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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Resurgence of Minecraft

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Video games form a major part of my life.

When I was but a small child, flash games were what everyone in the neighbourhood talked


I have fond memories of coming back from school every weekday to play Uphill Rush 3 and On

the Run on Miniclip, or trying to get the high score on Solipskier and dying all the

time to some BULLSHIT.

Or playing various different versions of Bomberman and losing every single time because I have

absolutely no spatial awareness.

I could go on for hours about flash games that I used to play when I was a tiny coal

kinder egg, and thats something that Ill leave for the next video.

I really say that a lot, dont I…?

Flash games were essentially what almost every child grew up with one way or another in the

first decade of the 21st century, mainly due to the fact that it was fast and super easy


Okay Im sorry, Im sorry, dont hurt me Ill do it!!

As you can already tell by the title, the game that Ill be talking about is Minecraft.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game full of blocks created by a blockhead, Markus Persson

also known as Notch.

But Im sure all of you already knew that.

Now on paper, the game is pretty simple, you log on, spawn in a world, you walk around

for a bit, you starve to death from running and start all over again.

If youre bad.

Or an idiot.

And youre both as a result.

The game is defined as a sandbox, so it encourages you to mess around with the world thats

provided to you.

A sandbox game is a game where the player has the ability to create, modify or destroy

their immediate environment with no given objective.

Seeing as all these points are absolutely synonymous with Minecraft, this made it the

absolute best game to mess around with for hours on end.

It being a sandbox, the game was ripe to have lots of fun with.

Gone were the days of your poor arse clicking past 40 advertisements to access the latest

version of Bloons Player Pack 3 on hard mode.

With cheats.

Now youd have lots of fun clicking past multiple scam advertisements to find a website

that hosts a copy of Minecraft cracked for anyone to have fun with and horse around with

their friends.

Now all this being said, Minecraft as you know it now is most certainly not the Minecraft

that first hit our CRT screens a decade ago (Gus Johnson).

Notch got the idea for Minecraft while playing Infiniminer back in the ancient civilisation

of 2009, and has cited Dwarf Fortress as a big influence for the creation of the game.

Notch had only intended for Minecraft to be a tiny game, which is fair enough, but even

on paper you have to admit that the game idea sounded like lightning in a bottle anyway,

You cant look at a game idea like that and think its not going to blow up and

make you like trillions you have to be utterly mental.

Kids love creating shit, look how popular Lego is!

The very first traces of Minecraft can be found on May 13th, 2009.

On that day he uploaded a video simply titledcave game.’

which ironically is now blocked in the Blighty not by Microsoft or anything, but by himself,

why would you do that I needed it for research purposes!!

There we go!

This video ended up becoming the basis for which Minecraft itself was created from and

what is now currently known as Classic, was released as Minecraft 0.0.11a.

Now feast your eyes at this bad boy.

Yeah.. this version of Minecraft had LITERALLY nothing in it, and it is the most barebones

build that Minecraft has ever had and will ever have.

And you can play it for free right now (what really?)


Go try it now, Microsoft recoded it from the ground up!

Not that it shouldnt take long to make a barebones version of Minecraft, all you

need to do is likedelete a couple of lines of code and then youre gucci.

Now if you look very, very closely at Classic mode youll notice somethings missing.

Not many people actually figure this out and its a small intricate detail that Classic

is missing that really sets it apart from the other Minecraft versions.

The bloody hearts arent even there.

So how am I supposed to even play the game, I cant move around properly, theres

literally no place to go!

Well not to worry, Notch has got you covered!

Minecraft Infdev was released on the 27th February 2010 and its looking a little

bit more like the Minecraft that we now know and love, with more details added like CAVES!!!




There was an extremely common problem that was really hard to troubleshoot with the older

versions of Minecraft, and that was the fact that if you ended up dying at any point, you

lose everything.

Yeah, even your computer, if you fall down the void your computer gets vaporised in front

of you.

Not to worry my good fellow, with this version you get the ability to respawn!

This version of Minecraft was named InfDev, but what did InfDev even stand for?

Well the main goal of this particular version of Minecraft was to push Java to create infinite

worlds, which prompted Notch to pen this version as INFDev.

