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Today, I gave a lecture to the European law enforcement agencies, a short lecture on the half hour. but I could say all that I want - it's cool. This is Europe, this is cool.

Actually, I talked about the problem of integration, or the failure of the integration of some people who are not willing to learn the language, and why this is happening.

The fact that it is necessary to clearly differentiate, certain refugees and other refugees.

I have seen refugees that actually work and earn, do not get any benefits. However, there are refugees who wish to live on benefits by whole families, and live until the end of their days.

But the interesting thing ... is what I propose to reflect - for some reason, many thousands of refugees

do not want to remain in Hungary.

You replied that their house was bombed ... But you can hide even on a desert island, as long as there were bananas

However, why the refugees who are fleeing from war, death and horror, but they want to Scandinavian countries, where they were heard, they will get some super social welfare ...

simple question: They are fleeing from war or for social welfare?

And now, for you to have fun on the weekends, - rapper from Lugansk - Lugansk unusual rapper.

Good day to all!

My name is Tollity (Anatoly)

I read a rap dedicated to this damn war, when it started, I was only 6 years old.

Now I am 8 years old and I can finally read my rap

Let's go!

We sat in the basement, the shells were flying

I was not afraid, I stayed clear

The grenade exploded, the earth was trembled,

The sky exploded, life was cut short ..

People were afraid, were praying, were hiding,

I was not afraid, I stayed clear

By night shot - everyone feared, trembling

I was not afraid, I stayed clear

Yo Yo Yo

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