Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FAQ138 - DAY OF OLA, BEST USED AMPLIFIER, APEX LEG ENDS

Difficulty: 0

Shit I got a static charge right there by this microphone

Welcome guys to FAQ 138

That was a seriously good clap.

So have you seen this?

Yes, this is a new guitar even though you've seen the color before, but...

Before we only had A2.6 guitars with this colour

Now there's an A1.6 with an Evertune bridge and...

You get all the other things as well, you know, stainless steel frets, luminlay side dots, locking tuners...

You've got it all

Did you watch my livestream this past Wednesday?

It was a live Rig of the Week and I thought it went pretty successful

You know, with you guys picking what gear I'm supposed to use

And then it's basically just me sitting around and playing that

I thought it went great and I'm definitely gonna make more of those, so be on the lookout for that

I thought it was a great opportunity to just engage a little bit more directly with you guys

Even though I had to put on slow mode and there was still like a waterfall of comments

But I'm doing the best that I can, okay? I'm trying really hard...

Long and hard

If you did watch my livestream you might have seen this

A little new Rode­ca­ster Pro that I have here

Which is basically like a mixing desk for podcasting and streaming

I don't have my microphone hooked up to it right now

But I have this soundboard right here so I can play stuff like...

You know, if I do a really good joke and it's like...

'Ola, is that a Wolverine you have there in your pocket?'

'Or are you just happy to see me?'

So I basically don't need you guys' help anymore, but I also have this, I can play an intro

And obviously I have the rest filled with fart samples

You would think that when you become an adult that fart samples wouldn't be as funny

But you know what? They become more funny the older you get.

So yes, this is the sound board that I'm gonna use and...

You know, I can just...

That's a fart.

That's a short fart

That's a q- That's a question fart right there

Yeah. Okay. Good.

Good talk, let's just... let's start with the questions

Phil Riverdragon: "Cheers Ola, maby bands are postponing their album releases.

"In my opinion in times of streaming platforms it is not necessarily to do so.

"Is it because of touring schedules? What do you think?"

Why they're delaying an album, I think there's a lot of factors that go into this

So, it's not really easy for us to analyze why they would do something like this

Because of touring schedules... Yeah, there's a possibility obviously

Because you would want to tour on a new album straight away

But it can also be like that they've delayed something or delayed the release

because something else is gonna be released at the same time, so...

You know, a lot of labels and bands they kind of have slots for different releases, so...

If your band is gonna release an album

You don't want to release an album maybe at the same day as like Arch Enemy

Or you know, a band that's really big and large

And sometimes these bands get a shit slot and they might want to change

You know what? I think a big factor in this is probably production

And you know, like making the actual CDs and vinyls or whatever

and that has probably halted a little bit as well because of Corona

So maybe that's that, they needed more time to you know, print and all that

I don't know, just guessing right here. But great question, made me think.

I'm using this cup by the way, cup of the day

Stormtroopers and then you have a small little Darth Vader right there


"Hi Ola, I recently started on the pedalboard journey

"What 1000amp would you recommend me to use as a good pedal platform?

"Is there any benefits with using a high gain amp for it? Or should I just get a high wattage clean amp?

"Thanks for the awesome content and good entertainment during my Sunday morning coffee.

"Hav det godt fra Danmark"

I mean, it all depends

Do you have a really good distortion pedal that you're really happy with

that is kind of like your main tone?

Then... then I wouldn't bother getting you know, a really good high gain amplifier.

I would probably get a clean amplifier for that

I would even go to the extent of maybe getting a really good power amp only

And then you have, you know, the main distortion pedal and maybe an EQ or something like that

because then you get the power section of a tube amplifier maybe

And you know, then you still have the EQ on the pedal

And the next EQ where you can basically dial a good enough sound

So maybe that's an option for you

If you're a guy who likes to use OverDrive's and you know to push a real tube amplifier

I would probably go and find like a rectifier or a 5150 or something like that because...

They are good value nowadays, I mean, they pop up here and there, used

For really good prices.

So maybe that's a good option for you right there

But if I would build my own pedalboard and all that I would probably use...

