK)

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