This came as a precursor to Minecraft Alpha, which was first released on June 30th of the

same year.

The games in its alpha stages now!

It was around this time that I personally started playing the game a lot, back when

the logo wasnt the creeper one we know that, but it was this blocky piece of shi-

This update brought many new additions to the game such as REDSTONE CIRCUITS, NEW MUSIC,


And the Nether was added as well.

Now as I said before it was around this time that I personally started playing the game.

I only found out about the existence of Minecraft because I was a small charcoal fellow just

watching YouTube videos on the kinoplex that was my Dads Panasonic 3D TV that cost a

3 lungs and a kidney.

And had a big dent in the middle.

I just so happened to stumble upon a small channel which went by the name of SeaNanners,

who at the time was just making simple Minecraft alpha gameplay videos and I thought to myself:

This game looks absolutely smashing mate, I wanna try this sometimewhy do I sound

like Grade?”

And thats how I personally ended up getting into the game.

After the release of Alpha there came the BETA build.

The beta build of the game was the last version of Minecraft before it was officially released

out to the public and with the release of the beta build came: SMOOTH LIGHTING, ACHIEVEMENTS,




And then this was announced!

Like why????

Now instead of just worrying about mobs coming to steal all my stuff again, I have to make

sure that I dont STARVE.

Together with all of these new features, Minecraft as we know it now came into fruition.

To make sure that no EPIC MEMELORDS steal the hard work done by jeb and Notch, all of

the pre-release builds of the game were marked with a special watermark.

Artists of the internet take notes, look at how clear the watermark is!

Anyway, on November 18th 2011, after approximately 2 years in development, Minecraft was released

by Notch himself during MineCon now hold on a second.

A game in BETA getting a convention dedicated to it ALREADY, hows that happened then?

(dedotated wam).

After a couple of extra releases a few years down the line, Minecraft as we now know it

came into fruition.

No matter how much Microsoft tries to push it, Minecraft Bedrock Edition is not the definitive

version, that title belongs to one thing and one thing only.

Minecraft Pocket Edition!

Okay Im joking of course Im talking about the Java Edition, calm down.

Minecraft has rightfully earned its place as one of if not the most influential and

greatest game in the history books.

Yes Im dead serious.


Minecraft is a powerhouse in the gaming industry, overtaking Tetris to become the single best

selling video game of all time, selling over 176 million copies and having over 112 million

monthly active players.

Whats a Fortnite, amirite?

Minecraft has turned from a plucky little cave game where you move around a buggy environment

and get stuck not knowing what to do or how even to move properlyto a massive multi-billion

dollar franchise.

Its massive rise in popularity has many different variables to it, but the biggest

variable of them all would probably be the influence of social media.


Minecraft is one of if not the biggest game that has used social media to its absolute


In the early 2010s there was a point in which you genuinely couldnt go anywhere in school

without being bombarded withHEY, WHY DONT YOU JOIN THE MINECRAFT CLUB LIKE


Id walk in the ICT room at my school ready for yet another lesson about how to use a

keyboard to type: Mavis Beacon can go suck her MUM- And therell be 13 kids, 3 years

younger than me, all playing Minecraft on a cracked unblocked Google site that probably

has a lot of virusesand some herpes riddled all over it, These kids are all fixated on

their screens like hobos to crack.

As an older kid you have to set an example and be a role model to these kids.

Of course Id join in, cant pass up an opportunity to pay only the greatest most

underrated game of all time!

The effect that social media had on the game was one that was simply unprecedented.

You really could not go anywhere around without some sort of mention of what SkyDoesMinecraft

was up to at any given day of the week.

Whats that?

You accidentally clicked on a mod review for Mutant Mobs that youd already seen multiple

times already?

Woah look at that its a Minecraft Monster High School Kids Animation animated in Mineimator

and rendered in 360p, oh I bet youre gonna love that!

What, you dont like it?

How about a 10 hour compilation of old Minecraft Machinimas- oh.


If the point wasnt obvious enough already, Minecraft and YouTube had such a great relationship

with each other.

YouTubers used the freedom provided to them from such a simple blocky game to make things

like thisand thisand this

Minecraft was the start of many popular YouTuberscareers, hell PewDiePies first video on

the site was about Minecraft, but more on him later.