A tube power amplifier like the Fortin that I have

And... but there's there's other options out there. So there you go.


"Can you make a list of old heads you think deserve more attention?

"The used market for amplifiers in the US especially can be amazing.

"And in an effort to minimize electronic waste people should consider used gear more often.

"Especially when there are amazing amps that can be purchased for 100-200 US dollars."

Yes, I definitely agree

Just as I mentioned in the question before, getting like a used Rectifier in the US...

Sometimes I've seen Rectifiers for a couple of hundred bucks in the US and that's just insane

But I mean, obviously because they're made in the US

Here in Europe it's a lot more expensive.

So, I would most definitely get a Rectifier or a 5150

I mean, those amplifier still holds up really well today

I mean, if you couple it with an overdrive or an active pickup or something like that

That takes you so far

Just as with the other question, if you want to spice things up, you can get a distortion pedal

You know going to the loop or whatever and switch out things, I mean...

There's just so much you can do with a single simple amplifier like a Rectifier

I mean, there's a loop in it, you can connect whatever you want to the loop and go that way

If you don't want to use the preamp of the amplifier or whatever.

So I mean, there's so many options out there

I'm gonna think of it like this, if you have a distortion pedal that's really good

Basically any tube power amplifier will work or like an effects loop power amplifier

So even if it's an amplifier with a shitty preamp, you can still use the power amplifier

And usually it's good

Rectifier, 5150, what else?

What is good value nowadays?

I still think that the PRS MT 15 is great value for a new amplifier

If you're ever considering one, I just think...

I think the price point of that amplifier is just great and amazing

And... for a really kickass sound

So there you go. Thank you.

Paul Calvert

"I loved the office question.

So can you do a day in the life of the office video for me and the fans? I love my Sunday morning FAQ."


6:30 in the morning. I walk into my office.

Usually I check in on my Discord members at this hour

See if anyone is in the voice chat

Flexing these and yeah, just walking

First things first...

Getting some brewski ready

The black gold

The love juice

You know, getting those brown beans happening

Okay, okay

So, while the coffee is getting ready, I usually sit down at my office space like this.

I bring out my my little laptop

And I start answering emails basically

That's usually what I do in the beginning of the morning

While I'm also checking in on my Discordians on my Discord server

So while I'm sitting here answering my emails here in the morning, I take out my thinking ball.

I shake a little bit

And I ask myself

Should I start this day with some Apex maybe?

My thinking ball says yes

So I'm booting up my gaming PC and as you can see here

I have an aim dot in the center of it

And that's something that's available on this actual monitor.

And it's always on

So if I'm just sitting doing Discord or surfing, you know, I just have it there

You know, it's just to practice my aim when I take aim on a youtuber, you know?


Alright, so I did one game of Apex and also did some bookkeeping

Helping... Louise is doing most of the bookkeeping, but I have to still make some of this stuff

This kind of... problems... I'm putting it in the bookkeeping pile right there

And now I'm gonna enter my cave

But I have to bring in my coffee cup with me

So, the plan for today, I'm gonna make a Rig of the Week livestream today

So I think everyone has voted

And it's gonna be a Keith Merrow guitar and my Marshall JCM800

So I have to prepare for that, so i'm gonna set everything up here

And basically prepare for that today.

I'm also gonna edit my FAQ

Alright, so now I've been editing my FAQ a little bit for this coming Sunday.

I've also set up this Keith Merrow guitar for the live stream that I'm gonna have tonight

I've been changing strings on it, making sure it's in good shape for the livestream.

And... what is it, like 10 o'clock? Louise is in here...

She's packing orders

And she has lovely hair today

But I'm just gonna stick with this FAQ a little bit

The FAQs are basically the absolute most time-consuming videos that I make, so...

I'm gonna get to it.

That's it, done with the FAQ

Even though it's done before you're watching it right now, before you finish the video

But it's done

I also set up the live Rig of the Week right here. So I'm gonna prepare for...

Doing my little live stream in a little bit

So yeah

Basically this is what happens during a day

Usually at this hour I would go home, but I'm gonna do that live stream, but thank you

I mean, obviously this was just that particular day

I mean, another day can be so much different, you know from the early morning to whatever I'm doing

You know, it all depends on the day, basically

But I try to keep things different every day, so I don't get bored doing it

I think that's the approach that I need to have

To make this, you know, a fun job for me, because I mean at the end of the day...

