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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 고양이는 똑똑하다. ㅣBANG The World's Smartest Cat Plays Dead After A Finger Shot

Difficulty: 0

In the middle of the night when everyone's asleep



Jjonddeok, sleep plz

To find where a mysterious sound comes from

Who are you?

PD : She's not shy?

Guardian : No, she's a doggish cat

Jjonddeok (1 year old) Feature : Resembles rice cake & black sesame ice cream

She doesn't like being in my arms, and does whatever she wants


Hurry Hurry


She's going to eat

Eat first before the interview

Nom nom nom

Wanna eat a bit more today..

One more bowl plz~

PD : What is she doing?

Once she hits the food feeder, the food stuck in the middle comes out

One more?

Not coming out..

Not giving up!

It was the sound of eating lol

She does that when she gets bored while resting

She's like that during the day and night

Proof vid. mov

Jumps as well lol

Yo, feed me

Think she's very obsessed over food

For example, when she had spay surgery

she stumbled to go somewhere even though the anesthesia wasn't totally worn off

I wondered why and figured out that she wanted to eat food

Even now, she'll come up upon hearing food spilled into the bowl

So, we tried

(The sound of food coming out)


It's not here

Then imma eat on my own

She gotta eat once she hears the noise

Park Min Cheol/ Korea Animal Behavior Counseling Service Center At first, her gluttonous led her to be interested in the food feeder

but now she thinks of it as a method of a play due to the guardian's response

Why isn't it coming out? hehe

Jjonddeok gets excited with the guardian's response

PD : She didn't gain much even though she eats a lot

Yes, her weight is normal

She doesn't gain weight that much maybe because she's active

It'll be hard to gain weight if she's active this much lol

I work on my own to stay fit

Jjonddeok suddenly acts friendly

Why is she rubbing you like this?

I think she wants to show off her skills

A cat with a skill?

Sit / Hand / High five / turn/ Fighting


Purrfect Jjondeok

Slow, slow..

Her face's telling us she doesn't want to do it


No treats, no skills *legit capitalism*

She can also play the shell game, wanna see?

Can she?

As the guardian leaves

Takes a snack jar

Wanna eat.. Wanna eat so bad..

N O Way

PD the snatch : She's eating it!!

Hey!!! This... She opened it again!!

PD : Can she open the snack jar too?

Yes, she scratched all over here

Stolen snacks taste better

After an eventful happening, the shell game starts

Jjonddeok focuses on

Where is it?



Once again


Success again!

It's a piece of cake

What do you want for Jjonddeok?

Hope Jjonddeok eats... Ahhh...


Wait, imma eat first

Eventually, the butler comes up

Jjonddeok~ Don't hit during the night

Don't destroy the meal bowl. It's expensive


The Description of 고양이는 똑똑하다. ㅣBANG The World's Smartest Cat Plays Dead After A Finger Shot