Oh, youre looking for a very quick way to get popular on YouTube?

Well gentleman, youre in luck, just get your stolen copy of Camtasia and download

a mod from one of the many perfectly fine and clean websites that house such mod files.

Oh dont be afraid to click that link, just make sure your Alt-F4 reflexes

are good!

Download the file and go through the trouble of extracting the files into your Minecraft.jar


Copy and paste your mod files in but make sure you delete META-INF before opening the

game or else the game will just-

This was the perfect game to show off your artistic ability, with people creating films

and animations that took the game to new heights and as a direct exchange of them blowing up

on YouTube, the game itself exploded.

Word of mouth worked its wonders as per usual for the game:

Did you hear about this really cool game, Moincraft?

Its like £15 on, go get it its fun mate

Ah not too fond of that really, Id rather get Terraria instead!”...

Since there was so much to do in Minecraft, it seemed like it was absolutely not going

to get stale any time soon.

Part of the reason why people kept coming back to the game was the masterpiece of a

soundtrack created by C418, giving players a sense of serene relaxation as kids would

chill after a long day of working in the mines to play a game about working in the mines

with the added benefit of building something quickly in return.

You had kids sending counterfeit messages to their school informing them that theyre

off sickand their relative just died or something- then theyd forge their Dads

signature so well they might as well be their own Dad- and its gamer time.

You load onto a snowy Minecraft world and log in to have as much fun as you can.

Another reason reason why people kept coming back to Minecraft at its first peak was just

how much you could do with regards to mods and servers.

Modpacks were created and distributed and these showed just how strong Minecraft in

Java was as these mods changed how the game played for many people, with the most notable

mod packs being Tekkit and FTB.

Minecraft had such a strong modding community that they were literally creating established

features in the game before Mojang could even keep up, for example- commands in single player

that configure the game yourself, and even extra animals added into the game that Mojang

eventually worked in themselves.

Only in Minecraft would you get that feeling of logging into a factions server to find

that all of your stuff is missing and your entire base that was made out of bedrock and

obsidian has somehow been griefed.

Or what about turning your view distance to tiny so that all you see is fog in front of

you and you go to your wooden house to talk to your friend to encounter: (Gamechap EEEEEE)

Maybe Im getting a little too carried away here but the point is that YouTube and Minecraft

were synonymous with each other, especially throughout 2012 all the way to 2014.

Minecraft wasnt just another game to YouTube at that time, it was seen as a complete genre.

But then something happened because of course something happens.

One of the most important lessons in the entire entertainment industry is that when something

has an insane growth this fast in such a short amount of time, theres always bound to

be a fuckup someplace somewhere.

Minecrafts rapid explosion in the gaming industry served as a large influence to creators

and developers alike.

In around 2015-2016, it seemed like Minecraft as a whole was in a very dire situation.

Now I cant really talk about things from the inside because I wasnt really a big

part of the community for those years, but from the outside it very much seemed this

way, heres why:

Minecraft had become such a juggernaut that it caught the eyes of many a corporation to

get their hands on it, and to Notch, there seemed to be pressure to sell the game somewhere,

as in the midst of Minecraft doing so well, Mojang was still very much an indie game development

studio, so of course pressure would start mounting to find a buyer, and soon enough,

Notch found one.

In Microsoft.

Microsoft announced a deal to buy the entirety of Mojang and the Minecraft intellectual property.

For how much, I hear you scream at your screen.

Microsoft ended up shelling out $2.5 BILLION dollars for all of that.

Minecraft had become so big that it was seen as a billion dollar game as far back as 2014.

In hindsight, even at that price, thats an absolute steal for Microsoft.

They gave Mojang the money and by that I mean they lined Notchs pockets with some nice

bread and he subsequently left the company soon after, deciding to own one of the biggest

bakeries the world has ever seen.

Even though now, Microsoft are seen as super competent owners of one of the biggest intellectual

properties in the video game industry, when they purchased Minecraft about 5 years ago

this really didnt seem to be the case.

Microsoft couldnt have gotten their hands on Minecraft at a better/worse time for them


The Xbox One was released!