Every job becomes, you know, routine and might get stale after a while, so...

I'm just trying to find ways where I can make it more exciting

Ok? Good.

Mike Dervos: "Ola, you must teach me how you stream

"What setup program do you use and how do you connect the plugin sound into stream program?

"You are a-"


"You are a pro on this, take care."

Ok, stream

What do I use for streaming...

Basically just OBS

Because I'm on a Mac, they don't have stream labs on Mac, but they do have OBS

And OBS is definitely more than enough for me.

I'm not really using any scenes or you know, intros or anything like that right now

But I have a couple that I can use, I just... you know, when I put on a stream it's just you know...

BAM straight into it. I don't have a countdown or anything like that.

You know, the YouTube countdown, that's another thing

But... so it's basically just sitting... like here, I just put on this camera

I mean, right now I have so much other equipment happening.

I just recently got this, which is a Roland HD video switcher

where I can hook up four different cameras and I can switch in between them and you know...

have some cool effects and whatnot

And that output goes to Elgato Cam Link

That I'm currently using for this camera right here

You can see me pointing in here

And obviously now I'm also using this as like my main interface for me streaming

So I have... you know, my talking I can have a microphone...

of you know, the Rig of the Week hooked up to this

And I can sit and mix and I can mute myself and I can push this

And this and this and you know, I just have more options now

Now that I have this figured out

But at the end of the day, I mean, all you need is basically a webcam

Or even like an iPhone, you can do it with an iPhone if you want

It's more about the engagement, I think, with the audience more than anything

I think that is like the key point right there and this, you know, these things...

They're just the extras

You know, and they don't really matter as much

But it's nice to have, you know? And I'm a tech freak, so I like to have the options to do all of this.

So there you go. Thank you.

Cecily Wilson: "What's your Apex Legends main?"

Well, I started on a wraith

And now, I'm an Octane man

And I have a hard time playing other characters now because the octane is so fast

You know, I play mostly on American servers with American friends

With that I need to be fast, because my ping is shit

But... so that's why I play the octane and whenever I go back to European servers...

It feels like I'm a god playing

So there you go

Arllien: "Did you see yourself where you are today like 10 years ago?"

That's an excellent question.

I mean, with this job it's kind of hard to anticipate the future, I...

You have no idea what's gonna happen, I mean...

This YouTube channel that I have right here, it might not be a thing in a year.

I mean, what if something happens to Google for instance? Then you know, maybe this will all go away.

You know, 10 years ago I hadn't quit my day job.

So I would most definitely not see myself do this for a living

But I definitely saw myself doing a lot more videos

You know, continue doing it because I always thought it was fun making these

This might not be the most secure job in the world right now, you know, being a youtuber

But I also have the Solar Guitars, you know, my music and all that, which is... you know...

You have to have several income streams

So, for say if my youtube channel crashed I have something else

Or if like Solar Guitars goes to shit I have something else

As of right now I just try and see like a year ahead or something like that

trying to kind of picture this coming year

And not really thinking that much about 10 years or 15 years. We'll just have to see.

As of right now I'm really enjoying what I'm doing

And I plan to keep it that way


"Are you getting tired of doing FAQs each week?"

Yes, just a little

T.J. Doo: "Ola, I've been seeing that Caparison in the office still, did you get to keep it?

"How about playing something for the riff of the day on that sweet thing baby!"

Yes, it's still in the office. No, I do not get to keep it.

But I'm keeping it in the meantime

You know, it'll probably be here at the office until they need it back for another review or whatever

But in the meantime, I can just sit and enjoy it like this. It's nice.

But I need a cable and playing this guitar I guess we have to make a riff of the baby.

Oh my god, okay

Oh, beautiful

Beauti- Beautiful


Riff of the day

Let's do I'm Broken, there's a cool little lick happening

There's a camera over there, hi

How you doing?

Ok, let's do that

So the cool thing here is that you need to learn how to make pinch harmonics, ok?

