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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Canyons Village in Summerlin, Las Vegas

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Have you ever wondered what the Canyons in Summerlin looks like? Well that's

what we're talking about today and we're starting right now. Hey everyone welcome

back to my channel I'm Angela O'Hare a Realtor here in Las Vegas, Nevada with

The O'Hare Team at Urban Nest Realty. Welcome to my discovering Summerlin

series and in this series I talk about everything and anything

Summerlin has to offer. Like Summerlin communities and last previous videos

I've said there's about 17 villages but after doing some more research and

investigating, there are about 20 plus villages here in Summerlin. My goal is to

showcase each of these villages in order as to when they were developed. So right

now we're at The Canyons and I do believe this was developed in 1994.

There's a lot of amenities to The Canyons, it's a completely gated

community, with a lot of custom homes and very high-end million-dollar homes. It's

right by the TPC golf Las Vegas, which I'm at right now. So stick around and I'm

gonna give you a nice tour of The Canyons and what it's all about, let's go.

Cottonwood Canyon Park, this linear park is situated within a natural wash and

runs the length of The Canyons Village. In addition to children's play areas, the

park is lined with trails. The parks linear design accommodates one of the

most popular trail areas in Summerlin and is used by runners, strollers and

roller bladers alike. We are at the Cottonwood Canyon Park and the one fun

thing about doing this discovering Summerlin series is that we actually get

to discover some really cool parts that we never knew about. Living in the area

for a long time it's kind of shame on us for not exploring and discovering

Summerlin like we should have. So we're gonna take you on a tour of Cotton

Canyon Wood Park, sorry I'm walking downstairs and then show you the TPC

Golf Course and then also show you what the homes in The Canyons Village looks

like. So stick around enjoy the ride!

It's a beautiful day out today! It's the end of May and believe it or not it has

been an absolutely gorgeous May. I think it's like only gonna be 70 something

today, 84 whoops. This is a cool bridge.

It's a little hidden treasures, it's a perfect place if you want to have a

family gathering.

That's cool. And as in my other videos we've had, we had, I showcased the Trails

Park and also the Trails Trail. So here in Summerlin it has over 100 miles of

trails and here's another one right here.

It's a rarity to get him out to do this for me, but the last two videos he's gone out

and help me. It's a lot of work to go to each of these parks, video record


Brian walking away from me.

Most of the homes in The Canyons and The Arbors Village have a lot of awesome

views. I would love to have a house up here along the wash. Nothing but desert.

When you live in Las Vegas, you get used to the desert landscaping which I

actually love, I love all the cacti and the red yucca and all the different

kinds of succulents. We are drought tolerant State so we

need to conserve as much water as we can. All righty I've been walking.

TPC, The Tournament Players Club, is definitely the focal point of The Canyons Village.

TPC Las Vegas offers a challenging 18 hole golf course, this full-service Club

features a professional Golf Academy, Pro Shop and dining at the TPC grille.

Although a public course, join the Players Club to receive exclusive golf

course privileges.

So that's what I like about those discovering Summerlin series, I get to actually

learn more about the community that I live in. We were driving down Anasazi and

discovered this cute, not cute, we discovered this trail. So let's go

take a look at it.

Is it just a picnic area?

Nice trail out here. It's beautiful. There's miles and miles and miles of trails in Summerlin. You can

get lost out here. You're actually like in the desert. Oh my gosh, look at how beautiful that agave is.

A lizard just went by. Oh man we missed him.

I always liked these trees, the mesquite trees, the only problem with them is they

shed like crazy, they're so beautiful. Another beautiful

agave. I love those things. Yeah, we took a little slight detour, a nice discovery. Like I

said, the one good thing about our discovering Summerlin series, is that

being Summerlin residents we never really got out and discovered what our

community was about and the nice thing about this is, we get to learn as we go

what it's all about. We did know about, you know we do know more about the

Trails the Hills and Pueblos, because we've lived in Summerlin North, but we

never really had ventured out to the, going west on Town Center. So anyway,

that's enough about that.

The Canyons Village is a 754 acre mixed-use residential village, which

features single and multi-family neighborhoods, custom home communities,

TPC Las Vegas, two major business parks; Canyon Center and Covington Cross Center,

and JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa. The Canyons is a gated community and one

of the most exclusive villages in Summerlin. The entire village is designed

around the 18-hole Championship TPC Las Vegas Golf Course. The Canyons is just

minutes away from great shopping, the Suncoast Casino and the Rampart Casino.

When you think of the ideal Las Vegas golf community, think the Canyons Village

in Summerlin. Here are a few of the subdivisions in the Canyons Village;

Aventura, Canyon Crest, Canyon Fairways, Canyon Ridge, Canyon Terrace, Eagle Rock,

Palisades, Scarlett Canyon and Talon Pointe.

So what did you think of our tour of The Canyons Village? Such a beautiful village.

Leave a comment down below if there's other villages you would like me to take

a tour of. Our next stop will be The Arbors next week. If you're thinking

about buying or selling in the Summerlin area, give me a call at 702-370-5112

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Vegas Valley. Thank you so much for watching today

and I hope to see you guys on the next one.

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