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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 아이즈원의 인터뷰 감옥에 초대합니다? | IZ*ONE _ FIESTA | 피에스타 | 인터뷰 감옥 | Prison Interview

Difficulty: 0


Wow, Eunbi

What did I see?

Eunbi, show me the Eunbi

(What did IZ*ONE see?)


(1theK Prison Interview 8th guest, IZ*ONE) Hi

(1theK Prison Interview 8th guest, IZ*ONE)

(STEP1 Find the hidden 15 interview memos)

(STEP2. Answer the questions honestly)

(STEP3. If you fail, Wrong VS if you make it, Ding dong dang)

(Prison Interview)

- We're here at 1theK - When do we open our eyes?

Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo

Quiz is IZ*ONE

Can we open now?



Uh? I think I just found it


(Nice to meet you)

IZ*ONE is here in 1theK Prison Interview

Here we are


(Cheer and Clap)

(Prison Interview START) Let's start!

(Prison Interview START) Start!

- Ah, I've seen it - I saw it

Oh, I found it

Here it is

- Tall person? - I just found three

(A slightly taller person came)

I just found three


(IZ*ONE's looking for the hidden questions real quick)

What's this?

(A real search party)

Three compliments about the person on your right

On the right, it's Yena


Yena is so chipper

Yena is our energy source

Ans she is

She sleeps a lot

Then you have to be chipper now

- Hey - Huh?

- Is that a compliment? A sleepyhead? - Yes

Ah, really?

- It's good - Beauty is a sleepyhead

Ah, a sleepyhead

(1st mission success)

Quickly, next, next, next

I'll do it

Do impressions of the person on your left

On my left, it's Eunbi

(For me?)

This is the first time

When she practices

Hey, let's do

Hey, let's do

(You sound like her)

(Wonyoung is a copier) Hey, let's practice

This is it


Let's do

(Yes, that voice Hahaha) Let's do

(Mission success)

Next is Sakura

Yena, Nako, Hyewon, Eunbi's 'FIESTA' relay quatrain


- This is hard - It's hard

FI: We practiced real hard


I admit it

(Eunbi is sensible)


E: Energy..much?

Oh, right, right

We got lots of energy


S: We have a variety of styles


- As expected - TA

TA: I wan to ride a time machine and go sing 'FIESTA'

(Congrats IZ*ONE comeback)

(Choose one of the two)

Wear a padded coat in the desert at 40 degrees Celsius for 24 hours VS

Wear a swimsuit in Siberia at minus 30 degrees for 24 hours

Ah, I hate the cold

I'll wear a padded coat in the desert at 40 degrees for 24 hours

Ah, I hate it

I'm vulnerable to cold weather


(4th mission success)

What's your nickname you want to hear from members?

Oh, good


They're all good, but


- Gwangbae - Gwangbae is good

We call it often

Will it be?

(Mission fail)


(Incomprehensible) Why?

1theK doesn't like it

In a cute way, Gwangbae


I like Gwangbae

(Mission success)

Ah, we have to look cute

(Choose one of the two)

If you're born again?

Born as a member of IZ*ONE VS

And the other one is

Born as a member of WIZ*ONE

(Unexpected dilemma)

This one is

I want to be born as IZ*ONE

We knew it

(Hitomi is nice)

Unit mission

Yuri, Wonyoung, Hitomi, Sakura, Chaeyeon, write letters with your body

You can do it here

It's me?

I want Z, I'll do Z

- I want I - I want N, N

O, N

E. heart?

- Star, star - You're I?

- IZ - Ah, star

- How should I do it? - I'll do Z

You gotta stretch out for star

Ok, then


- Here we go - Start

- IZ*ONE - The other side?

Is this the other side?

- No - It's the other side

(Mission success)

It's an unit mission

Korean alphabet quiz

But I think I know it

Isn't it 'I love WIZ*ONE to the moon and back'?


Minju is a genius

Ah, unit mission?

- IZ*ONE, all together - Height?


A loud voice?


It's a loud voice

I got it right

One, two, three

WIZ*ONE, I love you to the moon and back

(Mission fail)

No, it's not

- What does it mean? - A heart over your head

A heart over your head

- Ready..go - One, two, three

WIZ*ONE, I love you to the moon and back

- Okay? - No, no

- Why? - In the front

IZ*ONE, let's shout it out together

- Louder, louder, louder - Do we have to shout louder?

