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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Try Guys Pimp Eugene's Ride | Part 1

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- Today we are going to be making over my car,

and somewhere along the way,

we decided it'd be a great idea

by letting my best friends choose what they're gonna do

for my car makeover.

(upbeat music)

This surprise car makeover video is singlehandedly

the worst thing that has ever happened

to me in my entire life.

- [All] Three, two, one.

- Oh no, oh, no, no, no, oh, no, no.

(upbeat music)

- You want a hot body?

You want a Maserati?

You want a Bugatti?

Well, we're here to work, bitch!

- We're here at JP Logistics, and we gonna pimp some rides.

We are taking Eugene's shitty, shitty car,

and transforming it into the most beautiful car

the world has ever seen.

- We're gonna be doing detailing, modifications,

a wrap, we're gonna get sexy on the inside,

we're gonna get sexy on the outside,

and we're gonna get sexy in our bones.

- I have no idea what they have in mind.

I'm hoping that they're gonna push it towards something

really sexy and cool and sleek,

but knowing my friends, it's probably gonna be the opposite.

(hip-hop music)

- [All] Oh, wow.

- Oh, my god. - That's majestic.

- My name's Edwin Lopez, and I am the owner

of Artistic Automotive Detailing and Concierge Service,

here in Los Angeles, California,

where we specialize on luxury and exotic vehicles,

and we cater to the rich and famous.

- All the cars in this space right now,

how much are we looking at?

- I'd say we'd be easily over a billion dollars.

- What? - Whoa.

- What? - Wow.

- There are TVs in the backseat.

- Try Guys have actually done a fair amount of car videos.

We've done a demolition derby,

we've driven while drunk and driven while stoned,

but this is actually our first time exploring

the world of fancy cars.

- What a huge car. - That is crazy.

- I love cars.

I love fast cars, I love sexy cars.

I love Fast and Furious.

By the end of today, I will be Vin Diesel.

(smooth hip-hop music)

(Zach laughing)

- [Edwin] Auto detailing is when you have vehicles

that haven't been well-maintained, or people who want

to maintain their vehicles from the start,

polish, washing, like this vehicle here?

You're looking at a $4 million LaFerrari,

so you can imagine, not just anybody can touch

a vehicle like that.

- Yeah. - And that's where we come in.

- Wow, so many 17 year old YouTubers have this.

- Guys, we're real YouTubers now.

- Do I look like the popular rich kid

in the high school movie?

See you later, alligator. (upbeat hip-hop music)

- Oh my goodness. - Oh.

- What could be even more epic?

- How do you get more exciting than this?

- Oh. - Here, three.

- Look at this! (all yelling)

(upbeat hip-hop music)

(group laughing) - You know, I knew your car

was really shitty, but seeing it do the same thing

that the other cars did, it's like, wow,

it's really shitty.

- I feel like I was always destined

to have a super fancy car

but in my brain, I have to either care

about something a lot or none at all,

and my car always happened to be compartmentalized

to point A to point B,

you don't need to put the effort in.

- [All] Yeah!

- Wow. - Whoo, baby.

- What a piece of shit.

Would you say that Eugene's car is shittier

than you're used to?

- Just the way you guys are gonna experience

for the first time how to detail a car,

I'm gonna experience how to detail a really shitty car.

(all laughing)

- So it's a learning experience.

- [Edwin] It is.

- Every single bumper is popped off.

Look at this.

What happened here, Eugene?

- This car's got a bunch of old shoes in it.

- When I run my fingers on it, my fingers come up dirty.

- [Keith] What's that smell?

- How many times have you rubbed your car

up against, like, light posts?

For someone who cares so much about his appearance,

his car is a nightmare.

It is dinged up, it is dented, it is scratched

in every which way.

Eugene, my Letty, my amor, I'd do anything for that girl,

and I'm here to look after him.

- You're my Letty.

- We're gonna turn this girl into such a hot piece,

because we're gonna pimp your ride.

We're gonna pimp it. (cheering)

(upbeat music)

Eugene wants it to be better, but he just doesn't know how

so he has brought us, his three best friends,

who truly understand him and know what he likes.

