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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FORTNITE MURDER RETURNS!! Minecraft Modded Mini Game

Difficulty: 0

So we're back with, some more murder run the last time, we did this, uh hello, Neo I see you back there creeping

Why are you creeping

The last time we did this in murder run, you guys really liked it

So the episode's theme is

Fortnite. look at this nether star Fortnite Minecraft Fortnite Minecraft

Gosh Nico's got the jet pack and uh Nico is the killer, first, Nico who are you?

come on out

I'm coming

pizzas here

All the tomato hit dude, oh, we listen to the murder sound

Okay, so there's two, new traps for this round of course you can, do the building, where you buy the building

Oh, yeah a jetpack and a port afford afford a port of order for this meal you

Did good this round i am proud of you nia, let's do this so since i won last round i get two

Extra stacks of nether star this is gonna be good so what i'm gonna do of course

i'm gonna, give the chess piece so then i can't be one hit with the sword but there's, also guns in this i

Don't know i might get a full set arm what i'm gonna do now let me run a run of course i'm gonna get a

Jetpack dude you know i in fortnight i hate jet packs but in

Minecraft i love jeff beck's and, also i'm gonna get i think what i'm gonna do this first round versus nico

I'm not gonna, buy building, materials i'm not, gonna, buy anything but i'm gonna fly around

throwing, porta forts at his face


Should be an interesting video so dudes again listen if you, guys are

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And let's do this? Oh look, the is the pink bear thingy, oh my, god you?

Guys, are beautiful you guys are camille says you don't have a chest

Where's the rest of you because i you know i'm a care bear heart a care bear heart

Okay, oh this is dusty divot, oh?

Oh, look, there's the dusty default blown up

Wait on the rocks on the rocks. Oh that is together i think i think me, oh? You added rocks right there

Jump rocks the habra, oh they're, gold diamonds, don't get them, don't care, we can, use the hot rocks later. Okay, okay?

Can he go, niko, go hide go hide don't look at us okay it's on qian


I'm about to get a hop rack, what's it do the hop, rocks are, awesome the hop rocks are awesome now. Please bassem trap

you, guys good

Jet pack time get back time, oh, oh, oh i got mad robes i got matchups

Guys i got a porter fight for you i got a porter four for you

Alright guys, by the way i threw one car part we got one we got?

Did you just pour 2/4 the truck did i i got it no i got a

Truck part in there guys i got a trick part in there

I got the last car part right here it's right here

Yeah, i'm making a sneaky, way to escape for you, oh i got this i got this i got this if i put this

Put this right there

Nice job dude wait i think this survivor's havoc scathed

Wow know, what's the easiest route ever?

Was yeah?

alright so

you, watched me the killer next i

Guess i'll do it not me, oh

Sorry nico alright ever is the killer next all right amber you're the next killer, who are you come on any, yeah i'm ready

Oh, my, gosh


My, gosh that is awesome?

Act battlepacks dude how, did you kill moma 100 can. You, do that can

You, do the star, dance i bought it i like just look at

Me through the star dance am i doing, it i'm doing the star, days to

Start aries are you digging in the dirt no i grabbed to start it he's thinking

So i'm trying to think of a strategy for this round against the omega

The porta, for that was so strong, oh, my, gosh, we dang, near broke the game, well okay, let, me think about this

Oh i forgot about this you can

Hide as a bush i'm gonna get a few of these just a few not not many or only six

Oh, that is sick so what are we gonna?

Do i'm gonna hide as a bush

I'm gonna

Get i'm gonna get the chest piece oh i got three chess pieces mistakes were made hold on let me refund this so what i'm

Gonna, do i'm gonna hide as the bush in plain sight

Just try that crap on it show, the crap out of the omega no

Forget the flat face you guys, remember the flashbacks

Whenever you throw it at them it stuns them and blinds them he's not gonna be able to see me

And he's gonna be blind in him, oh?

