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Hey Guys this is Ron with Vu Studios we are a video marketing production company. I received

a message from Kim in new york and Mike in Los Angeles who both asked a similar question:

What is video marketing and how can my company benefit from it?

This is a very good question!

Video marketing is the strategic creation of a video designed to communicate a message

and invoke an emotional response.

Once the video is create and syndicated, we attach relevant keyword phrases, so the video

can be found in the search engines.

So when someone searches for your product or service, your video is finable in the search


Our focus is to rank your video on page one and keep it there or its is free. That's what

we specialize in.

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Video Marketing

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Video Marketing SEO VSEO services.

VIDEO PRODUCTION - These are some of the types of Videos that we create and are marketing:

Medical Video Production Music Video Production

Web Design Service Videos Video Testimonials

Real Estate Video Production Product and Service Video Production

In-Service Video Production Award Presentation Video Production

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