IZ*ONE, let's shout it out together

WIZ*ONE, I love you to the moon and back

(Mission success)

Ah, well done

We're geniuses

We're geniuses

(IZ*ONE is all geniuses)

Unit mission

Take remind photos just like a year ago

(Where are the photos?) What? There're photos here?

But this is..

(Found photos)

(The early days of their debut) That's why the photos are here

(Confused again)

Yujin is here

Hey, lean on me

Your neck is this way

Right, it's right

(Now VS A year ago)

Yena, please hold my head

(Camera click like a year ago)

(Now VS A year ago)

How is it?

(Mission success)

Show us the FIESTA killing part choreography cutie version

What if Nako does this alone?

(So excited) In a cute way

One, two, three

(Awful cute)

(So cute)

Ah, she's so cute

(But mission fail)


- You have high standards, 1theK? - How can you do this?

She's so cute?

- 1theK doesn't know what's cute - Let's do it, come on!


(Awful cute, super cute)


(Mission success)

- Cute - So cute

If you could eat only one food, what would you eat for your whole life?

Wow, how do I choose this?

It's too cruel

As for me,

What do you think it is?

Sugarless yogurt

No, no

Vinegar water

(Mission success?) Herbal medicine

(Chaeyeon's favorite food is vinegar water?)

Sweet potatoes

(Staff: don't admit it)

(Unit mission: Teamwork) What's your favorite move in FIESTA?

Ah, I know it

You know that?

I know it

I'll do it

Is it right?

(Mission success) Oh, we got it right

(IZ*ONE is united with one heart)


It's an unit mission

Nako, Chaewon, Chaeyeon, Minju, Hyewon, Yujin, say with the song title


It's a destiny what we met

We were in a spaceship together

The moment we were together was dream like

If you get hurt, my heart huts aiya aiya

(Good response)

What's wrong, Yujin So curios


Nice job, good

To IZ*ONE, everybody EYES ON ME

(Mission Success)

Now Wonyoung

My mission is an unit mission

With a concept of sexy, cutie and tough

Complete your own wink three kinds of gift set

Let's do it, Nako!

- I'll do the sexy one first - I'll do the sexy wink

OK, I'll do the first one

(1. sexy version wink) 1, 2, 3



(2. Cutie version wink) OK, the second

Then, cutie

1, 2, 3


I'm not doing this

(Embarrassed) Tough

(3. Tough version wink)

Wink toughly




(Hahaha) Please

(Oh, youre tough)

- It was good - Ah, it's done

(Mission success)

- Thank you - Thank you

(For passing it at once)


The last mission

Beat Chaeyeon!

Than the hardest dance move Chaeyeon can do

Who can do more difficult things?

Someone has to do more difficult dance move than Chaeyeon

- Yena - There's not

No one

Who can do that?

Do it here

- Yo, try to beat me! - Show us, Chaeyeon, drop the beat


What's this?

Ah, what's this?

(But Eunbi's here to challenge her) Eunbi

Ah, Eunbi?

Wow, Eunbi

What did I see?

Show me the Eunbi



(Eunbi's feet)

(Eunbi is such a crack-up)

(Of course, mission success)

(Chaeyeon lost)

Eunbi, come here

Escape, escape

Let's go out

(Congrats! Birth of Dancing Queen)

(IZ*ONE's victory ceremony)

Wow, I didn't know you'd do it

(Prison Interview mission is over)

How long did it take?

Wait, it took..

- 28 minutes - What?

(You're not the last..) We're last, what do we do?

(You're not the last..)

Everyone, we can do better, right?

Yeah, of course

If you could invite us again next time

We can be No. 1

Please invite us

See you next time

Give us your love!

(Bye until we meet again) See you guys

(Good bye until we meet again)

(Prison Interview Escape)

(Prison Interview Escape) Bye

Prison Escape

Prison Escape

(28 minutes 36 seconds success)

The Description of 아이즈원의 인터뷰 감옥에 초대합니다? | IZ*ONE _ FIESTA | 피에스타 | 인터뷰 감옥 | Prison Interview