- We want to give the gift of a really nice car to Eugene.

- It's gonna be a surprise.

I don't know what they're gonna do to my car,

they have kept it a secret from me,

so by the end of tomorrow, it will be revealed,

and I will have to drive the goddamn thing.

- We're gonna get it soapy and dirty,

we're gonna do all the hard work, we're gonna try our best

to make it look as good as LaFerrari.

- They've seen me in past videos design things.

They know what I like.

I trust they're gonna bring that to the table.

- We're going to make a monstrosity.

We're ready to make over Eugene's car.

Tomorrow, we're gonna be doing all the wrapping,

but today, we need to make it look not so shitty.

- So auto detailing is washing your vehicle,

and that's it.

- How much actual cleaning is involved in this process?

- From the condition of his car, anywhere from three

to five hours.

- Oh my God! - What?

- This is neither fast-- - Nor furious!

- I'm furious.

- I'm furious. - This sucks.

- You know, you gotta make it dirty before it can be sexy.

- Oh, I guess so, that's true.

- We gotta make sure his gloss is popping.

- Exactly.

Normally, we put most of our guys, our techs,

it takes them about six months before they get on uniform,

but today, you guys are gonna have the privilege

to have dress shirts, tie, and your own aprons.

How does that sound?

- [Zach] That sounds amazing.

- Wait, we're gonna dress nicer to get dirty,

to clean the car?

(upbeat music)

(car engine revving)

- [All] You better work, bitch.

- Okay, guys, listen up.

This is where it all gets fun.

- Whoo. - Open it down.

- [All] Whoa.

- That was not what I was expecting.

- [Edwin] We're gonna have to pull my hose.

(all laughing) - Yeah!

- Yeah! - There you go,

there you go, keep going, keep going.

- Whoa, there, whoa there, stallion!

- And let it, one more click, right there.

There you go.

- So strong. (Zach cheering)

- Oh, God. (laughing)

- Okay. - It blew exhaust in my face.

- Today we're gonna do everything from polishing

any bad scratches that he might have on the exterior

of his paint, removing oxidation,

making sure the car looks glossy, looks shiny.

- Wet it and set it.

- [Keith] Very nice, Zach.

- Now remember, each rim should only take you 15 seconds.

- Those wheels are really fucked up.

Yeah, my arm is tired. - Zach, you're looking tired.

- [Zach] I am tired, you wanna switch?

- Tire! - Yeah.

- Oh, tired!

I get it, tired-- - Yeah, tired!

- I'm tired.

- Get any closer than that, you're gonna rip the paint off.

- Oh, shit. - Oh my God.

- This is powerful enough to rip the paint off.

- Can we see what it looks like to rip the paint off?

- Sure. - Oh my God!

What! (hose hissing)

- We don't wanna do that, 'cause that will just take

all of Eugene's paint off, but I wouldn't wanna do that.

- Again, this is what you don't wanna do.

If you're too close, you're gonna take his paint off

like this, that's really not what we want there.

- When you're handling something like this,

it's very intentional.

What you don't wanna do is be too close,

'cause if you do, you'll see,

you'll take the paint right off.

You don't wanna do that,

this is a very serious job.

Let's get back to fucking work.

- This is the soap with wax in it.

It eliminates having to have the bucket system, the sponge.

This is an upper scale, how to wash your car.

- Wow. - It's a foam cannon.

- [Eugene] Detailing, modifications, wrapping.

How much could this potentially cost for someone

who's getting something really nicely done?

- Most cars today, just say, for example,

your Honda Civic, you'll probably be looking

at anywhere from eight to $12,000.

Slowly, now, slowly.

There you go.

Stroke it, stroke it, stroke it.

- Stroke it. - Stroke it, stroke it.

Stroke it. - Oh my God.

- Too high!

Too high up, too high up.

It feels kinda sexy.

You want my


You can whisper

Or you can shout

My desire for you

Is in no doubt

I can sweat

And tears fall out

And I am here for you

- Oh, yeah.

