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Klein: Excuse me sir, I'd like one bowl of plain noodles, please.

Ahhhhh, lovely.

Grumpy Klein: You know what? On second thoughts, this is too boring. How about we...

spice things up?

Shopkeep: Ugh.

Dopey Klein: AH! HOT! TOO HOT!

Bashful Klein: A-Actually if it's not t-t-too much to ask,


Sneezy Klein: Oh, uhh, how about some


Happy Klein: Oh, this is looking so delicious!

Shopkeep: Ugh...

Happy Klein: So delicious that I would just love another order of it, yum-yum-yum!

Klein: Oh my, now...I'm afraid that's a bit too pricy for my tastes.

I'll just go ahead and get a plain bowl of noodles, please.

Grumpy Klein: Oy, what's taking so long?

Blake: Shouldn't you be doing that in the pool?

Neptune: In the water? No way!

Blake: Ugh! People make terrible fish!

See this? Now, this is a good fish.

Fish: Sorry kitty, I'm actually a very bad fish.

Blake: Bad fish.

Tai: Halt! Just where do you think you're going, rebellious teenager?

Yang: I'll tell you where I'm going.

Anywhere I want!

Suck rainbow, authority figures!

Winter: Curse your free-wheeling ways!

Yang: Out with a Yang. Hehe.

Weiss: Oh, oh, I know! The answer is 42.

Oobleck: Correct!

Congratulations, you have now officially learned everything there is to learn, Miss Schnee.

Weiss: What? But I love learning!

Oobleck: Sadly your brain is full stuffed to capacity, you literally know it all.

Others: Know it all! Know it all! Know it all! Know it all! Weiss: Please, there has to be more I can learn! Like, extra credits!

Weiss: No! Not at all! Not at all a know it all!

Ruby: Onward, noble Zwei! Wee-

Rubies: Oh my gosh, you're adorable!

Chibi Ruby: Are you a cosplayer? I love your outfit!

RWBY Ruby: Oh, look at your stubby little legs!

Chibi Ruby: Hey! Who you calling stubby? I'll cut you!

RWBY Ruby: Even Crescent Rose is adorable!

RWBY Ruby: Oh you two are so cute! I just want to squeze you until you pop!

Chibi Ruby: Ahh! I'm Betrayed by my own cuteness! I can't breath!

Can't breath!

Zwei that's the third time this week!

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