So, in order to make a pinch harmonic properly

You need to pluck the string in between the guitar pick and some flesh

Either on your pointer finger or your f*** off finger

Depends on what type of player you are

But I pinch the string in between my pointer finger and this pick right here, so...

And slow it's basically like this

It was 5 Minutes Alone, not I'm Broken... Shit.

I like this guitar, but I want to play this

Look at this


Lui: "Yo bossman, how do you go about acoustically treating your workspace?

"Is it a random placement thing

"Or are you following calculated measurements with a company or do yourself?

"I always love seeing the methods people use so...

"Would you mind sharing someone to process you went through?"

Thank You Louis, the administrator of my Discord channel

And we have a cool Uber story that I might talk about someday.

I don't do any type of measurements at all in this office

I mean, right now it's sort of like a shoebox

You know, going from here to over there to that camera right there, rectangular room

Usually in a setup like this. You will want to have the desk in the center

On one of the longer walls

You know, I'm not a professional when it comes to sound treatment

And I'm not a professional mixer so you know, for me...

You know, perfect listening environment... Yes, it's nice.

But for me personally, I think it's more about just dampening whatever reflections that you have, so...

What I'm having right now is I have these, these are curtains

They help a little bit, on this wall right there

And then I also have these acoustic absorbers

And basically, what they do is just remove the echoes and you know, dampen the room basically

Also, the tiles are like hanging ceilings and they do a little bit as well

Big carpet right here, definitely helps

I don't really have any reflection on this spot right here

Other than the reflection going to that side of the room and back

But you know...

You know, my listening situation is just fine right here as it is

So I don't really feel that I need to you know have a measured room or anything like that

I mean, I'm not a professional at all, I'm just trying to run this, you know, YouTube channel

RyanTRasmus88: "Hi Ola, I just want to hit you with this."

Thank you


"Sup brOla, with all the content on YouTube, Discord and all other social media to keep up with this

"Does it ever get overwhelming?

"Is there a point to where you feel like 'This is too much, I need a break?'

"Or does the passion and enjoyment drive you harder?

"Thanks from the quietest mahmber you have, slight social anxiety lol"

Thank you so much Stevilstyle

And... Yes, it does feel overwhelming at times.

But also what I've been learning is that if I take a break or a vacation

You know, my fingers itch very very quick

And I just need to have work happening at all times sort of

Otherwise, I'm not functioning properly.

I just think that's... that's the way that I am

You know, I have to have something happening, you know, I'm putting my fingers here and there...

Getting things done

I always want to have something that I can push forward

So there's a lot of things that I can accomplish

And whenever I accomplish something, you know, that's a that's a great feeling right there

But then I also have you know 5 other things that I'm still kind of working with

And that's how I kind of push myself forward

It's nice to have a break, but I have breaks every day basically

You know, I play video games and you know, it's all about the shorter sitdowns and chill basically

You know gardening work has shown to be a really great way for me to switch off the social media thing

Because when I'm out there shoveling dirt or whatever I'm doing, that's all I'm thinking about

I've never really been good at doing two things at the same time, you know

As you can see when I'm trying to play and sing I can't do it, I'm not smart enough

Or you know, my brain just doesn't function in a good way

Same thing with the gardening thing, I have to do that and then I focus on that

And everything else is gone basically

In that sense it's good for me that I can't do 2 things at the same time

But you know, I'd like to have many balls in the air.

Is that an expression? In Sweden that's an expression, that you have a lot of balls in the air

Swedish Word of the Day

Many strings on your lute

That's also another expression for you know, having a lot of balls in the air.

So there you go, shit

Oh, that was actually the last question

Guys, thank you so much for watching this and I'm soon to hit...

Well, not soon I guess, it's going a little bit slower now that everyone is on YouTube

But as soon as I'm hitting 500k, I'm gonna drop that single for you

And then after that, it's just business as usual I guess

So nothing's gonna change, I'm just gonna release a song

Some people might find that exciting, most of you don't

Thank you so much for watching

If you have any questions, please post them in the comment section of this video

I and to all of my YouTube members... love you so much

See you on Discord. Bye guys.