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edible coffee cups. Hello everyone. for the recipe you'll need these

the products. I will show how to make coffee cups

in a special mold and how to make cups when you don't have baking mold. first

prepare the dough. pour sugar into flour add a pinch of salt, add

softened butter and add the egg. mix well, first with a spoon, and

then with hands. the dough is soft and does not stick to

hands. put the dough in the refrigerator for an hour, and then take out the dough and start

filling in the silicone mold. I recently bought this mold for

cups and it was the first time I did this recipe, so i stuffed too much

dough, I was afraid that the cups will not stand hot coffee. it turned out that

the cups work great and don't soak from coffee. press the dough tightly on the top.

it will be the bottom of the cup. put in the oven for

15 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

get the cups from the mold and wait until they cool well, so that you can

cover it with chocolate. if cups are covered with chocolate then they will be

stronger. pour the chocolate inside and pour out. before

pouring coffee it is necessary that chocolate froze. you can be refrigerated for

10 minutes and by the way you can make several cups in advance,

keep it in the refrigerator and pour into coffee when you want coffee with cookies.

cups are very delicious

but one drawback of such a cup is it's too small, so I decided to

experiment and made a cup for coffee in a simple cup. the cup should

be simple ceramic cup without any decorations. then

it can be put in the oven. dough will be the same. I added

food coloring, but better without it. grease with oil so that

then the dough will not stick. I just poured in and poured out oil. roll out the dough and

put inside the glass. press the dough to the edges. do not make too thick a layer i

overdid it again and did very a thick layer of dough so I had to

bake it again

put the cup in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.

if the dough is poorly baked, then you can turn the cup over and put in the oven for

5 minutes more. cover with chocolate. you can pour chocolate inside and

pour out. dip the edges of the cup with chocolate so bumps will be invisible

pour coffee. this cup is lready for proper cappuccino. and you can even add a cream

on the top

cup can be used for tea and for hot chocolate. i made such a thick

a layer of cup that i used it for three more days, Bon Appetit

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