- Whoa, what's all this?

- Oh my God!

Oh my God!

I'd say he has a pretty dirty behind.

- A lot of people underestimate the life of a paint coat,

of a vehicle.

It's very simple.

If you even wash your car even every two weeks,

you know, the paint, the exterior,

you know, all of that will last you for a long time.

And we're done, that's it.

- All the mitts down, everybody.

- You know what's crazy?

The car looks cleaner,

but now I can see just how fucked up it really is.

- Yes. - Yeah.

- So how much would that cost Eugene?

- Just the wash itself is $200.

(Ned whistling) - We missed some spots.

- Yeah. (Keith chuckling)

All right, guys, so you passed the first test,

you washed the car, you held the hose right,

you felt it good.

Now we're gonna get into the fun detail stuff.

- [Zach] All these YouTubers are always

surprising each other with cars.

We can't afford a new car,

but we can take his shitty car and transform it.

- [Ned] Look at this gunk buildup right here,

before I wash it, look at that.

- This is just from the right back passenger door.

Barely used.

- One of you guys is gonna do the clay,

which is removing the oxidation from the paint.

If you drop this on the floor,

it will pick up every single trash, rock,

and everything and we cannot use it.

Don't drop the soap. - Don't drop the soap.

- Exactly.

Don't drop the clay.

You've heard that saying, don't drop the soap?

Don't drop the clay. - It's not a clay pigeon.

It's a clay bar.

Wow, that is gooey. - Wow.

- It's clay.

You wanna make it about the size of your palm.

This is lube, all right?

(Zach laughing) So when you're stroking it,

it doesn't get stuck. - Right.

- You know what I mean? - Come on, come on.

- Yeah, it makes sense. - It's pretty sexual.

- Can we keep a serious face when we're doing this?

- Well, you can't say lube and then say stroke.

- If we're ever explaining this to a customer,

you gotta say, you know, you gotta keep a straight face,

hey, when I'm stroking it and lubing it,

this is what it does, it keeps it smooth, right?

- We did say we wanna make his car sexy, so.

- Right.

The clay bar, you guys are gonna stroke it,

and you're gonna lube it, to give it that soft,

nice feeling, right? - Mm-hmm.

- But first, we gotta squirt it.

- [Edwin] First, I want you to feel this.

First, we're gonna lube it.

- Okay. - Ooh, that smells nice.

- Oh, it smells-- - Amazing.

- You guys see that? - Wow.

- [Edwin] That's all the buildup that it's had on the paint.

- [Keith] Wow, look at that!

- Oxidation is buildup from tree sap,

tar, water spots, all that stuff that builds up on all,

every single car has it.

So what this is, this is a steamer, right?

What this does is it's gonna soften up all the dirt

in the interior, you're gonna pass it through the door,

next thing, what we're gonna do is--

(upbeat hip-hop music)

What this is gonna be is used as a foamer


This is the foam and it's gonna

Right away, wipe, wipe, wipe.

- Okay, okay, wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe.

- Let's go, let's go. - Wipe, wipe, wipe.

- [Edwin] So what this does, it's a foam pad.

This will remove the scratches, minor scratches.

- Oh, am I buffing?

- You're gonna buff. - I'm gonna buff,

this is buffing!

Oh, I've heard so much about this.

- So you're gonna buff, since you're the buffest.


That's good, that's good, slowly.

(electronic revving) Just slowly, up and down.

Go ahead, go ahead.

- Oh, it smells nice. - This is fine.

- Yeah, there you go, slowly.

- Slow, nice and slow.

You guys wanna do a Ghost moment, and we all do it together?

(all humming)

My love

My darling

- We're gonna make Eugene so proud.

- Wow. - Eugene would love this,

he would love to-- - Yeah.

- [Zach] I'm so upset that he's not here right now.

- [Edwin] A car is like ourselves.

When you take a shower,

what is one of the first things that you do?

You put on lotion on your body, I'm assuming, right?

When you just wash your car, you need to wax it,

and just like us, the car needs wax,

the car needs detailing, the car needs TLC,

at the end of the day.