We did some more bushes. Oh hold on i have another idea i'm gonna refund three of these flash bangs

And i'm gonna get a ghosting you guys remember this when you get the ghosting when you die you come

Back as a ghost just to annoy

My entire being of this round is to annoy the omega

Let's do this alright is everybody ready i have a strange background an brew the omega. You are gonna hate me i

Always, say you, own the killer alright everybody, hiding everybody

Okay, it's on kids thank you

In ian that doesn't work, man that doesn't work at all, what do you mean it doesn't work it's pretty pretty

What are you doing brother

Hello, oh ii see some up there


you, see what

My first of all here it happens guys, oh, well go for shadows, oh?

Shadow, thing that's good i like your shows, boy don't let go shadows. Oh you're so fast

I got a thingy

These stupid shadow thingies i don't like, them anymore

Oh, there's a porter for tommy ok can, someone get off me please

I appreciate i'm just gonna make over all the ports around the side of the map, oh?

Ok, i just uh, oh, oh, come here you quit hitting, me with, flash, banks are you mccree

Oh i got i got where that, was from well played sir

You, think i'm dead but i'm not come here

Okay, there's a car part has been found, where's our the to whatever is like amber?

okay i

Am scaring the crap out of you get over here amber get over here, oh i found a part, oh no, oh no?

Oh, no i can't move

you, can't kill me

get over there ever and just sharp to the sky i

Was pretty interesting get over here amber amber come here ever get over here get away from me

get away from

Our nico or, neil

You're, so fast i forgot he had a jetpack

All right so, neo i guess that's the last one alive you, want to be the killer next ah


Alright let's do it alright, neo, you're the next killer, who are you come on come on out?

no skin


Think, oh you'll get no skin, guy gal look at this noob, amber what are we gonna smear hit hit - dude

Just because i play fortnight using, my toes doesn't mean you can call me a noob

Dracula a strap killing excuse, me i've never dyed to entrap, my entire life, hi it's proof

Okay, okay i'm gonna go trade i'm gonna, go try, it i'm muting goodbye okay?

So what i'm gonna do of course i want the building this time i want to do fortnight building to trap the noob with

okay, i, also don't want to jetpack i

Don't know, let me think about this, so i'll have building material

Oh, i have an idea i haven't done this in so long

So i'll be able to build right and then you guys remember this trap right here it's a portal trap whenever you throw

A trap on the ground the portal trap activates and sends that trap to the killer we're gonna get a bunch of these


you guys

Remember this the ghost trap it makes all of us players

Invisible so if anybody gets in trouble i can, throw. That down and you know, what i can, also get a

Freeze trap freeze the killer in place yeah, why, not let's, also get the hack trap whenever. They hit that it

Takes, away the killer sword

Let's also get a. Chest piece just so i can't get one shot there we go, okay so i have 42 nether stars left

Trying to think yeah i guess let's just get flashbangs i'll, scrap those alright let's do this are you guys ready

Alright everybody ready, okay, going to the thing going to the thing look at this noob look at this, new

Where's the noob look at a noob in here ha noob your, new

Okay, let's go let's go hide neat god neil turn

Your head don't look at us noob you ever played a, game before tonight where are no skin kills you

Hope that won't be happening today either

Are you, sure yep, eyes everybody, hiding everybody, good yep, okay, okay it's on it's on qian, qian

So that the building materials here

Run, oh building, materials here we go, okay?

Hey, guys, where's the, where's the stuff, oh?

Wait how, did that bro what i'm holding i got this guys i got this portal trap goes trapped wait i did that wrong

What a, visible track a, bryce i didn't, do it it's i'm sorry

no i

Spawned on top of a key part and i just like i revived and then felt heck

Trip their trap i took your sword i took your sword hey i need, that maple are you good

Nico, let me know if you need help, let me know if you need wealth nico and what are you

What are you doing, in i'm ever trying to build fortnight skills, oh, okay?

None of that none of that where are you nico let me know if you're good

Ghost trap, no i've never seen, that, bush before

Completely normal on a giant wooden - poor 41

Yeah it is a trap nico get away get away nico you're invisible i'm gonna get away i promise you, okay

Okay, i'm gonna, freeze trap him i'm gonna, freeze trap of nico free

Throws i froze him i froze him me, oh you're, gonna kill him, away, oh?