The Xbox One was one year into its lifespan and its pretty safe to say that it was

in a less than stellar position at that time.

While PlayStation was thriving with their own rich list of console exclusives, all Microsoft

fans could get hyped for was Crackdown 3 and Scalebound and Fable Legends.

Microsoft purchased Minecraft at a time where they were seen as absolute clowns in the industry.

An always online Xbox One?

Just let me game in peace without worrying about being caught shouting racial slurs into

my Kinect camera!!!

The purchase of Minecraft was seen as a complete nightmare scenario for fans of the game with





Okay that one was a really bad joke but you get what I mean, it was absolute mayhem in

the community.

With the purchase of Mojang, Microsoft started development on a better version of Minecraft

that would work on any PC without the threat of Java obliterating your entire village.

Upon completion, that was released as the Bedrock Edition, which ended up becoming the

main versionof Minecraft whereas the original Java Edition gets stuck with the

dunce cap and has a subtitle now.

Updates started to become a lot less frequent after the acquisition, with Microsoft opting

to include Minecraft in some of their latest and greatest inventions like the HoloLens!

Despite this, Mojang did release to major updates to the game, one of which alienated

a lot of the core fanbase: The Redstone Update and the Combat Update.

The Combat Update really mugged off a lot of avid Minecraft pvp players because now

you actually have to put effort and thought into combat instead of spam clicking like


All this being said though, it wasnt just the fault of Microsoft that Minecraft started

to seemingly wane in the court of public opinion.

It didnt really help that YouTubers that were large in the Minecraft community back

in its first peak couldnt really cling to the absolute highest heights of their previous

years, and that community started to turn into a really twisted version of the Amarillo

music video, also known as Spot the Pedo.

Scandals started to erupt left right and centre that shook the community and gave Minecraft

really bad reputation in the press and in the general community of being a safe haven

for nonces to prey on kidsthe exact notion that the media had been looking for.

They finally had an excuse to give to boomers to tell their kids not to play these video

games anymore.

As well as this, other games being released in the vacuum between 2015 and 2018 also threatened

to and did in fact steal the thunder from Minecraft, with Battle Royale games gaining

more and more relevancy at an alarming rate, ironically enough starting from Minecrafts

very own Survival Games gamemode, then moving on to H1Z1, then BattleUnplays, GroundKnown

then (sigh) Fortnite.

I already made a video documenting the battle royale trend and you can go watch that for

a slightly more detailed look into the effect BR games have had on the industry.

Minecraft itself never really faded in terms of player counts as the game is on every damn

screen conceivable, you could be talking to someone and through their contact lenses youd

be able to see a tiny creeper just milling around.

It faded in popularity around the internet and there were a couple of years where it

seemed like Minecraft would remain stale for the time being.

But as added in the InfDev update, when you die you dont lose anything, you end up

respawning, and 2019 provided the perfect opportunity for the revival.

Now Im gonna give you guys 30 seconds to guess what is so special about this year.

Okay times up, did you get it?

Well no you didnt, because it was NONE of them.

The 10th anniversary of Minecraft was this year!

I bet you feel really really old now, Minecrafts big 10 year birthday bash was almost upon

us and everyone was absolutely all for it.

The fact that its been 10 years since the very first version of Minecraft was released

is enough to make you age 50 years in a second.

Let me put into perspective just how long its been: Youre now old enough to explain

to a young child what it meant to have your entire faction base raided.

Youre now the one leading your young companion in a new world filled with creatures both

new and old as you teach them what you spent countless hours on Minecraft Wiki trying to


Youre now explaining to a kid born when Minecraft was first released what it was like

to finally get a skeleton to accidentally kill a creeper an drop a music disc.

Those memes set in the far off year of 2020 dont seem that far away now, were at

a position where we can actually get nostalgic over Minecraft of all things.

A momentous year it was indeed, and it could not have come at a better time.

As explained in the battle royale video, it was starting to ge blatantly obvious that

people were getting tired of Fortnite, which was by far the most popular game on the internet

at the time, spending the whole of 2018 dominating the charts.

It reached a point where people needed a release and a reason to go back to Minecraft, and

it seemed like people were going to get that reason.