- If my car was me showering, that that would mean

that I would just take hooker showers.

- Which is? - You know,

it's just when you clean your balls and your butt.

It's just the balls and the butt,

and you're like, I'm done. - Yeah.

- So I need to get away from just the balls and butt,

and give my whole body some TLC.

- Exactly. - That's what we're giving

my car today.

- This chemical right here, this wax?

- Yeah? - Is hand applied,

after we do the polish.

We're talking about $500 wax here,

specially customized just for Artistic.

(angelic singing) - Wow.

- So this is the perfect wax because Eugene

is a showoff sometimes. - He is.

- But not with his car, so. - Absolute.

- [Edwin] And you're gonna feel the silkiness,

you're gonna feel the stroke,

it's just gonna come out smoother and smoother.

- [Zack] That's very smooth, yeah.

- Right, you wanna massage it,

about a foot strokes. - A foot stroke.

- You wanna go short. - Short, yet firm strokes.


- 12 inches. - 12 inches?

- 12 inches? - You know what that is.

(all chuckling)

It's a ruler, it's ruler.

- Of course. - Yeah.

- Kids, when you're young, you know,

everybody has the car toys, the Hot Wheels,

the Lamborghini, the Ferrari,

and for most people, they just dream about it.

For me, it was more of a stepping stone

to be able to achieve something like that.

- Wow, guys! - Hey, Eugene.

- Hey. - That looks really good.

- Hey, thank you.

- Hey, believe it or not, your guys came through.

They do pretty good work.

- This looks like it just came out of the dealer.

- You know, I'm gonna tell you what, you had a few dents

and scratches in there that we weren't able to get out.

- Why are you talking like a New York mechanic?

- Yeah, Eugene, you know, she was really tough in there,

but we really gave it our all,

and I think you got a good whip here, huh?

- I used to work down the street here,

as a junkyard, I was making 6.50 an hour,

and I remember, one of my friends,

who was pretty successful, and came to visit me.

I couldn't help it, but in the background,

noticing these two guys washing his car,

and at that moment is when it just clicked,

and I said, hey, you know what?

I could do that.

After years of being able to pursue

and building relationship with other companies,

now I've been flown to 35 states.

We average about three to 400 cars a month,

and we have some of the most exclusive clientele,

from pretty much the rich and the famous.

- You're basically the American Dream, right?

- Pretty much. - Yeah.

- I feel pretty cool.

I feel like I have some better knowledge,

I understand why you clean a car.

Also, in doing all this, yeah, this is $300 worth of work.

- I thought it was gonna be a chore,

but by the end, it was something I was proud of.

- I think we feel like the three best friends

that anyone ever had. - Yeah.

- The video's done and I can just take my car back.

- No. - No, no, no, no, no.

- Eugene, we've been working on this car for six hours.

There's no way, at this point, we would just start doing

stupid bullshit to fuck it up.

- I'm hoping they stick with something

that looks like the vehicles around us, you know,

fancy, slick, sexy, but I'm not allowed to know.

They're gonna tell you what they want to do to the car.

- Okay, well, from the looks from your friends,

I think we're gonna be able to reach that goal,

and keep you satisfied. - You're lying,

I can see it in your eyes. (both laughing)

- We can do anything.

- Anything that the budget allows, right?

- Anything. - Anything.

- [All] Anything?

- Anything. - Anything?

(dramatic music)

- [Zach] I wanna make this car hot.

- [Edwin] We've got the interior all modified.

- A lot of soft, plushy things.

- [Edwin] The wrapped bumper.

- I wanna be the car.

- [Edwin] The most important part

is Eugene's reaction to everything.

- We have worked, bitch.

We'll see you tomorrow.

[Unnecessarily dramatic choral music]

(upbeat music)

- They've got a couple extra crazy ideas

that they wanna do just to be able to satisfy you.

- We wanna satisfy you, Eugene.

- We just wanna satisfy you. - We just wanna satisfy you.

- I will leave so you can do whatever you want to my car.

I just don't wanna keep talking about you satisfying me.

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