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Today I will show you a device that is useful to everyone who has a circular saw.

and I will do it from 20 to 40 rail.


I will mark out two segments of 300mm and a file.

The next blank will be 400mm long.

After that, on the last of the prepared segments

on each side I give marks of 60 mm.

Then I fix it to the table and in the center with

a milling cutter I make an oblong through hole at 6.

After the through hole is ready,

on one side, also in the center, you need to make a groove

of 10 with a depth of 5 mm throughout the hole.

I cut a 10-mill somewhere and, so as not to waste time,

I just passed the same 6th, but with an offset of 2mm on both sides.

This is a little longer, but still faster than looking

for a long time or going to the store for a new one.

In addition, the result is the same.

And after everything is ready, I smooth everything a little with sandpaper.

Then, on two short blanks, I make marks 150 mm

from the end - this is exactly in the middle.

On one of them I T-screw the workpiece with a longitudinal hole.

Here you need to make sure that the connection is exactly 90 degrees. It is important.

On the remaining last workpiece, I will make only one hole at 6.

Now I proceed to the last stage of the assembly.

To do this, you need a 45mm M6 bolt, a

wing nut and two washers.

After assembly, you need to pinch any parallel rail, bar or board in it,

to press on the side of the saw and saw off all unnecessary.

On this device is ready!

And it serves to use a circular saw to cut exactly at 90 degrees.

If you need to make a cut in a certain place and there is a mark,

then the workpiece must be clamped in this homemade product,

so that the edge of the guides is flush with the mark.

Thus, precise trimming and accurate size are obtained.

This is especially convenient when the cut workpiece is very long

and it is inconvenient to work with it on the miter saw.

And, if a miter saw, in general, no, this is also a budget way out.

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