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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Running over my Boss

Difficulty: 0

There's no reason to risk a mans life here

Don't do this at home kids

Alright you ready?

are you ready?





[SFX]Music by jhfly


Apparently we have some boxes full of large balls that you can put yourself inside of (ball x 1)

and then hit other balls with (ball x 2)

and its like a ball war (ball x 3)

lets see how big these balls really are (ball x 4) vig

[well edited unboxing]

It's a bubble ball! (ball x 5)

oh there's two of them in here

What kind of balls are those? (ball x 6)


battle balls

battle balls(ball x 7)

(ball x 8)

(ball x 9)

So here we have a giant ball

So here we have a giant ball (ball x 10)


problem: it requires a lot of air to be inflated


question mark

air compressor maybe?

We'll find out

[air compressor noises]

I have a question about whether it's going to fit through the door

ah, shit

oh Jesus

real tight

we are almost there

one little thing at a time

dude it is like i am surrounded by carbon fiber



what is th... where did this come from

wait we have more yea we have six

[Wren laughing]

here NIko

i'll getcha up


it is not everyday you get to just like push your bosses around

It shocked me

there is static, look at his hair it is static


look at your hair

you know sometimes it is like really hard to come up with ideas for a videos and you got to like sit down and really hit your head against a table several times before you come up with something that is even decent

and then you got to rift on that untill it becomes a video idea

i was envisioning Clint as Gizmo Duck

riding a one-wheel

if your a kid born in the 90's you may have watched a TV show called DuckTales or Dark Wing Duck two excellent shows i think they even remaking Duck Tales

it was a cartoon with a bunch of ducks as people

there was a character from that show who basically inherited what was essentially Iron Man armor

all the character wants to do is just save people and be a hero but he's constantly

struggling to even use the suit he wasn't the intended wearer of the suit

he accidentally said like the activation phrase so the armor jumped on to him

where as like it was meant for this other scientist who actually knows how to use

the suit but instead it's this bumbling accountant he's like stop right there

I'm gonna fire missile at you no fires like the opposite way

Gizmo Duck does not have legs he has a wheel for feet he's pretty much my spirit animal

he has like this hit piece and out of it stick like two springs like shock

absorbers in a really nice mountain bike gizmo duck moves entirely by riding

this wheel and I was thinking about how would I do that

so obviously the first thing is you dressed up like is Gizmo Duck and you ride

around on the one wheel do you have this issue and that you have legs you have legs?

I mean for now I have legs someday I won't because i will be a few beta

bites on a hard drive someday my final form is data

let's do filling up some big inflatable balls alright now why do you need that thing

he's got enough lung power of those good there's your video right there okay and

then finishing it you're passing out that would be nice what would be really

nice is to get some really incredible pot and smoke and then blow the pot air

into here so it's trapped no seriously and it's to make a funny video take this

tool part everybody at the party would you say a disc this is at least third

this is a thirty people hit oh my god ii would be a wearable bong and listen this

idea is a million dollar idea a wearable bong I'm telling you I've come up with

it I look fucking genius what was the name of the doctor again what was it was

my character's name perfessor oak master Oh more like professional toke yeah

Oh Oh on top of the fact I think the character is really cool and sets up a

lot of like dramatic story beats it's the fact that he's writing a freakin

wheel as cool as the one wheel is you can't be gizmo duck and ride a one

wheel you have to be the one wheel the warden rule so to do that there's a very

specific visual effects technique that I would employ to make that happen and

that's essentially you paint out the bottom half of the body and replace it

with a CG render of that contraption I replaced the wheel are well what the

wheel delivers is realistic motion you can't pretend to do this by like walking

around can you like I'm riding a one riolu your heads gonna be bumping up the

couch you gotta be riding the one wheel so I'll show you there's no reason to

risk a man's life here

I need to strap atleast around my arms or else I think I'm gonna go flying you good yep

just a little bit just a little bit this will give us the best look don't do this

at home kid just don't go back number Bethlehem hark we'll look at my thighs

all right three two one actually fuck you man fuck you I've been waiting to do

that for long

hey you we're back in action finally celebrate we've decided to release a

brand new hat it's our name in katakana which is really cool designed by the

talented kinder Tom we are releasing this as of right now if you have missed

out on a chance to get a hat here's your chance to get another one

it's an heather dark gray with yellow print ooh check it out go to the store

and snag one because there's no time to explain just just go there just quick

hit the button just hit the button hit the button


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