You, with the theo, no, no he does yeah he does, oh

So what's your strategy here and you're just gonna jump lay down

Or what okay, um i guess i'll just climb in oh, wait it just clicked in my head, how

About i knock it down? You don't give me a second yeah

I hit his portal heap that a portal gun, oh?

Nice wait you, did every portal gun, that works i hate your portal dead right there that's how

I got to i respond to use the crux i'll respawn on top of a portal trap as felt

My dad no it won't play, well played

Neo, all right i'm the killer next i'm the last killer let's do this all right you guys ready

i'm ready i am the final killer hold on let me prep for this hold on

all right three two one so like, die and

you, guys, are just loudly, gonna die

Scary i'm the female character

I'm sorry i went with niggas i winced

No snakes were made so i have an idea for this round it if it works it's gonna go, well if it doesn't

We'll see so what i'm gonna, do right what i'm gonna, do i'm gonna get a good gun

Not the magnum not the shotgun something longer range

Let's get the, mk 16 with a bunch of ammo right now

Check, this out, what i'm gonna

do i'm gonna get a a

Porta fort and i'm gonna set up a little porta fort and then just look around for everybody running and ask they're

Running i'm just gonna pick them off with the mk 16

And check this out what i'm gonna, do to find everyone they're probably, gonna go for the car

Parts right, so what i'm gonna, do i'm gonna, buy a bunch of these fake parts, whenever

Someone grabs it it it makes them illuminate and they, also get frozen in place so i can. Just pick them off with my gun

It's gonna, be so good i could just i could just, my little porta for picking people off

This is gonna be so good let's do this alright is everybody ready ready, did okay it's on kid?

To one job i have a very specific strategy for this round alright

Guys, he may or may not have placed like a hundred fake traps, what are you talking about

It might not be a hundred faith traps

I, would sit back in time

I'm just doing here

Guys, you can't be on some imported for it no, oh i'm not rushing him, break it okay?

okay, oh

did you throw, another porter board

Other 44 it's going, everywhere a

little bit

It's so loud port affords everywhere. Oh gosh you, did the port affording

This is amazing, okay, um it's got a gun, but, where the car

Park i'm not really trying duck, eyes you guys, can't get the car, parts kenya get him


Which ones are the real water

Goodbye, neko!

Duh, jetpack, oh no i have no magazine, what do you mean?

Hey, you will hit me you, won't hit me daggett, where are you guys i was step back in time please stop

Sending me back in time oh got a corner on the car. Park i did i didn't go far guys i did good

Hey, hello nico

We could talk about this wait amber daddy

never daddy always not i am dead dude no, no, oh, no he's dead sorry he is dead yeah, yeah he's dead sorry i

Don't know how i got a. Jetpack but i stoled your pack

Steady wins the race, okay another part, which part wait i thought amber was dead i am dead, oh?

wow he's actually hit me do where am i i'm lost jess

No, no no no alright, okay are, we good we're good no just if we're looking for the last car part guys, whoa

Get out of here not there, so i'm in a bit of a predicament yeah

Hi, what's up, yeah i've got a couple of problems yeah

Why, does he's almost shot me to death, and i'm one tap-in second i have no idea?

Where the last car part is you better find it what is it?

What what is this?

are you my dad

Oh, there's bloom, oh i get it wait a minute why are. They like 70 traps down yeah

Well that wasn't the slot i have my jet pack somebody failed to use the jet pack correctly

Dude that was fine you guys are a bunch of campers though you guys are a bunch of campers little campers you were kids

All right let's go back to the lobby at least let's see

Who, did this the quickest hide it's the moment of truth who killed the fastest out of fortnight, okay it's all you

Guys, ready everybody, right now the ready, oh my gosh, oh?

Okay it's a it's i'm quillan in three two, one?

It's official it's official the omega is better than a noob no skin

It's not true

We're, gonna have this video here if you, guys, have enjoyed hit the like button double if you, want us to continue this series

Also, what, aki and know, some themes for next week and?

Dad dang it the omega is good again, yes always good

Well you all hacker you ugly stupid face

doodoo head

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