On December 13th 2018, Hypixelyes that same Hypixel that brought you that massive

server that everyone plays on, announced a new game that they were working on

Minecraft 2!!!

In a sea of announcements, no one saw this one coming.

The game looked like the perfect mix between Terraria and Minecraft, going for a more medieval

approach to things.

It was essential the Sphax texture pack but on steroids and everyone was here for it.

As of recording this video, the announcement trailer has clocked in at 51 million views,

so it definitely showed that people were hungry for some blocky action.

Looking at this Mojang now had DIRECT COMPETITION!

Something that hadnt been a thing in a while, so this prompted the big heads over

at Microsoft to speed things up a little.

With the 10 year anniversary coming up later in the year, Mojang prepared loads of new

additions to the game that would bring people back in, such as a sequel to Minecraft called

Minecraft 2: Episode 1.

And a new mobile game called Minecraft GO to the POLLS.

As well as this, they pushed out extremely intense and detailed updates to the game which

added so many things to it that youd think your Minecraft.jar folder was already loaded

with Forge mods.

Animals in the game that arent cats and dogs???

Wait bees are in the game now?!?!

The game had it made in terms of new additions that would certainly bring everyone back.

And flocked back is what they did.

New and old YouTubers all getting hooked to the game again and playing both out of exploration

and nostalgia.

But while all this was going on, what Minecraft didnt have just yet was the full YouTube

backing: Fortnite was still the Top Boy until

SMP Live is a server popularised and played on by a lot of Youtubers who you may know,

and its a mixture of boomers and zoomers and everything in-between: its popularity

shot Minecraft all the way back into the mainstream, with people joining the game for the meme,

for the bants, whatever the hell they wanted to join for, as long as they were having fun.

SMP Live in the start was seen ascompetitiveto say the least but it encapsulated exactly

what was fun about Minecraft.

Audiences loved this so they came out in droves to join in on the fun.

Now Ive spent most of this video meandering about it but theres also a large reason

why Minecraft is as big as it is now.

PewDiePies very first video on the website was a Minecraft video titled, Minecraft Multiplayer


This video was uploaded way back in the land before time.

Audiences saw this video and with the 10th anniversary of his channel and Minecraft coming

up, the planets LITERALLY aligned for PewDiePie to start a new Minecraft series.

After a lot of pestering from the fans, he announced a gaming week whered he promise

to play a vast variety of ga- He ended up playing Minecraft mostly.

And what was great about the series was that it had proper development.

The audience could get over the disappointment of Game of Thrones and watch some real character


Someone who hadnt played Minecraft in ages and was a massive NOOB progressing into someone

whos created one of the most entertaining gaming series the site has ever seen in years,

with a large and elaborate base and all to boot.

With each upload, the general audience picked up on just how entertaining watching him play

Minecraft was, and he made sure that people were just as invested in it as he was.

Every Minecraft video he hade netted him over 10 million views and provided more gasoline

to the fire that was already raging across the internet.

Meme culture also helped Minecrafts cause by starting a lighthearted (although it started

to get a bit concerning) competition or rather CIRCLEJERK of FORTNITE BAD, MINECRAFT GOOD.

Competitions like Minecraft Monday were also created to get several large streamers and

YouTubers to play Minecraft competitively, and it being a major source of entertainment

also brought a lot of new Minecraft viewers in, akin to the large Minecraft Survival Games

challenges of 2012.

Which takes us to now, where Minecraft is now a force to be reckoned with in the gaming

industry again, putting everyone in a time loop and sending them all the way back to

2012 where they can relive their nostalgia again.

Admittedly it was an extremely bumpy ride for the game, but now it seems to be smooth

sailing and who knows what heights it could reach next.

Microsoft please give me tickets for the Minecraft Movie premiere

Thanks for watching this video, SEE I TOLD YOU I COULD MAKE CONTENT!!!

As we move into October Im planning on making a relatively large number of videos,

one or two of which may be sequels to already existing videos, but Ill cross that bridge

when I get there.

Im not planning on changing my content that much but after making what seems like

3 long videos in a row, I want to take things a bit easier and make more videos when it

comes down to it, so I wont stop making long videos, in fact I have a very long one

coming very soon and I very much hope that you guys enjoy it.

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